LIST: 12 Best European Countries To Pick Up Girls

Looking to get away from home and go on a vacation around Europe?

Or maybe you’re just looking for a little fun

Surely you know about most of the awesome European countries and how picking up women there is almost magical. Or maybe you haven’t… in which case: do you live under a rock?

Whatever the case is, if you’re looking to go on a vacation and want to spice things up with a bit of romance, it doesn’t hurt to know the best locations, am I right. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this article. Here you’ll find the 12 absolute best European countries to pick up girls in.

The list is in no particular order (number 1 isn’t the best and number 12 isn’t the worst). These are all just great recommendations based on experience and research. So, without further ado, let’s hop right on to the list, shall we:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • The Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece

This is the order in which we’ll go over. Let’s not waste any time and start with the first one:

1. France


Image Name: Gorgeous_Suprised_French_Girl_Bread

French girls land on this list of best European countries because of two reasons. The first one is the fact that the women of France are extremely gorgeous. That’s because they take great care of themselves and how they look. And the weird thing is that they don’t really have to try hard to achieve that. It all comes naturally. They don’t usually care about dieting or how much calories they consume… and yet they manage to keep sexy slim bodies with ease. Similarly, you’ll rarely see a French girl with heavy makeup. The usual makeup choices like lipstick and eye liner is common, but usually that’s all French women really need.

The other reason for France being in the list of best European countries for pickup is due to French girls’ usual character. They are known to be very hard to get. That might sound like a bad thing, but it really isn’t. The reason why the French are ‘harder’ is because they are perfectionists. They hold themselves in extremely high standard and thus are expecting the same from any potential partner. Think about it, if in her head she’s perfect, is there a reason to settle for a ‘less than perfect’ partner? NO. And that’s a good thing because it pushes you to be the best version of yourself.

2. Germany


Image Name: Beautiful_Blonde_German_Woman

If France is on the list because French women are hard to get, Germany is on the list of best best European countries because German women are very friendly and easy to talk to (among other things). The best way to approach a German girl is by going direct. That means going up to her and telling her why you’re there (because you like her or something about her… so you just came to learn more). This is further amplified, because German women generally like more masculine guys. This doesn’t mean that you need to have muscles everywhere, it means you need to show masculine qualities: no hesitation, confidence, social intelligence, etc.

That being said, you might ask: but I’ve heard that German people are cold… And that’s somewhat correct. It’s in their culture to be a bit more reserved. That doesn’t make them bad people, and it certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t be friendly (which they are).

Another reason for why you might want to visit Germany for the German girls is the fact that they’re absolutely gorgeous. There’s just something mesmerizing about the blue eyes and blonde hair combination that I’m sure you can relate to. So, if you’re a fan of blondes, well, Germany is going to be exceptionally generous to your eyes.

3. Spain


Image Name: Hot-Spanish_Woman_Model

Spanish women are like a western version of South American women. They are extremely hot and sexy. They absolutely love being social. They are easy to approach and attract if you are masculine. The difference is that Spanish girls have a much more westernized way of thinking. Feminism is more prominent and they like being more independent and strong.

But let’s start from the top… Spanish women are among the most gorgeous women in Europe… maybe even the world. They are extremely sexy and know how to use their woman’s allure. They love social events. You’ll see them going out a ton. Mostly with their girlfriends because they basically hate being alone generally. That’s what makes them easy to approach, they just love social connections. And in order to succeed with them, you need to show them that you’re socially adept while also being very masculine.

Again, being masculine doesn’t mean being a burly guy… or god forbid, the ‘in your face’ type that’s considered ‘toxic masculinity’. Remember, most of them are feminists and will see through your ‘masculine’ façade. You need to be the old school type of masculine (the real type) – confident, sociable, valuable.

4. The Netherlands


Image Name: Beautiful_Dutch_Girl_In_Amsterdam

One of the reasons why Dutch women earn a spot on the list of best countries in Europe for pickup is simple: they are exciting. What I mean by that is that they are very open minded and like to experiment. That makes them extremely easy to approach. You don’t need to try hard, or come up with something on the spot… Just go up to her and talk about literally anything. To keep her attention and get her attracted, all you need to do is just be interesting. Dutch girls absolutely hate boredom. If whatever you’re talking about is something that you’re passionate about, you’ll find great success. That’s because the conversation will suck you in and make you excited. That, in turn, will make the actual conversation exciting, and thus – get her excited.

It’s as easy as it sounds really.

A downfall of Dutch girl may be the fact that they can be brutally honest. It’s not rare to see them going for a guy they’re interested in right in front of you after you’ve been talking to her for hours. It just means that you’ve lost her at some point (maybe you started off great, but then didn’t ramp up as time went by… remember, the goal is not to talk with her forever, the goal is to ramp up the intimacy). Or if she gets bored or doesn’t like you, she’ll just say or show it. And that’s actually a good thing. It forces you to push yourself and show the best version of yourself, while also pushing you to take action instead of staying in your comfort zone. That’s why Dutch women are really amazing and why they get a spot on the list of the best European countries for pick up.

5. Italy


Image Name: Gorgeous_Italian_Girl_Smiling

Do you like feminine women? If the answer is ‘Hell Yea!’ (or something similar) Italy might be the best vacation spot for you. Italian women earn a place in this list because of their femininity. They are beautiful. They love flirting. They love being social. They dress exceptionally well. They want you to be persistent. They want you to be chivalrous.

If all those things appeal to you, then maybe you should just visit Italy already… But let’s talk about specifics. The social interactions with Italians are insanely important. You need to be on point there. Italian girls don’t really like getting approached directly (although that also works). They prefer to have a more ‘magical’ experience. A coincidental meeting with an intriguing man. A lot of conversation about interesting topics. Great, elegant flirting. And then, hopefully something good comes out of all that.

On another note, they are very insistent on dressing up well. There’s no such thing as ‘okay’ clothes in Italy. You either dress exceptionally, or you just can’t get anything meaningful. So you’ll need to bring your sharp clothes and style.

Italian women may seem hard to get, but their idea is that they want to feel wanted. They want to see your persistency. If you give up after the first minor roadblock, what good are you for? So, don’t be afraid to be a bit more persistent (obviously read social ques when it’s just a test and if you’ve genuinely made a bad move).

6. The Czech Republic


Image Name: Sexy_Czech_Blonde_Woman

You might not find it surprising that a country famous for its tourism is on a list of the best European countries for pickup. Well, what if I told you that Czech women are really tired of tourists and generally try to avoid them? But wait… Then why is The Czech Republic here really? Well, it’s actually because of that reason… let me elaborate.

See, Czech girls are tired of foreigners because most of the people visiting come for the so called ‘sex tourism’. The Czech Republic just has that bad reputation about it. That doesn’t mean that all the women there are eagerly looking to participate in that kind of tourism. So what happens is that over the time, they grew to dislike tourists.

And the good part about this is that you can just be different. The typical tourist there will be extremely arrogant, impolite, and will generally be drunk. So, if you’re not like that, you have an innate advantage. Just because you’re different, you’re automatically 100% more interesting and attractive. If you show her that you’re not there to drink cheap alcohol and pay for cheap sex, you’ll instantly pull waaay ahead of the pack.

7. Poland


Image Name: Beautiful_Polish_Girl_Flag

The reason why polish girls are on this list of best European countries is because they are true sweethearts. They are simply amazing. They are sweet, caring, nurturing, and generally have a great sense of humor. They don’t like to play games with their dating and they absolutely love sex. They are a bit shy and insecure at times, but that only adds to the ‘cuteness’ if you ask me. Easy going and a pleasure to have around? Sign me the hell up!

But let’s talk more in depth. Polish women are just that feminine in their way of life. They are the embodiment of femininity. All the while being very much into the more feminism-focused culture of the west. They love everything western, so if you’re coming from America, you have an advantage just because you’re American. Period.

On top of that they absolutely love being social and all its aspects. They are friendly. They are a great flirt. And they are amazing when the time comes to be intimate.

Another huge boon is that they usually speak very good English. That might be something that many people will overlook, but chances are that you’ll never have a problem with communication with Polish girls just because they have great English skills.

8. Russia


Image Name: Stunning_Russian_Blonde_Woman

Speaking of having problems with communication due to language barriers… Russians are usually very proud of themselves and their language… so if you’ve only armed yourself with English you might have a harder time here.

That being said, it’s completely worth it because Russian women are widely considered to be among the most gorgeous women in the world. And those aren’t just rumors. Russian girls put a ton of devotion into looking the best they can. They are also extremely feminine and that only adds to the perfect persona.

Many consider Russian women to be the perfect partners for a romantic relationship just because they are gorgeous and feminine. That usually means that they’re also what you’d hear others call ‘high-quality’ women. Meaning that they are high maintenance and need a lot of resources from you.

All that being said, the absolute best way to attract Russian girls is to be masculine. Be confident, don’t hesitate, and you’ll surely win her over.

9. Ukraine


Image Name: Beautiful_Ukrainian_Girl_Traditional_Clothes

Honestly, Ukrainian and Russian women are pretty much the same. It’s because the cultures are soo much similar. That’s a huge reason for their appearance on the list of best European countries… but there’s more to it.

A few differences would be that Ukrainian girls are a bit more down to Earth. They don’t view themselves in as high of a standard as Russian ones do. And they aren’t known for insisting you speak their language (you’re more likely to get away with not knowing a bit of Russian in Ukraine).

Another difference is that the dating culture isn’t as casual. It’s not really casual in Russia either, but more so in Ukraine. One night stands, while not impossible, are extremely rare and dating usually takes longer. That’s not a bad thing really. And if you’re looking for a more serious relationship it’s actually a boon.

As far as looks go, Ukrainian women are pretty much the same as Russian women. One big difference is that most Russian girls will focus on appearing sexy, while Ukrainian girls will shy away from that.

10. Romania


Image Name: Gorgeous_Romanian_Woman_Traditional_Clothes

This entry (and the next one) may sound a bit weird. That’s because most people don’t really know about Romania (not like, don’t know it exists, more like they aren’t aware of its culture or haven’t heard about it much). And that’s really weird… considering Romania is a great country for tourists. It also earns itself a spot in this list of best European countries for pickup among big names, such as Germany and Spain. So, what do Romanian women really offer?

For starters, Romanian girls are very beautiful. They’ll usually have dark hair, dark eye color, and a bit of a complexion. So, if you’re into more exotic women, you might find that Romania has everything you’re looking for.

Another huge plus for Romanian women is that they’re very sociable. They absolutely love dating and its nuances. Playing games, flirting… it’s hard to not have fun with them. On top of that, they love foreigners so you have an innate advantage. It’s extremely easy to strike up a conversation with a Romanian girl because they are very approachable. And to keep that conversation going, all you need to do is just talk about yourself, your country, its culture… They love learning more about these things. And what happens when there’s nothing more about you? Just ask her about her, Romania and its culture. She’ll love to tell you all about it.

So, keeping a conversation is easy. Flirting and dating is exciting. What more would a man want? If all that sounds like something you’re looking for, then definitely give Romania a consideration for your next vacation.

(and let’s not forget the Black Sea and how amazing its beaches are)

11. Bulgaria


Image Name: Beautiful_Bulgarian_Girl_Vegetables

Speaking of the Black Sea and its beaches… Just south of Romania lies Bulgaria. In many regards a very similar country.

Going quickly over it, Bulgarian women are surprisingly very beautiful (for a country almost nobody talk about… go figure). The relations with foreigners are a bit interesting. On the one hand, most Bulgarians are very patriotic and reserved…they love their country and act proud. Some are not fond of foreigners altogether.

And on the other hand, specifically with Bulgarian women, they’ll be very attracted to foreigners at the same time. It’s because while they love their country, they think it has its flaws and other, more well-known countries, are more sophisticated or something. That gives you an edge when it comes to the dating scene, because simply speaking English makes them give you some extra attention that Bulgarian men actually don’t get.

Other than that, there are other benefits to choose Bulgaria as your vacation location when it comes to picking up women. It’s geographical location is really great. Why does it matter? Well it’s because it attracts a TON of tourists (especially during the summer). It’s not rare to see a ton of Russians, Ukrainians, Dutch, Romanian, and much more. That alone might be a factor to consider. Because you’re not only getting to pick up beautiful Bulgarian girls, but also tourists. And that’s why Bulgaria is on the list of best European countries for pickup

12. Greece


Image Name: Gorgeous_Greek_Blonde_Girl

In many regards Greece is similar to Romania in Bulgaria (the Balkans have pretty much the same type of women, with only slight variations in culture, common characteristics, and looks). That being said, let’s quickly go over the similarities and talk about the differences after that.

Greece is a great place for tourism (especially during the summer period) so it attracts a TON of people from literally everywhere. That means that you’ll have an abundance of women to choose from and not only Greek ones. There are Bulgarians, Russians, Romanians, Ukrainians (those four are the most popular since these countries are really close), and much more.

Greek people, similarly to Bulgarians, are very proud of their heritage… so similar characteristics here as well. You can expect them to be a bit cold to foreigners, but with time (and a few drinks) everyone opens up.

That brings me to the culture. Greek women, much more than Bulgarians for example, love their drinking and are much more easy going because of that. It’s not rare to hear loud noises, coming from drunk people, having fun late at night in restaurants or clubs.

Another difference, although minor, is the general looks of Greek girls. While up north, you’ll see mainly black and dark brown hair. Down south in Greece, there are much more blondes. So, if you’re not a fan of darker hair, but still want to go to the Balkans for your vacation, then Greece might be the place for you.

And that’s it for our list of the 12 absolute best European countries for pick up. Hopefully now you’ve marked your perfect destination on the map (or maybe you’re interested in a few). Or maybe you’re already making plans for your next vacation. Whichever the case is, now you’re properly equipped with the knowledge and information you need in order to go there and rock it.

Good luck!


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