Could You Really Attract And Seduce Dutch Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

So you like partying? You like openminded, freedom loving girls? You like to experiment in bed? Well I might have something for you…

The Netherlands! There you are – all these things… and more. Dutch women are amongst the happiest and most open minded girls in the world. With a little preparation you can find out that this might be one of the most unusual and memorable trips of your life! Especially when it comes to game.

This country can offer a lot to you – great nightlife, a lot of diversity when it comes to girls, unusual experiences and even some surprises – and if you really want to be on top of your game and still have an enjoyable time you would want to know some things – and you’ve come just to the right place.

Of course you would like to get the most out of you trip to The Netherlands right? Let’s see what you can learn so that you could do that:

  • Dutch girls look tall and blonde… right?
  • Dutch women can sometimes be brutally honest
  • Dutch girls like to experiment and have fun
  • Prepare for some unexpected changes in weather
  • Dutch girls are bored of local guys
  • The best clubs and places for you to go

So now that we have listed all these points it is important to say that Dutch women are a challenge sometimes. You might find that you will have to work an extra little bit to get through to them. But don’t worry even for a moment about that and let’s jump right into the tips to see what you can do to maximize your chances with one of these beauties:

1. Dutch Women are Blonde, Tall, and Feminine

You may believe that to be the only thing that you will see in the Netherlands when it comes to girls. But you would be surprised (or maybe not) that there are a lot of mixes – and that leaves a lot of different girls for you to have fun with.

This makes the Netherlands a really diverse place, full of many different people. If you take some time to go around the country – which is not that big anyway – you may get a lot of different experiences that can make your stay extra memorable. And since the country isn’t huge you can pretty much get to anywhere with a fast train ride.

All that being said you will see the typical looking blonde-and-tall women mixed in with the rest of the people anywhere you go. In the southern part of the country they are a more common occurrence, so if you want to opt out specifically for them you better buy a ticket for one of those cities.

In this diverse environment you have to look out for every possibility – you might always find something you didn’t yet know you enjoyed. All of the different kinds of people that stop by, study and live in this country make it a great place for finding what your “sweet tooth” for girls really is.

Regardless of where you go, this place is home to a ton of stunning women – and they are all waiting for you.

2. Dutch women can sometimes be brutally honest

Even though your typical Dutch girls will be more friendly and laid-back, some of them can be a bit… Too bitchy. This means that you’ll find a lot of bitch shields around the big cities so be prepared to put in some extra effort if you want to go out there.

It’s a good idea to get your tough skin on because Dutch people are not really keen on holding back their opinions – you could bet that whatever’s on their mind is going straight out through their mouths and into your ears – and it is not always really pleasant.

You might find that not taking everything so personally might be a good strategy for these beauties. Because they are so straightforward you need to be blunt as well – no bullshit will work here. You better adapt fast if you want to get the results you’re really looking for.

At least if they are honest you know better where the sticking points in your game are, right? (this means that you understand what you’re struggling with and thus, what to work on in the future).

3. Dutch girls like to experiment and have fun

Dutch girls are very open-minded and like to go out a lot at night – and who could blame them with all these awesome parties! There are a lot of different places to see and visit and of course – just as many girls for you to approach in each of those places.

You can use the willingness of these tall cuties to experiment to your advantage – some of them may be really confident, bitchy and hard to get but if you have a crazy or interesting enough of an idea you may break right through their defenses. It is best to not let what they are saying get to you and know that it is a part of the game where women esteem themselves high.

And when I’m talking about breaking defenses, I don’t mean in a way that you’d be manipulating women against their will. The so called “Bitch Shield” is what girls do when a guy approaches them. They do it in order to ‘shield’ themselves from bad choices and going the extra mile with a guy who is of low value. That’s their way of selection.

Remember, when you go out at night momentum is a must – move around inside the place, be lightning on your feet and  go from one place to another when you are finished. Don’t spend too much time in the venue but get the most out of it before you decide to leave. If you are going out solo you might want to use these tips which can boost your performance and help you get the most out of your night:

1. Show up late

Arrive around 12 or 1am so you can factor in for the lines you will be waiting for – if you are going to the right places there will be a lot of people that want to get in. You can chat around and if someone wants to know where your friends are you could say that they are inside. If you are having a great interraction with a girl in line you can try to move her immediately, to a less busy bar you can get into right away. Most times the group she is with will tag along but the more people you have the better party you can get, am I right? Ideally you should try and take only the target and say you will bring her back to the entrance of the club at the end of the night (although you will  most likely be going for the pull)


Do not spend much time at a venue, it is a better strategy to simply go in, make the approaches you can make while you are there and get right off to the next one. You may get lucky and get the girl at the first place, but dont be standing idle – be constantly moving. If you don’t plan on talking to someone or approaching any girl leave the venue and go to the next one.

3. Killer Instinct until close

From 1:00am until close you don’t need to take phone numbers you should just go for the pull. The reason you want to go at night at all is because you can get pulls fast, get numbers – taking girls out is what daygame is for. You made the effort to come here by yourself, you better go directly for sex.

4. 3am Street game victory lap

after the bars close you can view this time as daygame and approach sober girls like you would during the day, get the number and set up dates – these are usually 1-2 minute number closes. If there is attraction, you can talk longer, be very physical and this will often lead to the pull.

4. Be prepared for some unexpected changes in weather

The Netherlands might be small but it is also home to some of the most unexpected changes in weather. You could get some really unexpected shifts that might interrupt you in the middle of your game. This is why you want to plan out where to go, stay near cover and consider that you might have to call a cab no matter how close the place to crash with the girl you just met is. It will be better to have good logistics but if even in that case it rains on you – why not take a bath together, wink-wink.

Keep an umbrella handy, check the weather beforehand, and if you get caught unprepared you might as well dance in the rain with girls and use it to your advantage. According to locals the best time to visit the country is during the summer period, between May and September when the chance of good weather is the best.

5. Dutch girls are bored of Dutch guys

Something you can take advantage of is the fact that Dutch girls find Dutch guys a little… boring. If you really pay attention to what amuses them you might find that you can get some really good results just by being a little extra entertaining.

Because the Netherlands is a rather developed country, women there value what you accomplish in life. This means that if you are living according to your passion you’ll be extremely attractive for the locals. It might be a good idea to show them a little bit of what you do in your free time and tell them about your hobbies if the conversations need a little bit of an extra kick (those are perfect conversations for any date really. That’s because you can ask her about her hobbies).

And while we’re on the topic of hobbies, a great skill to learn is the ability to just make assumptions about the person you’re talking with. Say she’s telling you about her hobby of taking care about her flowers at home, you can just say something like:

“That’s nice, you must be very good with your hands then.”

That, with a smirk. It makes the conversation more engaging and gives her something to work with. Also, it puts her on the spot for a bit. All of this is great for conversations in general and more so conversations with girls.

Research shows that Dutch women desire their mates to be sensitive, kind, polite and least of all ‘macho’. Soo you wouldn’t benefit much from flexing on them and it would be much better to go about it in a more talkative and friendly manner.

That being said, don’t just be a nice guy either. Being a great person and not aggressive is the way to go, but you don’t want to leave everything to her (because she won’t do anything). Take the initiative and go for the kiss if she’s giving you positive signs. And be very careful about the shy girls (they won’t give too many signs). With them, you need to take the initiative faster because they’ll need your reassurance that you like them and will doubt themselves if you’re not taking action.

6. What are The best clubs and places for you to go?

Amsterdam is considered to be a very good place to stop by if you want to party – and is the home of some of the most beautiful women in the country. So why not go and explore the places there? Some of the places that might catch your eye and are worth going to are:

Jimmy Woo’s : This place was considered to be the most popular venue for years. Though that might be the case, there are still people that enjoy the parties thrown there. If RnB, Hip Hop, and Dancehall are your thing this is the place for you.  Door policy is strict, but with a good style and attitude they will let you in.

Air: One of the more popular clubs in Amsterdam. Sometimes there might not be a lot of English music playing but if you are with friends and you are in for a party you could still go there and have a great time.…re=related

Supperclub: “Supperclub is a restaurant, cocktail bar, club, gallery and experimental night life concept rolled into one. One thing is for sure – every single visit to Supperclub is an unique experience! Whether it’s the food, music, performances, staff or the guests themselves, at Supperclub every element is designed to stimulating your senses and creativity.” Why not! Have a look at their site at :…upperclub/

Panama: Cool place, but with a LESS strict door policy. They host a lot of different types of parties aswel so deffinately check out their Facebook for the dates of the upcoming events you might want to attend

Escape: Central to Amsterdam, one of the most popular clubs in the city. Here there are lots of tourists so it’s not uncommon for you to find many different kinds of girls. It can be a bit expensive, but you are in for a great trip right?

Paradiso: Near Leidsesquare is one of the best rated venues in the city – Paradiso. This is considered a place for smaller, but really good concerts and parties. Less posh and luxurous and more down to earth. So of course you might find a more chill atmosphere to chat up some ladies at this place.

So, now that we have armed you with all the necessary tools for your trip you can go out there and use them wisely. Have fun and don’t forget to drop my number off to some extra chicks you see at some of these clubs huh? That will be a good enough repayment for my services here. Thank you very much, haha.

Anyways, have a great time!

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