Meet & Date French Womens & Girls – How are they?

Could You Really Attract And Seduce A French Girl Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

France. A great place and it has some incredible sightseeing options. Not to mention that the French women are amazing too. I mean:

The thing is that French girls are among the hardest in the world (or at least that’s what most people think). And I don’t think there’s something like “the hardest women on Earth” , but French ladies aren’t an easy ride.

As such, you’ll need to be prepared. You can’t just go up to the next French woman you see and pick her up. You need some guidance. What to do and what NOT to do. And that’s exactly what you’ll be finding here now.

See, after this short article, you’ll know everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous French girls.

And we’ll do this like so: First, a list of all the topics that I’m going to cover. After the list… well, I’ll cover them one by one. Simple, really. So, without further ado, let’s just jump straight to the list:

  • French Women Are Gorgeous
  • French Girls Are Harder To Get
  • They Don’t Respond Well To Direct Game
  • They Don’t Go Out At Night A TON
  • What Can You Do To Prepare For French Girls

Alright, that should be it. Now, I’m brimming with excitement, so let’s just go to the first topic and discuss it already. Here goes:


1. French Women Are Gorgeous

And it’s not far-fetched at all. Just look at some photos of French girls and you’ll definitely see what I’m talking about.

The trick is that they have really high standards about how and what a person should look and feel like. The thing is, even though they have these high standards, they don’t really try. It all comes natural to them. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why they pull it off.

Most French women don’t really care about the calories they are eating, or dieting. Yet they manage to pull a really slim and sexy body. On the other hand, they rarely wear a TON of makeup. Most likely you’ll be seeing a lot of women with just a bit of lipstick or maybe even some eye liner or eye shadow. That’s all. Nothing over the top.

And it just works brilliantly for them.

BUT… While that is the case, don’t hesitate to give them a compliment if you really admire something. It won’t be a comment without weight because they (like all women on Earth, obviously) like feeling pretty/beautiful. One thing to remember though: Do NOT go over the top with compliments or just don’t make a ton of them. It can get pretty repetitive and not genuine over time. Plus, they really don’t like that (more about this later).

But that’s pretty much what I’ve wanted to say about this point. French women usually look great. And that’s amazing.

On to the next topic:

2. French Girls Are Harder To Get

It’s not like they deliberately play hard to get (well, most do, but hey … who doesn’t nowadays?), it’s just that Dating in France is a bit different.

French people put a TON of value onto being perfect. They are just perfectionists. And French women, being the perfectionists they are, well, they don’t want to settle for anything that’s below the best they can get. And that’s including men.

You see, French girls will not sweat about love or romance. They’ll just go about their lives because they are perfect. And being perfect means that they don’t need to look for love, it will find them. And it will be perfect (obviously).

Now, most women around the world don’t “actively” go out of their way to find men. Usually it’s our job to approach those who we like. And that’s great, I’m all for it. The thing is that usually, with girls from pretty much everywhere, you’ll be given a sign.

Usually a girl will lock eye contact with you (mostly by mistake) but decide that she likes you and just smile. Then she quickly looks away, but that’s enough… You’ve been given a sign and it’s up to you to go up to her.

Not the case with French women.

I mean, it could happen, but most of the times she won’t give you anything solid to go off of. She may just lock eye contact with you for a second or two. And that’s IT… Nothing more for the rest of the night. You’ll never know until you go up to her, approach her, and try.

And that’s not a bad thing either, because 9/10 times, she doesn’t really know if she likes you or not. And she doesn’t want to decide either. Remember, in her head, she is perfect, so she’ll meet the perfect guy almost in a magical-like manner… If that’s the case, she doesn’t have to care if the guy over there is him, she’ll know when she knows. That’s that.

But what should you do?

Well, just go up to her and approach her. Sounds easy, but how exactly do you do it?

Well, there’s a way (and I’ll talk about it in a bit), but before that I’d like to take the smooth transition and tell you how NOT to do it:

3. French Women Don’t Respond Well To Direct Game

This means that they basically don’t like to openly flirt around. And they won’t like you if you make your intentions clear at the start (or pretty fast).

What do I mean by that?

Well, remember how I told you that they think they are perfect and are waiting for the perfect guy. I also told you that they don’t really settle for anything below “the best”.

Well, “the best” guy won’t really be into them from the start. Simply put, because their egos are sooo high, you’ll need to lower them down a bit before they realize what’s happening.

Also, because French guys are the same as the women (they don’t want to settle for less). They’ll often also not approach directly. As such, the girl will just feel it’s weird if you go direct from the start. So, just go indirect.

Let’s take a situation in which you should approach a girl. In my opinion, the best you can do is day game. That means you approach a girl during the day outside (maybe on the street, park, mall, shop, etc.). Best places would be a mall or a clothing store, but any shop will do the job really.

 SO, you’re at the clothing store and you see a cute French girl. You go up to her and you approach her. INDIRECTLY.

This means asking her a question that makes sense and that’s not putting your intentions on the front page. For the record, your intentions shouldn’t be really that much for a girl you’ve just seen (not even met before), so this shouldn’t be hard.

Just make an observation and either say something like this:

“You have the exact same waistline as my sister, could you tell me your number because I’m looking to get something for her but I forget it (the number)?”

Or maybe something like:

“I’m looking for a good gift for my sister. You look her age, what would you recommend? I’m thinking about this and that…”

Now, you can make a TON of different observations, I’m just showing you the easiest ones that I’ve used (and a ton of people also use these, sooo make up your own, it’s not crucial, but may go a looong way). The point is to just go up to her and start a conversation about something.

And after it’s started, you’ll want to try to keep it up. Maybe ask follow-up questions and try to get something from her answers. You know, how normal conversation works: I ask you something and when you answer, I get reminded about something else… So, I comment about it. Or maybe with your answer you reveal something interesting about yourself, so naturally, I ask about that.

Just make conversation. Your goal from the interaction should be for it to look and feel like “It just happened”. A random conversation.

And at some point, just logically get her number. What I mean about that is maybe you invite her for a coffee or something… Or maybe you say that she “looks cool” and that you should “hang out”.

Beware of that last one because it’s showing interest. She may be turned off by that (as we’ve mentioned before, you don’t want to be direct).

But if you’re avoiding being direct and showing your intentions… How do you get things further? How do you get her on a date and what do you do after?

Well, the easiest, and best way (in my opinion) is through qualifying and disqualifying her.

To do that is really easy. Qualifying basically means that you’re trying to see if she’s good enough for you. On the flip side she can be qualifying herself to you… This means that she’s trying to appeal to you, to make you realize that she’s good enough for you (that’s a great thing to happen).

Disqualifying, on the other hand, is the act of pushing her away slightly, when she’s showing traits of something you dislike. You can disqualify her (“Ooh, I only like girls who work out). OR you can disqualify your relationship (“Me and you, it’s never going to work out, for this and this reasons”).

Both of these methods are your friends. And you should use them a lot, everywhere. And even more so with French girls.

Why? Imagine it like this:

You just met her. You’ve approached her and now you’re having a conversation. Well, you both are aware that dating is on the table, but none of you want to seem desperate. Nor do you want to show signs of interest because that’s not how it works in France.

So, you ask her a simple question: “Do you work out?” for example.

If she responds with “yes”, you say: “That’s cool, I love working out and people who take care about their bodies”. You’ve given her a positive response. You even complimented her (not directly though). That’s great and she likes you that much more, not because you’ve just said something nice, but because you two also have something in common now.

On the other hand, if she says “no, I don’t work out”… Well, now you can disqualify her: “Ohh, that’s a bummer. Working out is great.” Now, that’s a bit more negative. And you’re not complimenting her at all. In fact, from the tone, is sounds like you’re condemning her a bit.

With time, she’ll start to pick up these “signs”. She’ll realize that you’re picky about the people around you. This means that you’re of high value because being around you isn’t a “free entry”. Only cool people get to be around you. And she wants to be cool (remember she thinks she’s perfect). So, apparently she has to be around you now. She has to qualify herself to you enough, so that you let her be one of those cool people around you.

That’s awesome! And that’s exactly what you want.

Disqualifying is the same, but backwards. If she says/does something you dislike, just comment on it. Or if you want to disqualify the relationship or something else, just logically fit it in there. For example if you’ve been talking for a while (maybe you’re on a date, so the atmosphere is like you’re dating, kind of… I mean, the tone is that you’re into each other), well, say something like: “Wait, you can’t cook? That’s a deal breaker for me. We can’t really make this work.”

Just be very mindful about these, because she can easily flip the script and give you a shit test when you say them. In that case, just pass the test and say no more. So, if she starts challenging you for some reason, either take what she’s arguing and exaggerate it a TON, or flip the script on her.

Aaanyways, that’s pretty much everything on this topic. Let’s just go to the next one:

4. French Girls Don’t Go Out A Lot

They just don’t. Maybe it’s because clubbing is more on the expensive side of things. Or maybe because they don’t really enjoy drinking that much (they’ll mostly go to dance and have fun, but drinking is a huge part of going out, sooo…).

Whatever the case, you’ll find much more guys out in the club than girls. This means more competition and less actual potential. That’s obviously bad.

Now, I’m not saying to avoid night game and never go out in France. But just don’t get your hopes up high and if you’re doing day game, you’ll probably get better results.

So, that’s that. Not much to say about it. Let’s finish up with the last point I want to talk about:

5. What Can You Do To Prepare?

One of the most crucial things is to learn a bit of French. You’ll go miles above the rest if you learn even a bit of the language (and this goes for every country you’re travelling to). This makes you stand apart from the other lazy tourists. AND it makes for a great conversation (because your French won’t be perfect and it will sound funny).

Another thing: learn a bit about the culture. This guide is focused on the women mainly, but learning a bit about the French culture can go a looong way. It can be a topic for conversation, or something to simply fill in the gaps of one. You can also question her on it, and it will show that you’re not just a tourist who comes sightseeing, you actually care to learn more. And that’s attractive.

Lastly, do some online dating before arriving in France.

That way, you’ll have some matches and possibly some dates from day 1. That’s great to get you started right away. And you won’t miss out on any day where you have nothing to do.

And that’s about it for the guide.

With all of this, you’re now ready to go to France and start attracting and seducing all those gorgeous French girls. Just remember to be more indirect and play your cards right.

Lastly, when you’ve gotten together with a French woman, don’t forget to put a word out for me to her girlfriends and all… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Aaanyways, good luck in France!

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