8 Different Types of Girls You Will Face When Dating

However different all the girls you’ve been with may seem, it’s very likely that you gravitated towards the same girl over and over again. Each girl had her distinctions, but the type is probably more or less the same. You found your safe zone, and don’t do much effort to get out of it.

You likely always choose to take a lead on girl that you already know what you can expect from. While this does give you some advantage, it also means that you will constantly have to meet the same obstacles that made your past dating endeavors end the way they did. While every person has their unique set of characteristics, each one of us can be generalized and placed into certain categories.

If you understand the most common types of women, and recognize their characteristics, you will be able to avoid relationships that are predetermined to end badly. On the other hand, you may also discover that some other types are a better choice to make, as they have hidden advantages brought to light only after a certain period of dating.

For this article, we will take a look at a popular title from Vin DiCarlo, called Pandora’s box. He divided women into 8 different types, which go along with the popular descriptions of types that you can find in magazine articles and forum discussions.

These are:

  1. The Playette
  2. The Social Butterfly
  3. The Hopeful Romantic
  4. The Cinderella
  5. The Private Dancer
  6. The Seductress
  7. The Connoisseur
  8. The Modern Woman

Naturally, some personality traits will mix and almost no girl fits strictly into only one category. However, it’s safe to say that they will match it enough for you to forecast whether they are truly the best way to invest your time and effort.

Without further ado, let’s see what are 8 types of girls you’ll face when dating.

1. The Playette

 The first (and not the best) type of girl you’ll meet when dating is The Playette. Like the name implies, this girl is a player. Simply put – she understands the game and uses it to lead guys towards liking her. She’s especially keen to engage her game with “nice guys” as they are more likely to give her what she needs the most – validation.

With that in mind, it’s not hard to conclude that her teasing won’t end with true playtime in the end – as sex is not a priority to her. This is why you will often see her surrounded by male friends who she probably never plans to date, but who give her the attention she needs.

You’ll likely have to work hard until you reveal her true value and personality since she hides most of that beneath the surface. She doesn’t express her emotions as easily as other women do, and she tends to delay the sexual relationship in order to feel like she’s still in control.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Playette is an idealist, who is always on a lookout for a perfect relationship. That’s why she’s having hard time to pick one man who she will date, since her playful personality attracts many men. However, although she thinks she wants to be in control, she actually seeks for a man who will seduce her and fight for her. On the other hand, she doesn’t want to think her man needs her more than she wants him, as her ideal partner doesn’t lose his form as a result of her little games.

How to approach her?

If you want the playette to choose you and stop acting as if she’s hard to get, you will need to avoid investing too much effort to pursue her. Her biggest fear is that the attention she gets while flirting will diminish once she sleeps with you, so you need to keep your form and not give her too much of that in the beginning. In order to differentiate yourself from her male friends, you’ll need to be capable of walking the fine line between not clinging to her while also showing the potential for an intimate and romantic relationship at the same time. Once you do catch her, she will begin to test you and yet again, you must not lose your form. Rather, make her feel like she’s not the only one you’re dating while also silencing all the tricks and games she’ll try to pull on you.

Pros of Dating The Playette

There’s a reason why so many guys are orbiting around Playette, that goes beyond her game. She’s usually very attractive and exciting. Once you get through her masque, you’ll also reveal a charming personality that has a lot to give. Your friends will admire her and envy you for having a “perfect girl”. If you turn out to be the Mr. Right she dreams of, you will be able to break her cycle of seduction. She will then cater to your needs and show you the best of her in order to keep you being with her. If nothing else, The Playette is perfect learning opportunity for your game and form, as they will constantly be on the test with this girl.

Cons of dating The Playette

Although she is certainly worth exploring, the Playette is not considered to be a keeper by most men. The reason for that is her constant search for an ideal man, which results in her being more prone to changing partners. In time, if you don’t meet her expectations, she may dump you for another guy who she thinks is better.

On the other hand, if she does stay with you she may become possessive as a result of her need for validation. Although this will make you feel wanted, it can turn into disastrous experience if you don’t cut this behavior from the beginning. She may try to rob you of your every freedom and cry if you choose to do something else when she was expecting you’ll attend to her. 

2. The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly is a woman who enjoys socializing with many people and easily makes new connections and relationships. She is also commonly referred to as “party girl” in her young age, and her energetic and charismatic personality usually does make her ‘the life of the party’. On the other hand, the main disadvantage of this girl is her lack of ability to develop deep connections. In the dating world, she will try different men and is most likely to become, well, slutty. She isn’t as cautious in her approach as The Playette, and is likely to sleep with you just because you’re sexy, rich or confident. This does make her quite an easy catch, but the real challenge comes when you want to keep her. She’s usually not ready for a serious relationship, and will jump to other guys just as she jumps between different social groups.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Social Butterfly has some characteristics similar to those of alpha men, which makes her intimidating to a lot of guys. However, she isn’t looking for someone she can control. Rather, she seeks for confident, sexy men who are not afraid to attract attention in social situations.

How to approach The Social Butterfly?

If you’re not an extrovert yourself, this kind of girl is not the right pick for you. To approach her, you need to be outgoing, confident and able to beat her in her game. She needs to see you in your best light when you’re around other people. If she is attracted to you, she may approach you herself. If you only want to sleep with her, you just need to showcase values that attract her, which are success, confidence, ambitious mindset or anything else that makes you stand out. On the other hand, keeping her takes much more work. Try to ask personal questions and get into intimate conversations as that may help her to develop a deeper connection with you.

Pros of Dating a Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly seems to be best at everything. She has many skills, is friendly, beautiful and turns heads wherever she goes. You’ll love her bubbly personality and charisma and so will your friends. If you’re an extrovert yourself, you’ll love to bring her with you to all social events, from parties to family gatherings. If you succeed to develop a deeper relationship with her, you can expect her to be supportive.  Some of the negative traits of a social butterfly diminish during a relationship, so you can expect her to become even better after some time.

Cons of Dating a Social Butterfly

Their outgoing personalities make social butterflies very attractive to men, which may make her jump to another guy very easily. She will expect a lot from you, and will always compare you to other men in the good old “neighbor’s grass is greener” style. If you’re not outgoing, she will easily take control of your relationship and is likely to constantly overwhelm you with new social events and guests. She won’t stop seducing other guys while in relationship with you, which will put your form and confidence to a great test.

3. The Hopeful Romantic

Among all the “modern independent girls” there are still hopeful romantics, women who wait for the knight in shining armor with whom they’ll have a ‘happy ever after’ ending. The Hopeful Romantic is feminine, beautiful and submissive and she seeks for a long lasting relationship with a caring and romantic man. These girls are not into nice guys though, as they also seek for protection and emotional stability. Because of their naturally submissive nature, hopeful romantics often have low self-esteem which makes them shy and insecure. Since she seems fragile and an absolute contrary of masculine, she is considered a rare gem and is adored by men.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Hopeful Romantic is looking for an emotionally stable, alpha man who will make her feel special and loved. While romance is what she’s looking for, she also gravitates toward men who show characteristics of a perfect husband and father. Her Mr. Right is a man who is confident, able to protect her both physically and emotionally and is ready to take a role of a leader.

How to approach her?

The Hopeful Romantic is not for one night stands. If your game is on point you may get her in bed, however, as soon as she sleeps with you she will become very attached. In most cases, these kinds of girls won’t go to bed with you as soon as you meet them. If you want to seduce her, you need to show yourself as a strong, confident and masculine man who is also occasionally ready to show his gentle side. Since she likely has low self-esteem, compliments work especially well on her.

Pros of Dating A Hopeful Romantic

The Hopeful Romantic seeks love and sexual pleasure from only one man, which makes her a perfect choice for a long term relationship. If you turn out to be her Mr. Right, she will never cheat on you and will love you like no other type. Your friends and family will support your relationship with her, as she will show all characteristics of a traditional submissive wife. Your place will always be cleaned, lunch will be cooked and everything else you need will be taken care of.  She’s wise, a good listener and will support you when you need her the most

Cons of Dating A Hopeful Romantic

If you’re not looking for a serious relationship, you may stumble upon some drama with this girl, especially if you’ve slept with her. She takes dating very seriously, and is prone to crying and feeling heartbroken if you don’t meet her expectations. Since she lacks self-confidence she will constantly need reassurance of your love towards her. On the other hand, she expects you to be extremely confident, so you may feel an urge to hide your emotions and concerns while around her. You will need to be at your top game, constantly proving dominance both in the bedroom and in public, which may be tiresome if you just want to sit back and relax at some point. 

4. The Cinderella

The Cinderella is usually exceptionally attractive and sexy while also being wise and outgoing. She is feminine, great in bed, and capable of a steady relationship. When compared to other types, you could say she is a combination of the Social Butterfly and the Hopeful Romantic. That means she has a passionate and wild side, while also being submissive and caring. As a result, she tends to end in relationships too quickly which usually ends up with her being heartbroken and more insecure with guys in the future.

What kind of guys she’s into?

The Cinderella loves being in love and enjoys the primary, passionate stage of relationship. She wants a confident man who will always try to keep things exciting for her. She expects her man to take a lead and not to lose his passion and affection towards her after the initial phase of the relationship passes. If her man doesn’t give her what she wants, she will stop feeling in love and may jump to another man who wakes up these feelings in her.

How to approach her?

In a way, Cinderella never overcame the high school concept of love. Hence, you don’t have to act uninterested in her, rather show her your romantic side. Push-pull technique may keep her interested. Simply put, you will need to consistently make things exciting for her, both in the bedroom and when going on dates. Since a lot of men approach her, you will need to show your creative side and how you differ from all the other guys.

Pros of Dating A Cinderella

Cinderella is wise, feminine and keen to experience new things. She will enjoy learning from you and will be happy to share your hobbies. She is charismatic in social events so your friends will love her, and she loves experimenting in bed. If she finds you different from other guys, she will show similar characteristics as a hopeful romantic, by caring for you and supporting you in everything that you do.

Cons of Dating A Cinderella

Since she was disappointed a lot in her life, the Cinderella will expect a lot from you. She will be a perfect girl in the first few months, while you will need to put in effort to keep her in this stage after some time. If you don’t show enough affection towards her, she may seek validation in other men. 

5. The Private Dancer

The Private Dancer is very similar to the Playette, as she is also mysterious, selective and surrounded by male friends. Their main difference is that she is not an idealist but a realist. On the outside, she seems innocent and pulled back, while she is truly passionate on the inside. Although she tends to be “one of the boys” and doesn’t enjoy the girl drama, she will truly open up to only a few lucky men. The reason for that is that she wants to protect herself from heartbreak, and she will usually test you before going into any deeper relationship.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Private Dancer has a realistic view on life, which means she understands that she won’t find a flawless Mr. Right. However, she does want to invest herself in a relationship with an intelligent and serious man who will not love only her sensual exterior but also everything she is on the inside. Thus she wants a man who she can converse with and who will show an interest and understanding towards her personality.

How to approach her?

The Private Dancer doesn’t show her emotions right away, so you should act cool and stable as well. When approaching her, she will enjoy conversation and learning about you before she shares some usually hidden aspects of herself. She is very passionate, so she will expect you to be attractive and sexy as well as intelligent and wise. Since the Private Dancer is commonly career oriented, she will chose men who are above her social status, so you’ll need to show her where you are higher on the ladder than her.

Pros of dating a Private Dancer

A great thing about the Private Dancer is that she doesn’t get emotionally attached as other women do, so you can enjoy casual sexual relationship. With time, as she falls in love with you, she will start revealing hidden things about herself, which will maintain your interest in her. Caring for others is in her nature, and she will expect to contribute in financial, sexual, and all other aspects. She will not force you to be romantic or overly emotional, and since she had many male friends in the past she will likely be accepted in your group of friends.

Cons of dating a Private Dancer

Private Dancer has some masculine traits, as she handles her emotions exceptionally well unlike most girls. Since she will open up only to men who she deems worthy, you can expect her to test you a lot in the initial period. You will also always need to show her your best side and continue evolving as you’re with her. If you’re in your low phase for too long, it would not be surprising that a Private Dancer jumps to another guy. She is skilled and career driven, so it may be challenging to constantly show her that you’re above her on the social marketplace. Since she’s used to hanging out with men, you may miss her feminine side from time to time.

6. The Seductress

Just like the name implies, The Seductress is a girl that loves to seduce. She is confident, beautiful and knows what she wants. She is not looking for a relationship, she rather tends to focus only on having sex. She therefore takes the role of a leader in dating and commonly initiates the sexual relationship. To achieve her goals, she will use all kind of tricks including manipulation, persuasiveness and openly using her body to attract the man she wants. A seductress may want a steady relationship at some point, but her need for attention and flirting doesn’t make her a very faithful partner.

What kind of guys is she into?

The seductress will flirt with a lot of guys, most of whom will fall to her game. While her criteria aren’t very high, she is keener to date guys who are harder to get. While social status and looks are what she apparently wants, the truth is she dreams of a man who will dominate her and lead her in a different direction.

How to approach her?

Truth be told, if a seductress likes you – she will approach you first. You can show her that you noticed her by a simple glance in her direction, and she will do all the rest. Once she approaches you, you need to show her you know what she’s doing and that you won’t fall into her net. Once you’ve shown that you’re more capable than her, she will gladly go with you wherever you take her.

Pros of Dating The Seductress

The Seductress is attractive, feminine and is usually incredible in the bedroom. She will make you feel wanted and dating her is very passionate and exciting.  She takes a lot of care of her appearance, so going around with her will raise your bar on the sexual market. If you’re looking for a casual sexual relationship with no attachment, then she is one of the best picks for you.

Cons of Dating The Seductress

If you want anything more than casual sex, then The Seductress type is something you should avoid. She won’t be loyal and will jump on the very next guy she meets at the party. She is self-centered and manipulative, and tends to present herself in a way that will attract you rather than being honest. Although her skills in bed may make you fall for her, you shouldn’t trust this girl for anything serious nor should you get emotionally involved. 

7. The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is an independent, realistic woman who is highly capable in all fields of life. In dating, she’s picky and wants a man to work hard to get her. This makes her intimidating for a lot of guys, but once you seduce her – she will become devoted and invest herself in the relationship. She does become very attached after she sleeps with you, so she isn’t the best choice for a one night stand. She is therefore cautious and believes only special men deserve her, and tends to jump from one relationship to the other.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Connoisseur wants a serious man who is ready to be invested in a serious relationship. She is also attracted towards men who need her, as a result of her investing nature. She wants men to take the lead and approach her, however, she despises simple tricks and techniques. Her ideal man is loyal and will fight for her.

How to approach her?

Basic game tricks won’t work for the Connoisseur, as she will see right through them. She is an interesting contrast, so you should balance between creating sexual tension and showing her that you’re interested in more than just taking her to bed.

Pros of Dating The Connoisseur

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, the Connoisseur is a great choice. She will contribute to the relationship and work hard to care for you and improve your life as much as she can. This spreads from the bedroom to all other aspects of life, including taking care of the house and contributing financially. Since she’s a realist, you won’t have many tests and arguments with her, as long as you’re loyal and just as invested in the relationship as she is.

Cons of Dating the Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is an intimacy junkie and gets very attached as soon as you sleep with her. Thus, she will expect from you to take your relationship seriously right from the start. If you don’t meet her expectations, she will possibly raise a lot of arguments considering the “meaning of your relationship.” That behavior can be tiresome and frustrating, especially if you’re not ready for a long term relationship at this point. 

8. The Modern Woman

The modern woman is ambitious, independent and loves to date. She can enjoy casual hooking up while also being ready for a serious relationship if the right guy comes up. She is usually a type A personality and has a very busy schedule. She gravitates toward similar men, who are also successful, ambitious and high on the social scale. Once in a relationship, she will be invested while also expecting a lot from you, which makes her slightly intimidating to a lot of guys.

What kind of guys is she into?

The Modern Woman is experienced and attracts a lot of men. She isn’t submissive by nature, so she wants a man who will respect her and converse with her as they are on the same level. Her ideal companion is successful, independent, ambitious and emotionally stable.

How to approach her?

If you want to approach the Modern Woman you will need to match her in self-confidence. A straightforward approach will work best, as she is open about her sexuality and expects the same from you. You should show interest in her career and hobbies, while also sharing your own ambitions and achievements.

Pros of Dating The Modern Girl

The Modern Girl is charismatic, capable, stylish and someone you’ll be proud to be with. She doesn’t get attached too soon so you can enjoy a casual relationship without fear of drama. If you do end up in a serious relationship, you can expect her to be loyal and invested. She will help you grow in all aspects of your life, by consistently pushing you to be better. You will have your freedom, and she won’t bore you with constant calls, shit tests or any other typical behavior.

Cons of Dating The Modern Girl

The modern girl doesn’t accept failure, and you will have to constantly show yourself in your best light. Since she is independent, you may feel insecure especially if you haven’t completely built your own self confidence. If you’re looking to be the dominant one in a relationship, she isn’t the right choice as she wants to be treated as an equal. She won’t prioritize you at all times, and won’t make you feel needed. Her high expectations and dedication to work and improvement may be obnoxious and tiresome if you’re not in a similar period of life yourself.


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