Could You Really Attract Finnish Women & GirlsWithout Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract Finnish Women & GirlsWithout Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

Finland s an incredible place to go visit (in the summer). Helsinki is a very popular tourist destination, and the Finnish girls are incredibly hot.

I mean, weeeell:

I think you get what I mean, haha.

Regardless, Finnish women are (obviously) a bit different than other girls in other places. You’ll want to be prepared before going to Finland. And that’s what we’re doing in this article. Right here, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce a gorgeous Finnish lady.

We’ll start off by listing a few key notes and quirks about Finnish women. After that we’ll dive into details.

How does that sound?

Great, let’s go:

  1. Finnish Women Are Very Feminine
  2. Finnish Girls Are Kind Of Shy
  3. They Are Incredibly Polite And Trusting
  4. They Love To Go Out And Drink A Lot
  5. You’ll Want To Go There During The Summer

Alright! With that out of the way, let’s dive deeper, shall we?

1. Finnish Women Are Incredibly Feminine

They are just the sweetest.

Very shy, considerate, friendly, etc. I can go on and on.

Simply incredible!

What this means in practicality, is that you’ll find everything a bit simpler in Finland than in other countries.

You won’t have to put on a ton of complicated pickup tricks out of your sleeves or anything like that. In fact, that may even hurt you more than help you.

What you want to do is to just be friendly and normal.

Be a curious tourist, interested in the Finnish culture and she’ll be very excited to tell and show you all about it. Spend time with her and then everything should be a breeze.

Being feminine basically means that they are very girly. That’s incredible if you’re looking for a Finnish cutie (because there will be a LOT of them). It’s also great because they’ll be naturally attracted to masculinity (which you should obviously have).

All you have to do is show intent, lead, and be yourself (hah, cliché) … Do that and you’ll be golden!

2. Finnish Girls Are Very Polite And Trusting

Approaching during the day is fine, but it’s much harder, because of their politeness.

The Finnish women won’t really get that you’re hitting on them because they’ll be so focused on helping you (for example if you’re looking for directions, or help translating something). They are also very trusting, so even if you approach with some excuse (like the ones I just mentioned) they’ll take it to hearth and actually think that you’re lost. They’ll probably not get your real intentions.

As such, I believe it’s better to stick to night game and maybe even online dating. We’ll go over these in a bit…

Their politeness and trust beautifully plays into their sweet personas. It’s all just very adorable, really.

This is all very great because of Finnish women’s inherent beauty. They have incredibly cute and beautiful faces in particular. Unfortunately, most Fins are a bit on the larger side body-shape-wise (due to the increasing popularity of fast foods) but it’s not rare to find a gorgeous Finnish gem.

And they are definitely worth it!

You’ll find your time in Finland with Finnish girls incredibly enjoyable.

But let’s talk about the nightlife:

3. Night Game In Finland

Pretty much the best thing you can do in order to snatch yourself a Finnish beauty is to do night game.

That’s because the nightlife is incredibly popular. Also, while out Fins drink a LOT (and I mean a TON), just like any other Scandinavian person.

And just like with any other Scandinavian person, don’t try to outdrink them or you’ll end up having a bad time (they can just take more, don’t embarrass yourself).

That’s great, because drinking loosens people up. And it’s no different for Fins either. Whereas during the day they’ll be minding their own business and not take your intent seriously, during the night things change drastically.

For one, you’re going out to a bar or a club to have fun. They are doing the same. It’s not this “I’m currently doing something” vibe that people have in daytime. And fun can mean a lot of things:

  • Drinking
  • Talking with people
  • Meeting new people
  • Making out with someone
  • Having sex

And much, much more. That’s expected from the nightlife.

But let me give you a few tips:

Obviously, since everybody else will be drinking, you need to be drinking as well. Know your limit and don’t overstep it, you’re here to have fun, enjoy yourself, and possibly meet a cute Finnish girl to hopefully take home… You’re not here to get wasted and die on the way home (zero to a hundred real fast, haha).

Don’t be overly game-y. I mentioned this in the first section, but you shouldn’t try to be flashy or anything huge. Actually being normal and friendly will give you much more points in those dreamy Finnish eyes. You’re also having the tourist advantage, your life in that particular moment is much more interesting than hers or the random Finnish dude she’ll meet. So, use that to your advantage.

Lastly, just have fun. Having fun is the most important thing you can do while going out at night, regardless of whether you’re in Finland, at home, or at another country or place. There’s no such thing as going out to just pass time, or to be bored. People go out to bars and clubs to have a fun time.

I know this sounds waaay too obvious, but trust me… most guys actually forget that they’re in a club to have fun and instead stay at the bar, drinking their liver off, staring at beautiful women (who obviously notice and are disgusted immediately).

While on this topic, it’s important to note that you also shouldn’t scan for women you might want to approach. It’s sooo easy to spot a guy (or a group of guys) that are just looking around the venue for something (obviously, sexy girls to approach). That is not only obvious and women can tell, but also it speaks very badly of you. Again, you’re there to have fun, and if you’re just looking around for other people, it means you’re not having fun on your own and need others to have fun. And who’d want a guy that’s not fun?

Yes… No one!

Aaanyways, that’s pretty much night game in Finland.

Just make sure you’re not weird, use your tourist advantage, and have fun.

What about online dating, you ask?

4. Finnish Girls In Online Dating Platforms

With online dating everything is a bit different.

First off, there’s obviously the inherent “I like you, you like me” vibe whenever you ‘match’ with someone. It’s on a pretty basic and primitive level (looks and a few words at most) but it’s still something.

Knowing that, it’s easy to assume that it’s mostly like getting a girl’s number.

In order to get a girl’s number you need to approach her, have a nice time and hopefully she likes you and you like her. So you get her number and you two start texting.

Online Dating is pretty much exactly the same as what happens after that point. The difference is that approaching and a little conversation is actually skipped.

In that light, you’ll definitely need to make up for it. DO some small talk to see where she’s at.

Is she very impressed by your profile (if you’ve done a good job with it she should be)?

If so, you can move things more rapidly, ask for her actual number and move to texting there, hopefully setting up a date afterwards (you want to transition from the online dating platform to another texting platform in order to build familiarity and to move away from the stigmas that surround online dating as a whole).

Is she responding not so positively?

Well, at least she’s responding… Build more comfort. Talk about your favorite things, ask about hers. Hopefully at some point you’ll find familiarities and discuss them more passionately. This can then hopefully lead to getting her number and ultimately, a date.

NOTE: Do NOT only build comfort. Just talking like friends can quickly lead to just that … just friends. You’re there looking for fun, not friendship (although friendships can be fun).

That’s pretty much it… Online dating isn’t very different in other countries. Just be aware of the subtle nuances of Finnish women (everything we spoke about up until now) and you’ll be golden.

And with online dating out of the way, we’re pretty much nearing the end of this article.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about where to go and when to go to Finland… So, let’s do just that, shall we?

5. Which Cities In Finland Should You Visit … And When?

I’ll get the “When” question out of the way first…

Summer. Go to Finland during the summer. And actually don’t go at the very start, go there around the middle (middle or end of July).

The simple reason is that it’s freezing cold up there in the far, far north.

And cold temperatures mean a bunch of things, but ultimately (because this article is focused on attraction and seduction of Finnish girls) cold climate means less women outside and available. It also means that it’ll be harder for you to do game while having your body frozen, haha.

So, yeah … Just go visit Finland during the summer, you most definitely won’t regret that decision. Trust me on this one.

And now, for the “Where part” …

Pretty much the best city to visit will be Helsinki.

Helsinki is an incredible place for pickup in Finland.

Here’s where you’ll find the gorgeous Finnish women and the fun nightlife that we’ve gone over through in this article.

And what about the places in Helsinki?

The Millionaire Klub (don’t let the name deceive, it’s not only for the wealthiest people). It’s more commonly known as “Milliklubi”.

This is one of, if not, the best clubs you’ll have the pleasure of visiting.

And the beauty of everything is that all you’ll have to do is just approach the girl you like and engage her in conversation. After that you (hopefully) escalate periodically and make out with her. And what follows is simple the next logical step: going back to your place and having sex (if you’ve played your cards correctly).

But how do you make your time easier? Well:

The most important thing is to get a place near the center or near the club. This way going back to your place isn’t a huge commitment. It’s also not a big deal. She’ll be much more hesitant if you live very far away and that may be the very reason for which you’re not getting her on your bed tonight. So, do your homework and book a nice place that’s close to the action. 5-10 minutes (even if it’s by a cab) is the most of what you’ll be aiming for.

And with all that out of the way. Now you’re fully equipped and armed with the knowledge you need in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Finnish girls.

Go out there and use these tips to score yourself some lovely Finnish lady. And when you do, be sure to put a word out for me among her friends. Nothing wrong with a little appreciation, am I right?

Well, take care and good luck in Finland!

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