Could You Really Attract German Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract German Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

A trip to Germany? I actually envy you. You see, Germany is an incredible country that has some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Don’t believe me? How about now:

 Ahh… The thing is that the German culture is incredibly unique. You won’t have much luck if you’re playing like you do elsewhere. You’ll need guidance. And that’s exactly what I’m here for. After this short article you’ll know everything you need in order to attract and seduce those incredible German girls.

And to make it easier on you, I have a system. See firstly, I’ll write a list of all the topics I’m going to discuss. After that I’ll go into detail, giving you the juicy information. I believe that this way you’ll have the best understanding of German girls in the end.

And without further ado, let’s start with the list:

  • German Women Are Incredibly Beautiful
  • German Girls Are Very Easy To Approach
  • Your Competition Isn’t The Scariest
  • German Women Are Usually Cold
  • German Girls Are Looking For A Masculine Man
  • How To Prepare For Germany

Alright, and that’s that.

Now that we’re over with the list, let’s just get straight to the first point and teach you what you’re here for.

1. German Women Are Incredibly Beautiful

 There’s just something about blue-eyed blondes that makes the whole male population of the world go insane. I don’t know what it is, you probably don’t know either. But whatever it is, we just know we like it.

And there’s no issue with it, really (well, except losing our minds when we see a beautiful woman with blue eyes and blonde hair). And that’s the usual image in Germany. It’s like a heaven.

So, we concluded that German girls are gorgeous because most of them have blue eyes and blonde hair. Well, there’s more… They have beautiful faces too (Since they are really cute). On top of that, they have incredibly sexy and petite bodies.

It’s just… Germany is incredible. I have nothing more to add, on to the next point that I’m going to talk about:

2. German Girls Are Very Easy To Approach

 It’s true. Approaching a German woman is usually not hard at all. Although most people paint Germans as cold people (which is right, but not in the way you think … We’ll talk more about it later), it’s the way you approach that matters.

And how you want to approach is directly. Using a direct opener is your best (and probably only) bet. The reason is because Germans are very straightforward people. The don’t like beating around the bush and playing games.

So, if you go to a girl in Germany and try to approach her with an indirect opener (like asking for the time or something else), she’ll help you out (if you asked for help or something) and that’ll be that. She’ll not even have a slight thought that you may be interested in her.

In that spirit, you want to just go up to the girl and start directly. Compliment her on something you find incredible about her (most likely her looks because she’ll most likely be stunning, haha). And just start making conversation.

And while on the topic of conversation, don’t do small talk. Take the lead and be masculine (we’ll cover that later too). Qualify her, disqualify her, get her number… Things like that.

Let me tell you exactly what I mean:

Basically, you want to look for more reasons to like her (while also appearing as a high value man, so she’ll also like you). You do that by, obviously, asking her what kind of person she is. Ask her about things you’re truly interested in.

For example, maybe you like girls who can cook or are independent and live alone. Then ask those questions. And if she tells you that she likes cooking too then reward her with something like: “That’s great! I admire women who know how to cook. You’re even more awesome than I thought, haha.”

On the other hand, if she doesn’t cook, you can disqualify her or a possible relationship, like so: “What? You don’t cook? I’m sorry, we have to break up.” OR “That’s unfortunate, I was starting to like you.”

 Those things are qualification and disqualification. And they are great. Why? Well, because you get the girl thinking if she’d want to be with you. See, you’re coming from the frame of “I’m awesome, and you’re chasing me”. She can either decide to play along and chase you, test you to see if you’re really that guy, OR she can leave if she’s not interested.

The last situation we don’t count because it doesn’t really matter. If she doesn’t like you, she doesn’t like you. It’s not going to happen usually (if you play your cards right) and you can’t really do much about it.

So, if she plays along with the frame, that’s great. She’ll be trying to prove herself to you and chase you. That’s great since it completely switches the game from her having the power, to you having it.

On the other hand, if she chooses to test you and combat your frame… Well, that’s also great. See, this means that she’s interested. And if you happen to be the man you’re portraying yourself as, she’ll like you. Simply pass her tests. Never lose the frame that she’s chasing you and you’ll be fine. With time, she’ll get around and play along.

In any case, it’s important to keep a balance of qualification and disqualification. That’s because when you qualify her, you give away some power, and when you disqualify you take power away from her. If you give her too much power, there comes a time when she’s actually a prize for you and no the other way around. On the other hand, if you only disqualify and take away too much power, she’ll feel like she’s worthless to you and decide that you’re just too good for her and she can never have you. So, she’ll leave.

So, you need to keep a balance.

That’s pretty much everything about qualification and disqualification, but I’m getting sidetracked… There’s one more reason why it’s very easy to approach German girls. And that is:

3. Your Competition Isn’t The Scariest

 Actually, very far from scary. See, German guys are usually very shy. Most of the won’t really have the guts to approach a good-looking woman. So, they settle for the average ones. That’s great news for you.

See, since German guys won’t approach the most gorgeous women, those women will be lonely. They’ll never have a masculine man go up to them and pick them up. And just walking up to them and approaching will set you apart from the vast majority of the other guys.

That’s great and you should definitely utilize it. Basically, just go and approach that cute German girl over there. Do the things like normally and everything will be fine. Ignore the fact that German men are usually shy, it’s just a nice bonus. But yeah, that’s that.

But there’s another thing that needs mentioning while we’re talking about the bad competition. See, since German men won’t usually approach the hottest women, they’ll settle for the average ones. This means that average German women will have a TON of choice. Meaning that they’ll become much more self-entitled and nasty.

Basically, being surrounded by an endless stream of men will make you cocky (if you’re a woman). But since those men aren’t quality mates (shy and stuff) you’ll never feel adequate. Which makes most of the women frustrated and bitchy.

So, as a general rule of thumb, stay away from German girls that aren’t pretty, or even if they are just average… You’re much better off going for the best looking women in Germany (for obvious reasons, haha).

4. German Women Are Usually Cold

 Well, we’ve covered pretty much the essential things that I wanted to say. But let’s talk about something that might become a problem.

See, Germans are usually cold, it’s in their culture. And that’s fine, they aren’t bad people, they are just more reserved.

This doesn’t mean that women will reject you brutally and humiliate you in front of everyone. It means that when you compliment them, they’ll feel a bit inadequate for example.

They’ll definitely appreciate it and like you for it, but don’t expect them to weep of joy after hearing a compliment. That’s just how things are. Instead of waiting for a reaction, just assume that she likes you and go from there (remember the frame: she’s chasing you).

During your whole interaction with the girl, your goal should be to crack up her cold shell. So, just keep going strong and keeping things light and funny. If you get her to smile or even laugh, she’s pretty much yours at that point.

And while we’re on this topic, let’s talk about dating. See, dating isn’t like everywhere else. That’s exactly because German women will be more cold and reserved. Usually when a German man and a woman go on a date, she’ll talk very little. On top of that, it’ll feel almost like an interview. He’ll be asking her questions like: “What do you do for a living?” OR “Where do you study?” OR “What are your plans after the college/university?”

Basically, it’ll be very boring. And that’s exactly what you want to avoid. Sadly, all German girls will expect that, so you just need to change it up. You can even tell her from the beginning that this isn’t going to be a typical “interview” date. That you want to know the real her and what her passions are.

What you basically want to do is ask her more interesting questions. And also ones that she can’t just say one word as a response. Ask her to tell you about her passions, how she feels when doing something she loves, etc. But don’t just ask (that’s interviewing) LIVE those things with her. When she tells you that she’s passionate about art, make a statement. Say something like: “Ohh, art… I love it. You must feel incredibly light while you paint. I imagine it being like something you just do, without thinking. Just being in the moment.”

That’s what makes a conversation interesting. And she’ll love you for this. I guarantee that you’ll have an incredible date and that the girl will like you even more afterwards.

 Lastly, let’s talk about physicality. I’ve already said that Germans are cold a TON of times (this will be the last time, I promise… maybe). This also means that they aren’t very touchy. This doesn’t mean that she’ll be mad if you touch her. Definitely escalate physically on her. But you need to be aware that she’ll most likely NOT know how to respond adequately. She’ll most likely look at you weird and feel a bit inadequate. But she’ll like it (if it’s within reason).

So, don’t be afraid to hug the girl after you’ve gotten her number or after the date. Don’t be afraid to tap her arm while you’re talking to her. Don’t be afraid to playfully push her when you’re joking.

She may not give out the appropriate expression and reaction most of the time, but she’s enjoying it.

And that’s because German women (and all women really) are:

5. German Girls Are Looking For A Masculine Man

 Well, obviously, but as I’ve said, most German guys aren’t very masculine (sorry German guys).

She’ll be incredibly attracted if you lead her, the conversation, and the whole interaction in general. So, just trust me on it and do it. Keep your frame and act like a masculine man would. She won’t be able to resist you, I promise.

But that’s about it… Short point, I know, haha. And this article is almost done. Let’s just go to the last topic, shall we?

6. How To Prepare For Germany?

 There are three things that I do every time I travel to a different country. And those things will make things sooo much easier for you.

  • Online Dating – Make profiles on the most popular online dating platforms and start matching with women a week or two before you’ve even arrived. That way you’ll hopefully have dates from day 1, meaning that there won’t be any downtime for you. You’ll also have the benefit of maybe making some longer term relationships and those girls can help you around the new place.
  • Learning a bit of the language – Learning German is a pain in the ass (in my opinion). I just never could grasp in in high school, haha. But you don’t need to be fluent in German to have a bit of fun. Just learn a few lines. It can be something you find funny or not, doesn’t matter. It’ll make for a great ice breaker and it’ll most likely sound very weird and funny to the girls you approach, so you’ll have that going for you too.
  • Learning a bit about the culture – Cultural differences are incredibly interesting most of the time anyway. Digging up some weird traditions and rituals may not only prove fun for you, it will make you stand out from the other tourists. See, talking about the culture will make you seem like you care (you should) about the place where you’re travelling to. Also, it makes for great conversations. You can either discuss things you know with the women you’re with, and after that, you can ask her to tell you more.

 And that’s all for this article. Right now, you know everything you’ll need for your travels to Germany if you’re looking to attract and seduce those gorgeous German blondes.

Aaanyways, just remember to put a word out for me when you hook up with all the girls thanks to me. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right, haha.

Good luck.

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