Could You Really Attract And Seduce Lithuanian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

The Baltics are an interesting place. Some call it the gateway between the west and the Eastern European countries, and that’d be correct actually. That’s because there you’ll see a lot of the two cultures combined. And that can be a good or bad thing.

But we’re here to talk about Lithuania in particular. And more specifically, about its women. And I’m glad to tell you, that there’s a TON to look forward to in Lithuania. Here’s a sneak peek:

Nice, ey? I know, I know. But before you go book your plane ticket and pack your stuff for a trip, let me tell you a few things. In this article you’ll find all the information you’ll need in order to attract and seduce the local gorgeous girls of Lithuania (hence the name, haha). And I’m writing this, because this task will not be done the same as in other countries.

Just read along and you’ll understand what I mean. And we’ll do this like so: First I’ll list all the key points I’m going to make. After that, I’ll go into detail. Sounds good? Let’s go:

  • Lithuanian Women Are Gorgeous And Intelligent
  • Lithuanian Girls Are A Bit Desperate (But Won’t Show It)
  • The Night Game Is Alright
  • The Day Game Is Great
  • Online Dating Is Amazing
  • A Great Tactic For Your Lithuanian Prospects
  • How To Prepare For Lithuania

Alright, with that out of the way, it’s time to get to the meat of the article. So, here goes:

1. Lithuanian Women Are Gorgeous And Intelligent

They are just simply amazing. You’ll see incredibly beautiful faces, bodies, and hair (yes hair!). What I mean is that Lithuanian girls take extraordinary care about themselves, especially the younger ones.

You’ll find yourself in an almost paradise-like place, full with gorgeous women that sport a nice amount of diversity. There are a ton of blondes, brunettes, and dark-haired women. There are also a few (very, very few) redheads too. The majority of women will have blue eyes or other light color.

And their bodies are not quite bad either. In fact, their bodies are actually incredible. As I’ve mentioned above, Lithuanian women take great care for their looks. This means going to the gym, eating healthy, and applying good makeup.

All this contributes to make Lithuanian girls incredibly good looking. There are some less perfect women here and there, obviously, but as a general rule of thumb, you’ll find yourself having a ton of choice as to which one to approach. And that’s a great thing… Or, sometimes not so much?

Here’s what I mean:

2. Lithuanian Girls Are A Bit Desperate (But Won’t Show It)

Remember how I mentioned that they take great care of their looks? Well, it’s for a reason.

See, the female to male ration in Lithuania is heavily one sided. There are just too many women and not enough men. This makes it so there’s a ton of competition between the girls. So much so that they’re a bit of desperate (more on that later).

This is great news for you since, you’ll find a lot less competition (maybe). The thing is that Lithuanian guys also take care about themselves. They eat healthily and go to the gym often. So, your competition may not be in high numbers, but most of them are of great quality. So, you’ll have to bring quality to the table too (this doesn’t mean that you need to look like a model – although it helps, obviously- it just means that you’ll need to be a great person and man, attractive and all… And since you’re reading this, you’ll be).

Still, since the numbers are heavily in men’s favor, there can be seen a ton of low quality men with stunner women in Lithuania. That’s just something that’ll happen.

Another bummer of the situation is that Lithuania is a much more ‘traditional’ culture. Meaning that people (and mostly girls) value monogamy more. This makes it harder and almost impossible to have a casual one night stand in Lithuania. It’s not impossible, but you’ll have much more success by building a connection with your prospects. And that’s exactly what I’ll recommend (and I’ll tell you more about it – and actually explain it in full – at the 6th point in this article).

Alright, so the Lithuanian women have it tough. They are a bit desperate. What’s the big deal?

Well, the thing is that they’ll first die before showing that they’re desperate. This means that they’ll usually play a bit hard to get. This coupled with the monogamous thinking and you’ll have a ton of rejections. Some due to the girl not being single, some due to her playing hard to get. And you’ll have to learn how to get past this.

Fortunately, since the numbers are in your favor, you just have to play the numbers game. Don’t be discouraged by rejections, approach more women and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

But let’s talk about the differences in game in Lithuania.

3. The Night Game Is Alright

Lithuanians usually go out at night to just have fun with their friends. They’ll often be in a group with their friends. On top of that, they’ll most likely not respond well to anyone trying to separate them, so that’s that.

That being said, it’s not totally impossible. The girls are actually very approachable and fun to spend time with, but as mentioned) they aren’t looking for a mysterious foreigner to take them on an adventure (and they are scared of judgement to death, so they’ll be quite hard to pull).

There’s also another problem, in low-end venues there may be a lot of gold digger Russian girls. You want to stay away from those, for obvious reasons, haha.

These two reasons make night game actually not optimal. My best advice is this:

First, bring a wingman. You’ll never ever see a girl alone. She’ll most definitely be there with her girlfriends, or boyfriend, or a mixed company.

Second, when you approach, keep it light and fun. You should be there to have fun, just like they are there to do that. Main goal should be fun, dance, drink, and approach if you want.

Third and last, go for a number close. If you have a great and fun night with a girl, get her number. That’ll probably be your best bet. Obviously if things are going great (maybe unexpectedly she’s alone or her friends have left her for some reason or something) you can escalate. But don’t escalate too much.

The thing is that in Lithuania, people don’t like public signs of affection that much. Remember, she doesn’t want to be seen as easy. I’ll cover this a bit more in depth later, but for now, that’s all for night game.

What about day game?

4. Day Game Is Great

Simply, Lithuanian girls are very open to being approached. As long as you’re not weird or creepy, you’ll probably have great success approaching during the day.

Again, remember it’s a number’s game, so even if a ton of girls have a boyfriend you’ll just have to push through and find the ones that don’t.

The great news is that you’ll get their numbers very easily. That’s because Lithuanian women give their numbers easily. And even if they don’t tell you about their boyfriend, you should screen for it. Ask something like: “You’re not married, are you?”

She’ll definitely tell you if she has a boyfriend after that. It’s a great way to screen for their availability. And you want to do that because you’re probably not getting much out of a date with a taken girl in Lithuania. It’s a waste of time if you’re looking for sexual partners.

Another great thing about day game is that you can (and should) push for an instant date. This means that you go on a date with the girl right then and there, when you meet. This is great because it’s very easy to pull off and instantly put you on a date with the girl (obviously).

This means that you’ll build more comfort with her from the get go and thus increase your chances exponentially.

But how do you do instant dates?

Well, if you see that the interaction after the initial approach is going great, you can tell her that you were just going to this coffee shop/park/whatever and if she’d like to join you and grab a coffee/walk around the park/whatever with you.

If the interaction was going great, and she’s free (which you should have screened for before asking) she’ll most likely agree. After that, you have yourself an instant date.

And in order to screen for her logistics at the moment, just ask her what she’s doing. If it’s something casual, like “walking around” or something, you know that she’s free and can spend time with you.

What I like to do is to just assume that she’s free. I’ll tell her: “So, you’re just walking around, right”. If she says yes, I know that she’s free. If not, she’ll explain what she’s doing and I’ll know for sure.

If you can’t get the instant date, go for the number. Another great thing to do is to just get the number and go on an instant date too.

What I like to do while getting the number is to propose a pseudo date right there and then. This way you’re getting her number for a reason (not just to have it, but rather to set up the plans). And after that I’ll just stay for a while in the conversation, screening for the instant date and doing that if there’s a possibility.

5. Online Dating Is Amazing

By far the most success you’re going to find with using online dating. This is because of a combination of factors.

For one, you can start matching with Lithuanian women a few weeks before you’ve even arrived. This way you’ll have a ton of prospects ready to go from day one, meaning you won’t have downtime and an adjustment period, you’ll get straight to the game.

Another great benefit of online dating is that because most Lithuanian girls are in relationships, you’ll have to weed them out a lot while doing day and night game. Not with online dating. Everyone there will be looking to hookup or for some sort of a relationship. This means that 100% of the women you find on Tinder or some other platform will be potential prospects for you.

Lastly, you can use online dating cleverly. You can name the girls you match your “tour guide” and go on a date with her where she shows you around. This way you’ll both go through some nice places and if she likes you she’ll even show you some of her favorite places. This builds great connection, thus increasing your chances with her exponentially.

Ooh, one last thing, contacting Lithuanian women before even arriving helps your game when you’re there too. See, you can ask her about the culture and to teach you a few words and phrases. This is great because of a few reasons which I’ll cover in the last point of this article.

For now, let’s get to the next point in which I’ll show you a step by step guide on how to hook up with Lithuanian girls:

6. A Great Tactic For Your Lithuanian Prospects

See, this tactic will help you a lot. In my opinion this is the best way to seduce Lithuanian women. It works great because it bypasses a lot of the common problems that may occur. So, let’s get into it:

  • First, you want to obviously approach the girl somehow, get a positive reaction and get her number.
  • After that you want to take her out on a date. It could be an instant date or set up for another time. A good first date would be walking around the city or something. If you can get her to show you around, that’s great (like I’ve mentioned above). If you’re already familiar with the city you can always just go to a park or something. Coffee is also a great date. You want to end this date on a high note. The best you can do is a goodbye kiss, so try making a positive impression, great connection and then seal it in with the kiss.
  • After that, you’re looking for another date. This time, you’ll want it to be at a later hour. Something like a late afternoon bar works great. Make sure it’s close to your location, just in case. The bar should be great because you can escalate a bit more there. A good idea is to dress great to make sure that other girls are looking at you, which she’s definitely going to see. Preselection is a powerful tool. Still, escalate a bit with physicality, but not too much (remember, Lithuanian people don’t like signs of public affection). Again, you want to end on a high note, if things are going really smooth you can invite her over to your place for wine or something (have something fun in your home). Alternatively, you can just end with a really passionate kissing.
  • Lastly, now you and the girl should be very close. It’s okay to invite her over to your place for dinner. Maybe you can show her your awesome cooking. Alternatively, you can just watch a movie or something. This is where you’ll get your bang. After the date at your place, you can grab breakfast with her if you want and feel like keeping her around for more. This will further build a ton of connection.

And that’s how you do it. Have fun. But before you leave, here’s the last point. I’ve got some extra tips for you to make sure you rock in Lithuania:

7. How To Prepare

Alright, well, first off: where do you want to go?

One of the best places in my opinion is Vilnius. Hands down a great city for game. Just try it out.

You also want to stay at a place that’s close to the center and all the main venues for logistical purposes.

Another great thing to do is learn a bit of the language. This way you can break the ice really well. Your pronunciation will also sound very funny, so that’s going to make her laugh. Also, it shows her that you care about your travel instead of going somewhere just to have sex.

On that topic, learn a bit about the culture. This way you appear to be multi-dimensional (again) and have another topic you can talk about.

And that’s pretty much it. With all this advice here you can go to Lithuania and start attracting and seducing its women. And the best: you’ll be well prepared for it.

Lastly, make sure you mention me to her girlfriends. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Have fun in Lithuania!

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