Could You Really Attract And Seduce Hungarian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

So, you’re planning your next trip and you notice that you’ve never been to Hungary. You decide that it’s going to be the next place and go online to find some information about the country.

Of course, you’re interested in the Hungarian women. And that’s why you’re here (I’m assuming). And since I’m here to tell you all about the amazing girls of Hungary, let’s not waste any more time and get to the point. And take a look at the point, I mean:

For this article, I’ll start by listing everything you’ll need to know about Hungarian women. After that, I’ll go into detail. So, without further ado:

  • Hungarian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous
  • Hungarian Girls Are The Friendliest Creatures On Earth
  • They Absolutely Love Foreigners (With a Few Exceptions)
  • The Nightlife Is Purely Awesome
  • A Word On Day Game And Online Dating
  • How To Prepare For Hungary

All right, with that done, the only thing left is to just break down all the information and go in depth. And let me tell you, after this article, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need in order to attract and seduce the beautiful Hungarian girls (just as promised by the title, haha). So, let’s get to it already:

1. Hungarian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous

The thing about Hungary is that its people are extremely diverse. And when it comes to the women, you’ll see pretty much a mix of every kind of white woman there is.

You’ll see plenty of blondes, redheads, brunettes, anything weird and different, and lastly (but definitely not least) a TON of black and dark haired girls.

That’s incredible if you’re a fan of something specific (although the majority of the women will be brunette/black haired) since you’ll most likely find it in Hungary.

And while diversity is nice and all, there are other beauty signs that people are looking for too. And men universally agree that the body type is something of importance. With that, I’m happy to tell you that you’ll absolutely love Hungary. That’s because its women offer some of the best bodies and physiques you’ll ever see. The average woman has a nice slim body, nice breasts, and a firm ass. It’s like a heaven. Obviously, there are other body types too. What I mean is that if you’re into curvy you’ll find it.

As a side note, there are also some unattractive and fat women occasionally, but that’s everywhere, so we’re not going to talk about it anymore.

Alright, and with the country full of gorgeous women, what else can I tell you about them? Well, how about this:

2. Hungarian Girls Are Among The Friendliest Creatures In The World

It just is like that. Their culture is incredibly friendly. They’ll never reject you in a harsh way. Only a polite “no” or something. Sadly, it stings a lot since they’ve been sooo friendly all throughout the interaction.

But how friendly are Hungarian women actually? Well, they’ll be incredibly happy all the time. They’ll most likely smile a lot. They will like it when you approach them and won’t push you away or give you crap about it. Also, they won’t feel as if something weird is going on, and it’ll show.

Basically, approaching Hungarian girls is an incredibly pleasant experience even if they are taken or not interested in you intimately.

On top of that, they’re very in tune with their sexuality. They’ll be happy to give you their number if they like you. Not only that, but they’ll be showing incredibly strong signs throughout the conversation. They also end their interactions with hugs and kisses on the cheeks (sometimes, and sometimes more).

Why they are so polite and friendly? I don’t really know. They just are. And it’s the most amazing thing in my humble opinion.

Trust me on this one, you’ll absolutely love Hungarian girls due to their friendliness alone. And if you don’t there’s probably something wrong with you.

Lastly, I think I should mention that there may be a lot of tourists like you in the country. Watch out for those, since they won’t be as friendly and polite as the locals. I’m mentioning this because it may happen and you won’t expect it.

But as much as you’ll love Hungarian girls, they may love you even more. That’s because:

3. Hungarian Women Absolutely Love Foreigners

With a few exceptions which I’ll mention later.

And this is as great news for you as any other. Because this means that you’ll most likely have an easier time with them, which is awesome. But, so will all other tourists like you.

Thankfully, you’ve got a leg up with this article and know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it (or well, you will have this advantage in a bit, haha).

So, all you have to do is put some more attention on yourself. First, dress better. There are tons of tourists that go to Hungary (or anywhere really) and just stop caring about their looks simply because they aren’t home. Don’t be that guy. Put on some nice fitting clothes, get yourself a stylish watch or some other accessories and don’t forget hygiene (Pleeeease don’t forget hygiene).

Do that and you’ll be miles ahead of the “competition”. But there are other things you can also do in order to appear more valuable than your peers. Here it is:

Adjust to the local life quickly. What I mean by that is to not drink a ton of alcohol, because (as I’ll tell you more in depth about later), nightlife is much, much longer here. Meaning that you’ll need some serious alcohol discipline.

That’s mostly because no woman likes a drunk guy approaching her with half assed pick-up lines, not really knowing how to walk properly (not to mention how alcohol makes your breath literally smell like garbage sometimes).

And while we’re on the topic of drinking, let me tell you why Hungarian women hate British guys. See, British men are infamous with their stag parties (and not only in Hungary, they’ve ruined a ton of European countries). Now, I’m sorry if you’re British yourself, but you have to acknowledge that your people are kind of the worst when it comes to tourism and stag parties over the weekend.

What I mean is that British guys would often gather and get cheap flights to some European country for the weekend just to go there and party. This has become the norm for them by now. But it’s had a HUGE impact on a lot of countries, Hungary included. See, those guys will get so drunk, they won’t even know how to breathe. All that early in the night. After that, they’ll go on to “pick-up” the local girls with bad puns and lines. It’s bordering on harassment sometimes.

Obviously, women won’t be flattered or enjoy this. Hence, why Hungarian women hate British guys. And if you’re British, first, don’t be like that when approaching. Then, if you’re comfortable with lying you can tell her you’re Australian or something. Alternatively, you can also just tell her the truth and try to explain that you’re not like the others.

In my opinion, the best way to do this is to just not tell where you’re from until she asks. That way she’ll have time to see how awesome and “not typically British” you are.

This actually goes for other tourists too. Don’t think that you’ll get easy numbers and pulls just for being foreign. Be a bit mysterious and let her guess where you’re from first. Keep the interaction going and later tell her where you’re from. It’ll be amazing, I promise.

But I think I’ve talked a TON on this topic. And since I’ve mentioned night game, I think it’s a great transition into the next section. Namely:

4. The Nightlife is Purely Awesome

Alright, so I mentioned how Hungarian nights out are longer. Well, in fact, they are waaaay longer.

See, a typical night out in Hungary starts at about 8-10pm. And where in places like America, that night will end at around 2am, in Hungary the clubs close at the late 4am. On top of that night bars and the such go open to as long as 6am. That’s a HUGE period of time during which you’ll need to give it your best not only with the girls but with the alcohol discipline.

In my opinion its best to not drink at all (I don’t), but that’s just silly to make people do. SO, in the case that you’re fine with a little alcohol and want to drink, well my suggestion is to be responsible (lol, I sound like my mother, haha) and disciplined.

What I mean is don’t get absolutely smashed/hammered early in the night. Instead, drink a bit throughout the night. Not enough to drop dead, but not as little as to not feel a thing, I guess.

But enough about bad drinking advice. We’re in the club because we want to have fun. And what better fun than hooking up with one of those gorgeous Hungarian girls over there at the bar?

Right, all you have to do is just go to her and approach her. My usual approach will be either direct or indirect, but always high energy. What I mean is that regardless of putting your cards out on the table immediately or not, it’s best to go in there with high energy. Just act like a person who’s having immense fun. Also, your first goal should be to make in fun for her and her group of friends (if she’s not alone).

And let’s talk about this. You want her to be alone with you at some point. So, approaching her while she’s alone is great (just don’t stalk her all night, waiting for her friends to leave her or something… that’s creepy and everyone knows, trust me… also, there’s a ton of guys doing/waiting for the same thing, don’t be like them). If, however she’s with friends and you decide to approach the whole group, you’ll need to “isolate” her at some point.

To do that, just make sure that her friends like you (it’s more important that her friends love you instead of her liking you). Obviously, you need to make her like you at least a little bit, but ultimately, in a group environment, the friends decide whether you two will be allowed some alone time or not. So, better get on their good side and make them like you.

After that, just excuse yourself and ask if you can “steal” her for a second (with a smirk, obviously). Alternatively, you can just make up any excuse if you’re not comfortable with such flirty techniques. Ask her out for a dance or a drink or something.

I’m going to assume that you’re not a complete fuckup when it comes to social interactions. So, just be normal while you’re with the girl. Flirt and when you feel it is the right time, kiss her. Obvious things like that, mainly.

Lastly, since the clubs close at 4, you don’t want to attempt to pull too early. Also, you don’t want to pull at 4 either. That’s because everyone will be trying to get out of the club and into the nearest junk food places, it’s going to be messy and not at all sexy (and you want the mood to be sexy when you’re pulling). Another thing is that you don’t want to wait up until the very morning either. There’s nothing sexy about the morning. The birds are chirping and the sun is coming up. It’s signaling everyone that it’s time for breakfast and a rest. Not a time for sleeping with that sexy stranger at all.

So, play your cards right and plan your night. My suggestion is that you attempt the pull at around 3:30am. Late enough that she’s not missing out on the party, and early enough for the other considerations just mentioned.

How to pull? Just try to get her to a different venue firs (maybe a bit earlier into the night) so that she’s comfortable with going places with you. Then maybe you can tell her about something interesting that’s in your apartment or propose to go for some wine or something (always have a good stock of drinks at your place).

But what about the daytime? Can you get girls then? Yes you can:

5. A Word On Day Game And Online Dating + How To Prepare For Hungary

I decided to put these 2 together.

Alright so, day game is quite easy. You just go up to the girl you like and approach her. I’d start with a simple “hi” and from there you can either go direct and tell her that you’re there because you liked her. Or, you can go indirect and ask her about something.

All in all, you’re aiming to spend some time with her and either go on an instant date where you go on a date right then and there) or get her number to plan a date later. That’s all.

For online dating, I actually suggest you use it a lot. One thing I love doing before all of my travels is to make online dating accounts for whatever popular platforms I find (for the country I’m travelling to) and use them a TON a week or two before even arriving there. This way I have some girls that I can hook up with immediately. Also, they can be my tour guides and show me around. Also, they can teach me a bit of the language, which is important because:

Learning even a bit of the language is a HUGE bonus. First, it shows that you care about the country (and its people). It also sets you apart from the other tourists because most have huge egos and don’t bother with the language (or the culture). So, you’ll have another leg up the competition. Lastly, your pronunciation will be incredibly bad, and that’s good because it’ll most likely make the locals laugh. Remember, it’s the intention that matters.

Another great thing to do before going is learning a bit about the culture. That way you’ll have some ready topics if you ever get stuck for words. Also, you can always ask the girl you’re with to tell you more about certain things or even if they are true. That’s a great way to make her talk and participate with something she’s confident in, in the conversation.

Aaanyways, that’s all about the article. I’m certain that if you master these things and prepare like I’ve just told you, you’ll have an incredibly easy time attracting and seducing the Hungarian women.

Lastly, I’d like to ask you for a favor. Simply spread the word about me to the girls you’re not interested in… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation and preselection am I right, haha.

Good luck and happy travels.

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