Meet & Date Czech Women & Girls – How are they?

Could You Really Attract Czech Women & Girls Without Much Effort? 

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

So, you’re planning to go visit the Czech Republic and are looking to have some fun while you’re at it… That’s great! You see, Czech women are incredible:

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Czech Republic. See, if you want to attract and seduce those gorgeous Czech girls you’ll need a solid strategy. And more so than pretty much anywhere else in the world.

Why? Because some nasty things have transformed the Czech Republic and most importantly, its women, into a very hard place for dating. And I’ll tell you all about it in this article. Also, you’ll learn how to actually get results too.

So, in this article you’ll learn everything you need to know and do in order to attract and seduce any Czech girl you want. First off, I’ll list the points I’m going to make. After that, I’ll talk more in depth about those things.

So, let’s start with the list:

  • Czech Women Are Very Beautiful And Feminine
  • Czech Girls Are Tired Of Foreigners
  • The Dating Scene Is Ruined
  • Day Game Is King (How To Score With Czech Girls)
  • Where To Go And How To Prepare

Alright, that’s done, so let’s just get to the meat of the article:

1. Czech Women Are Very Beautiful And Feminine

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen a Czech girl in your life before. And I’m not sure because I’m assuming that they are everywhere or because everyone has been in Prague at some point (That’s pretty unrealistic for me to assume). It’s because the porn industry there is incredibly well developed. But we’ll talk more about that a bit later. Right, now, we’re talking about their beauty.

So, I’m pretty sure you know how beautiful the Czech girls are. And what can I say… They really are incredibly gorgeous.

But you know what, they’re also incredibly feminine. That’s the perfect combination in my opinion. Because feminine energy attracts masculine men like me a LOT. And it should be the same for you too. I’m sure you’ve experienced it before. You can’t tell what it is, but some girls just have that aura or energy that you can’t help but be attracted to. That’s most likely their feminine energy. And it’s awesome.

But why are they like that?

Well, a bunch of reasons really. For one, Czech girls generally care about their looks. This means that they’ll likely be going to the gym, working on their bodies. And for their feminine energy: Czech people are generally very family oriented. That doesn’t mean that every Czech woman you meet will want to become a wife. It’s just that they’ll usually put a lot of value on the family and that makes them very feminine indeed.

And all of this sounds pretty awesome, but there are some problems that you’re going to face. The first one being:

2. Czech Girls Are Tired Of Foreigners

Now, I’m not saying that all Czech women hate foreigners. Far from it. But the Czech Republic is an incredibly popular destination for many people. And throughout the years those people have ruined it.

You can see this especially in Prague. Large groups of British, American, or some other men going to bars and clubs. Then they’ll get incredibly drunk and hit on the Czech girls who’ve decided to take a night out.

And it’s worse than it’s ever been. The situation is at a point where Czech women will ignore and get away from you as soon as you approach them if you’re even a bit drunk. And who’s to blame them. They are constantly being cat called by drunk guys everywhere they go. So, most of them will just not deal with that anymore.

This is one of the biggest factors of why the dating scene is ruined in the Czech Republic. And why don’t we talk more about this:

3. The Dating Scene Is Ruined

Right, so on one hand you have the drunk foreigners who’re cat calling and sometimes even being aggressive in their approach. Not to mention that these guys have the image that Czech girls are incredibly easy to get into bed.

But why is that?

Well, as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, the porn industry is very well developed. On top of that you have the prostitution. Ask anyone who hasn’t been in the Czech Republic to tell you what he thinks of Czech girls.

They’ll either say that the women are very easy to get into bed or that all of them are prostitutes and porn stars. And that’s as far from the reality as it goes.

But what do those foreigners know? Nothing else. So, they’ll believe that they can buy off any Czech woman. That’s just not the case. But since nobody knows better, they’ll just continue to do it.

And that’s how it’s become so bad now.

But what can you do yourself? You’re better than all those drunks who have no game whatsoever, so how do you go about picking up Czech women?

Let’s talk about:

4. Day Game Is King

Alright, I’ll tell you right now, your best bet is to approach girls during the day. But why is that so? Why is night game not recommended?

Well, I told you about all the drunken tourists that plague the Czech Republic. That’s mostly during the night, when those people go out to drink. So, right off the bat, you’re looking at girls who are incredibly tired of men and don’t want to have nothing to do with them.

Another issue is that even though these guys aren’t much of a competition, they’re still a TON of them. You’ll find that the ration of men to women in pretty much all the bars and clubs is abysmal. There’s going to be about 10 guys for every single girl. And that’s pretty terrible.

So, that’s why you want to avoid night game.

And what about day game? Why is it so superior?

Well, for one, you either do night game, online game, or day game. So, you don’t have much choice either way (I’ll talk more about Online game in a bit). That being said, day game is very good. You shouldn’t disqualify it.

So, how do you do day game? Pretty easy really. See, all you have to do is go to the right places and just approach. We’ve talked about the “drunk foreign men plague” but those guys go out only at night to the bars and clubs. So, in order to stand apart from that unpleasant crowd, you have to go to the places where those guys won’t.

And what are those places? Stores, Malls, Side Streets, Parks, Coffee Shops, etc.

All the normal places that you’ll be doing day game in any other country/city.

So, just go around those places and look around. Find a cute and beautiful Czech girl and just approach her. Remember, you’re already doing better than 90% of your “competition”. You’re going to be golden, don’t worry.

You can approach directly or indirectly, but in my experience a direct approach works better in most situations. Just make sure that she doesn’t put you in the category of those nasty men we’ve talked about. If you’re afraid of that, just tell her that you’re not drunk and that you think she’s beautiful, so you came to say hi.

After that? Well, you’re not drunk so that’s half the battle done. Now you have to overcome the “horny foreigner” stereotype. You need to show her that you’re not in the Czech Republic to get cheap prostitutes (and that you’re not viewing her as a prostitute either). So, how do you go about doing that? Simple, just start making conversation about the obvious…

See, you’re a tourist. Express how excited you are to be in some new place. Tell her how much you like travelling (or whatever else you’re doing). Tell her about some cool things you’ve learned about the Czech Republic. And ask her about her. Remember, you’ve told her that she’s beautiful, she knows that you’re there for her. Ask qualifying questions.

Basically, ask things that you like about women. Do you like women who go to the gym? Ask her if she goes to the gym. If she does say how much you admire people who work on themselves. If she doesn’t that’s fine, but make a joke about how you’d make a terrible couple or something.

What you want is to make the interaction fun, light hearted, and interesting. Stand out from the rest of the tourists by actually caring about the country you’re in and its culture. I’ll talk a bit more about that later too.

But also remember to actually close. An interaction won’t be 7 hours straight (most likely), so it’s going to end at some point. Make sure it’s on a high point instead of a low one. To do that, either propose an instant date or get her number.

An instant date is the best outcome. It basically means that you two go on a date right then and there. TO do that, you have to learn her logistics at the moment. Is she hurrying up to go somewhere and you just stopped her in the middle of the street? Well, that’s not going to happen, get her number instead. Alternatively, did you approach her in the park, where she was just chilling and reading a book or something? Well, she obviously has time to kill. You can propose a coffee date at the nearest coffee shop if things are going well and she’s your type (also if you are hers, haha).

And what if she’s busy and you have to get her number? How do you do that? Well, simply tell her that she seems like a cool/nice/whatever person and you’d like to meet her again. If you can make plans for a date with her right then and there, that’s even better. And for those plans, you’ll need her number, so obviously she’ll give it to you.

And when you’re texting, just make sure she remembers you (she may be giving her number to many guys) and that you get to the date as quickly as possible. See, you don’t want to be texting unnecessary things because that can only ruin your chances more. What you want to do is gage by her responses.

If she’s ignoring you, don’t go for the date, just show her cool or funny things you find and what you think about them. That’s done in order to get her to engage, because you’re not asking for anything from her and are instead enriching the conversation on your own.

If she’s responding but giving you a hard time with some weird questions that you don’t really know how to respond to, that means that she’s testing you. That’s a great thing since it shows that she’s interested. You want to just answer those and leave it at that. Alternatively, you can flip the script and give her a hard time.

What if she’s just being friendly with you? Well, that’s even better, but you don’t want the conversation to be purely platonic (obviously). In this case, just introduce some sexuality with some sexual comments.

If she plays along, she really likes you and it’s time to ask her out on a date.

And what do you do on the date?

Alright, you approached her. You either got her on an instant date or got her number and then, through some texting, you’ve gotten her on a date… Now what?

Well, simply continue the interaction as usual. Ask about her. Ask about her country’s culture. Things like that. Remember to escalate too. Introduce sexuality in the conversation and see how she responds. Adjust accordingly. Also, don’t forget about physicality. Don’t be afraid to touch her is what I’m saying. And obviously, don’t be assaulting her. Make sure you’re within the limits of what she’s comfortable.

For example, if you’re saying something funny or trying to make a point, touch her arm for a second. And if you want to escalate, you can start talking about what she’s wearing and touch her with the excuse of feeling the fabric, or looking at her watch, rings, etc.

Obviously after that, if you’re escalating the conversation sexually too, you can move in to more intimate touches and even kissing. But I’m sure you know how that goes.

And if all things go well, you can always just go to some other place. Moving through different venues with her on your date is a great idea. For one, it shows her that you’re confident with yourself in similar situations. It also makes her get used to following you. And at some point, you can invite her to your place because she absolutely needs to see/do something awesome that’s in your house.

And from there on, well, you know.

And that’s pretty much it. You do that and you’ll be really good with Czech women (and not only them, haha). But what else can you do in order to get an edge in the Czech Republic?

5.Where To Go And How To Prepare For The Czech Republic?

Well, in my opinion, the best city in the Czech Republic that you can visit is, obviously, Prague. It’s where everyone goes and for a good reason. Also, the Czech girls there are numerous and great. Overally, you can’t go wrong with Prague. And given how cheap is to do anything in the city, you really have no excuse to skip Prague. So, just go there.

But what’s something you can do to improve your chances with those gorgeous Czech women?

  • Online Dating – Join a few online dating platforms a week or two before arriving in the country. That way you’ll start interacting with Czech girls before you’re even there. That’s great because you can get the training, learn cool new things, and hopefully have some dates already set for the first few days that you’ll be there. This way you won’t have downtime when you arrive and set up.
  • Learn The Language – Now, you don’t have to be fluent in Czech in order to attract and seduce the girls. Just learn a few key phrases and some that make you laugh. Learning a bit of the language makes you appear like someone who’s not one dimensional. You’ll stand apart from the other tourists because you seem to actually care about the country and the culture. Speaking of which:
  • Learn About The Culture – Again, just a bit is enough. Make sure you have something to talk about. This is great for conversations, for obvious reasons. Again, knowing some things like that make you stand apart from the others, because you care. Also, if you’re stuck in the conversation, you can always ask the girl to tell you more about the culture. That’s also a great way to make her talk more.

And that’s all of this article done. Right now, you know everything you need in order to go to the Czech Republic then start attracting and seducing its gorgeous women.

Whatever you do, just remember to put a word to their girlfriends for me. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Aaanyways, good luck and have fun.

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