Could You Really Attract American Women & GirlsWithout Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract American Women & GirlsWithout Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

It’s not much of a surprise that there’d be a guide on how to attract and seduce American women, right?

I mean, it’s not like America isn’t one of the most advanced, diverse, and talked about countries in the world, haha…

And it certainly delivers on the feminine front:

But what comes with sooo much choice? How are American girls actually different from the rest of the world?

As a note, right now we’ll be talking about purely American women. Those that have been born and raised in America, by American parents. I’m sure you know that there are a TON of tourists in America. There are also a lot of emigrants, and much, much more. We’re not talking about them.

An Ukrainian girl, that’s come to visit America, won’t respond well to the same thing an American girl will.

Aaanyways, let’s actually cover American women, shall we?

We’ll start off with a few key points and then move into details, how does that sound?

  • American Women Are Among The Leaders In Feminism
  • American Girls Are Incredibly Diverse
  • They Don’t Care About How Wealthy You Are (Pretty Much At All)
  • Most Of Them Aren’t Looking For A Serious Relationship (Career Is Much More Important)
  • They Aren’t Actually The Social Justice Warriors That People And The Media Likes To Portray Them As

There’s obviously more things, but we’ll get into details in a bit.

This topic isn’t as easy to talk about as others, simply because of how widely different and diverse America can be.

That being said, let’s just get to it and see where we go from there:

1. American Women Are Mostly Feminists

Now, that doesn’t mean that they hate men (some may, but very… very few).

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t feminine at all (some are, some aren’t).

What this means is that you definitely need to NOT be offensive. Sexism (and Racism, obviously) is taken very seriously in America (although in some parts people continue to be racist and sexist). This means that you’ll just have to be a decent human being.

What feminism actually means is the movement for equal rights. Women getting payed the same as men for the same job. And women getting accepted for the same job, based on skill, not gender.

That being said, feminism is mostly a bad thing, seeing how it’s implemented and how people decided to express it.

See, the loudest speakers are those that are fed up with men, for some reason, and want to pretty much enslave us (lol). That’s now the majority at all, and actually, those people are just much more interesting to the media, hence why they get so much popularity.

Hell, look around Twitter and Facebook, there isn’t a single day that I go around, scrolling through my Facebook feed, that I don’t see at least a few posts about feminists and some outrageous statements.

So, I’ll just assume that you’re familiar with it.

In short: Just don’t put every woman into the “Social Justice Warrior” folder. But also don’t be offensive either. Be smart about it.

Sadly, feminism usually means less femininity. That’s true for some women (the ones who are more radical about it).

Feminism isn’t strictly a bad thing because of it thought. It also makes women much more independent, meaning that you won’t be condemned for splitting the bill, and other such acts. It’s actually better to not buy her a drink (unless you are both very into each other and she’s fine with it).

So, take your wins with your loses…

2. American Girls Are Incredibly Diverse

We’ve touched on that, but I really need to reiterate that point.

America is just HUGE. It’s a place where you can find all kinds of people in. Different races, different classes, different cultures. You can’t go through everything in a single day, probably ever…

As such, you’ll need to still adapt.

Again, as a general rule of thumb, just don’t be offensive. Go with your gut.

The thing is, that there isn’t really a ‘way’ to attracting and seducing American women. There are general tips, which I’ll teach you now. But no step-by-step guide.

The good thing is that because America is sooo popular, it’s one of the American Girls are among the most popular. This means that there’s a TON of material out there (and in here obviously) that you can use. And I’ll try to give all my knowledge on the subject now.

Soo, what do you actually do? How do you attract and seduce American women?

How about we go through an imaginary process together then?

3. Where Do You Meet American Girls

Truth be told: It doesn’t matter.

Night game, Day game, Online Dating… All are incredibly viable options.

Night game…

Pretty much the go-to for all Americans. People go out to bars and clubs to have fun, right? So, for a girl, getting approached by guys and hit on is fun. SO, do it.

What you want to do, is just actually approach her and be normal. You’ll be surprised how many guys either don’t have the balls, or just try something incredibly sleazy/try-hard, etc.

Just saying “Hi, I think you look cute” with enough conviction is better than most guy will ever do.

That being said, in the bar/club it may not be possible to strike up a conversation. So you’ll need to approach differently.

Eye contact is HUGE here. Strong eye contact will tell you if the girl is interested, and if she is, then you can go talk to her, try to get her to a quieter place (like the smoking area, or the bar) and actually talk to her.

That doesn’t mean that you should only approach if there’s strong eye contact, sometimes she just may not see you.

In those cases, (well, in all cases) what you want to do is just NOT be creepy.

Don’t approach her from behind, don’t stare at her for a looong time and don’t just sit/ dance next to her (or her group of friends) for 5-10-15 minutes before mustering enough courage to approach her.

Just make sure you’re having fun and not ruining anyone’s fun (you’re at a bar/club to have fun after all).

Another good advice is to not get drunk. Drink with measurement and don’t allow yourself to get dead wasted.

Assuming you’ve done everything properly, now you’re talking to the girl, you’re both having a good time.

You may kiss (it’s actually a good thing to try and push things sexually) and you may even go home with her.

Or you might get her number, that’s great too.

Day game

During the day, different things are at play.

For one, you aren’t on the street looking to party, and the girls aren’t either. People have things to do, places to go.

And even if they are just strolling around, killing time, you can’t ever go 100% direct.

What you need to do is just approach the girl and see if there’s a connection, without being weird.

Phrases like “I thought you were cute, so I came to say ‘hi'” , “You seem like a cool person, I’d love to grab coffee with you sometime” (say this one after you’ve both liked each other and you’re going for the number)… These will be your best friends.

Now, you can get her to an instant date right then and there, you can even get her to come home with you. But that’s not the most likely situation. So even if you just get a number, you should be happy.

Online Dating

Here, it’s a bit different.

First, people don’t care as much, because they are in home/on their phone. It’s not a high pressure situation.

Also, it’s somewhat assumed that you at least like each other.

As such I’d treat online dating as if you’ve gotten a girl’s number, but you didn’t really have enough time to get to know her.

This means that you want to get to know her. Also, let her get to know you.

You absolutely mustn’t fall into the comfort of just getting to know each other. You actually have to make the move at some point…

What happens then?

Soo, you’ve gotten the number… what do you do?

4. What To Do After The Number?

Simple, text her. Or call… Depends on your preferences.

Although, most people just go by text these days so it’s not guaranteed that she’ll pick up.

Basically, you want to set up a date. It’s clear that you both like each other (why would she give you her number and respond otherwise?). So, you just have to make some small talk, and ask her out.

Now, most guys make the mistake of asking in the wrong moment.

What you want to do is just see how she’s responding and decide how to act depending on that information.

If you feel that she’s down, just do it.

Also, leave her some room and actually lead into it.

You don’t want to text her “Let’s meet at this place at this time on this day”. That’s too pushy and she may want to go out, but is busy at that time…

Ask for her schedule, then ask if she’d like to go out sometime, then ask if she’d like to drink coffee, then ask for the date. Then plan for the date/time. Then when the date/time is almost there set the place.

Pretty easy, pretty effective, haha.

5. What To Do On The Date

It actually depends a LOT on the girl. Some girls will be more conservative, some will be more open minded.

As a general rule of thumb, try to push for intimacy as long as it’s not weird and she’s ok with it.

Note: It is possible to take her home and have sex on the first date. It all depends on you, the girl, the mood, and so many other variables, that it’s pointless to list them all.

Instead, let’s assume it just went well.

Let’s assume that you got to know her more, she got to know you more. You still like each other. You even like each other a bit more. And in the end you both kiss and make out a bit.

Perfect. That’s a solid date right there.

Again, just push for intimacy and get to know her.

Another key thing that you can do is set a frame in which you aren’t the one chasing her. Either make it seem like you both like each other equally or (if possible) that she likes you more than you like her (this is the perfect scenario).

To do so, basically you want to act like you’re still thinking about it and are unsure. And if you can put her in a position where she’s trying to impress you, that’s perfect.

If you try to put her in that position, she can either accept it or challenge it. If she’s challenging it, you just need to stand your ground and make it all seem normal to you.

Challenging you also is a test. It means that she’s interested and wants to see how you’ll react. Just act masculine, stand your ground, and you’re golden.

6. What To Do After The Date?

Well, try to set up another one.

Obviously with each following date, you’ll be more and more intimate. Eventually you’ll end up sleeping together, or even forming a relationship.

The key is to never conform to being a provider (she’ll try to transform you into one). What being a provider means, is that you’re the person who buys her everything… You’re the one who provides.

Now, that doesn’t mean to never buy her anything. If you want to, and she’s okay with it, do it. But you want to still be attractive to her. You want her to be with you because she’s attracted, not because she can get free things out of you.

It’s alright to provide for a woman you love, it’s not alright to be used by her. Make sure you’re always aware of this.

And that’s pretty much it… That’s how I’d go about attracting and seducing an American girl.

Lastly, I’d like to give some tips. Also, some thoughts. We’ve covered them in the list section in the beginning, sooo here goes:

7. American Women Usually

Won’t be looking for a serious relationship.

That doesn’t mean they are whores, looking for casual flings. What I mean is that a serious relationship isn’t on the top of the priority list for the average American woman.

The average American woman will probably be looking at her career and future first. She’ll be striving for a better job, a better payday, and only then will she be looking for a family.

That doesn’t mean that she won’t have one. It only means that she’s much more interested in a career, and men come in second.

She’s obviously looking to have fun along the way, so you can make good things happen. But if you’re looking for a family oriented woman, you’re going to look a lot in America…

They Don’t Usually Care About Your Money

Yes, they aren’t many gold-diggers (there are, but not as much as you’re led to believe).

Again, they are much more interested in their career. As such, you won’t impress them by waving a wad of cash. You’re better off just being yourself (how cliché) and being normal.

And even if you’re on the poor side of things, that’s not a bad thing.

Yes, you’ll have less access to venues, but that won’t stop a girl from liking you.

Aaanyways, that’s pretty much it.

Just remember to be normal and follow the tips here. You’ll soon be on your way to attracting and seducing that gorgeous American girl.

And hey, if you do so, put a word out for me to her friends. Nothing wrong with a little appreciation, am I right? Haha…

Good luck in America.

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