16 + One Weird Places Where You Can Meet Up & Pick Up Women

Let’s be honest, you’re most likely already visiting your closest bars and clubs regularly. Chatting up women there in hopes of picking them up and bringing them back home (or on a date)… And that’s exactly what you should continue doing. It’s one of the best ways to meet women and if you’re not doing that, you’re losing out on too many opportunities (just do it).

But everyone goes to bars and clubs to pick up girls. There’s no real mystery to it anymore. Most of the times, a girl at the bar will have tens and even hundreds of men come and go all night, trying to chat her up. So that means that the competition is fierce. Not only that, but sometimes the girl you’re interested in is in a group with her girlfriends (or worse, with other guys). That’s another story in itself, but it’s safe to say that bars and clubs, although great places to meet and pick up girls, are not the only options (and not the easiest options at that).

That’s why in this article we’re going to cover 16 + one unorthodox or weird places where you can meet up with and pick up women. We’re going to do this in a list format, listing one place after the other and explaining briefly the advantages, disadvantages, and other notes on the place.

But let’s not waste any more time and get straight to it, shall we?

1. Coffee Shops

The great thing about coffee shops is that nowadays people go there to study and work. This makes coffee shops a great place to meet women because you’ll have a ton of prospects, sitting there for hours on end, doing something mostly boring.

And the best part is that you can use her drink, or something else you notice like an opener. Nothing over the top needed.

In fact, writing this article from my local coffee shop and looking around, there are at least 3 girls that I’m going to pick up after I’m done writing. So just go grab a cup of coffee (or tea if you’re like me) and pick up some girls working on their college project or whatever.

2. Libraries

Pretty much the same deal. Libraries are subjectively even better for that purpose because it’s very quiet there and not many people are densely populating the area. But still, same thing as coffee shops applies: it’s a place where people go a lot, you’re set up with great openers about books, and you have something to talk about that you two have in common (books).

I remember back in University, I’d love going to the library to grab some books for my course… And obviously meet and pick up the occasional gorgeous girl I’d run into. Talk about two birds with one stone.

3. Book Stores

Much like Libraries, book stores share pretty much the same qualities. So much so, that some book stores opt into being libraries too (and vice versa). There are some differences though.

For one, people go to book stores for different reasons. You go to the library to get books to read and read them there. On the other hand, you go to book stores to buy books to read at home (or at a coffee shop, waiting for a cool guy to pick you up, haha). Usually you spend much more time in a library, so as a man, your approach should be a bit different.

Again, your opener can be about books, but in a book store you have the option of going on an instant date. Just pick up the girl and if things are going swimmingly, ask her what she’s up to right now and invite her to go for a walk or to coffee right then and there.

4. Art Museums / Galleries etc.

Museums are great if you’re looking for a more sophisticated girl. And even if you’re indifferent, they are still amazing for picking up women.

Just like the previous examples, you have a built in opener in literally anything around you. Talk about the art, talk about the artists, talk about your interest in art (or hers)… There’s tons to talk about. So much so, that I’d advise against using these topics more than once or twice for every girl. That’s because you need to transition to something more personal sooner or later (talking about your mutual interest in art can be the gateway).

5. Public Sculptures

While we’re on the artsy topic, let’s talk about statues and public sculptures. These are great. Period.

Not only do you have the exact same benefits you have in art museums, but you’re looking at a much larger target audience (let’s be honest, not all women go to galleries… most are strolling through the park and walking by sculptures though).

Speaking of which:

6. Public Parks

Again, there are TONS of people strolling around parks. There are even a bunch of people just sitting down, having a picnic, reading, or doing whatever. There are huge possibilities with this one.

The opener, again, can be anything you notice about her or the environment around you. So that’s not a hard task. And if you’re troubled by the people walking by… Don’t be, nobody knows you, or the person you’re talking to. For all they know, you two are friends who saw each other and are chatting about stuff friends usually talk about.

7. City Fairs

I’m talking about food fairs, book fairs, and other similar events. In my city for example, we have an annual book fair where the main walking street gets covered by tents, where people sell books.

Apart from the interesting books you can find there, it’s a great place for me to find and pick up tons of girls (and I have done so with much success over the years).

Just try it out for yourself. Keep an ear out for similar large events and just go there. Usually you have a few days and you’ll meet too many girls (I can’t keep track of the numbers I’m getting every time).

8. The Workplace / Colleges and Universities

I’m not talking about your workplace (because that can cause some problems down the line)… Also, some smaller colleges can be a bad target for this too.

What I mean by this is you’d like to visit other people’s workplaces or universities.

For universities, that’s easy, just go into the campus and pick up girls there (or in the library).

For workplaces, you obviously can’t just go into an office and start chatting up women there. What you CAN do is find out about places where people from other workplaces go during their breaks.

An example of that would be a smoking area… Even if you’re not a smoker yourself, you can go accompany your colleague and they’ll obviously know most of the people there, so they can introduce you.

9. Office / College Parties

Speaking of the workplace or the study place… Office and college parties. Again, you aren’t looking to go to your own workplace’s party because it’ll be boring (people tend to talk about work there too, because they are with their colleagues…

GO to other people’s office parties… You’ll be the most interesting person, because you won’t be talking about the work, and that instantly gets you a TON of bonus points. Everything that’ll get that cute girl’s mind off of work while on a party is great.

For colleges and universities, well… If you’ve been to a college party, you probably already know what I’m talking about… If you’re about to be going to college or university… Trust me.. It’s amazing!

10. Women’s wear stores

This one is a favorite of mine. I honestly don’t understand why most men don’t do this (maybe because they don’t wear women’s clothes).

But that’s not the point. You could be there “shopping for your sister’s birthday” or something. It’s incredibly easy to strike up a conversation using an opener like that and you literally can’t go wrong with it.

Nobody will think you’re shopping for yourself (because it’s obvious that you’re not), so that’s NOT a valid excuse. Just go and try it out. I promise you’ll find great results.

Alright, we’re almost at the end of the article (there are just 6 places left). Why I’m breaking things here is due to the reason that the following 6 places are a bit different in one aspect.

See, up until now, visiting all the listed places, you can easily get the girl into a one on one situation. That makes those places “low risk”. The difference with the following is that they’re higher risk, meaning you’ll be put in situations where you’re with multiple people for an extended period of time, unable to just be one on one with the girl you’re going for.

That’s it, I just wanted to point that out as a disclaimer. Anyways, let’s get back to the list:

11. Public Transport

Busses, Trains, other stations… Pretty much every public transport you can find works great.

The idea is that people are using it to get somewhere, and while they’re using it, they are not doing anything really, so an approach is natural.

The problem, as mentioned above, is that there are many people in there and it’ll be hard to make it seem like a situation where two friends have randomly met. So you’ll need to deal with the pressure of being in the center of attention.

Don’t worry… Nobody is thinking badly of you. Everyone is constantly in their head, thinking about how others perceive them, so nobody is perceiving anyone else on purpose. Keep that in mind and you don’t really have anything to worry about.

12. Grocery Stores

Not as densely populated as public transport (unless there’s a sale or the store is one of very few stores around) but still, it’s not a place you usually go and see men picking up women. And that’s where the magic comes from usually with these places… It’s unorthodox and mysterious, so it’s exciting for the girl.

I can tell you I’ve found a fair share of gorgeous women doing groceries (because everyone needs to buy eggs and milk, right). So it’s just a place that nobody thinks about, which makes it ideal.

13. Waiting in Line

Post Offices, Delivery Offices, pretty much anywhere where people waiting line for a service.

Since they’re just there, waiting, they’ll be there for a long time, so that’s something working in your favor. What’s more, they’re just bored because there’s nothing interesting to do, so you’re looking at an audience who’ll be entertained by pretty much anything and everything.

There’s no pressure on you to come up with anything grandiose, just the pressure of other people being there, listening on your conversation… Because they have nothing better to do.

14. Hotel Lobbies

Who goes to hotels? Tourists.

What do tourists do in your country? They are on a vacation.

What does that mean? They have free time and are actively looking for fun.

So, hotel lobbies are a great place to visit exotic people who are down for an adventure. These places are usually packed with people waiting for staff or someone else, so it’s very easy for you to come and chat up that cute girl about your country, her country, languages, etc.

15. Campaigning and Volunteering Work

If you believe that something needs to change, or you’re just interested in helping out your local community, then this is a great opportunity.

Firstly, there are tons of women who are into these sorts of things. And secondly, you’ll already have something in common.

This makes the conversation start easy and intuitive, no pressure on you to think of something.

The only problem is that you can’t just go do volunteering work to pick up girls… You need to do the actual work too. But again, if that’s your thing, totally go for it.

16. Networking Events

This is the last unorthodox place in this article. It’s much like office parties, except instead of getting drunk, you’re there to make business partners.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make personal partners there too.

The opportunities are great here, because people are already there to meet new people, so you have an easy approach on your hands. Just remember to not only talk about business, or you’ll probably make the girl think you’re just interested in doing business.

17. Online Dating

Ahh, meeting women Online. You probably didn’t expect this to be here (since it’s not very unorthodox or weird… or an actual place you can physically visit, haha) but the truth is that I’d be lying if I said that Online Dating isn’t an amazing way to pick up women.

Just think about it: It’s an almost infinite supply of women who are interested in some sort of connection with men. And your “matches” indicate that both of you like each other in some way or shape. On top of that, all you’re doing is spending a few minutes every day on your phone (if you tell me that’s too much you’re lying to me and to yourself… Cut 1 YouTube video or something, you addict).

And there you have it. 16 + one unorthodox or weird places where you can meet up with and pick up women. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you can skip on bars, clubs and the usual places. Just add these as a bonus.

One last thing to note is that you can meet a girl pretty much anywhere and it’ll still be fine. This list is just some of the most common places where I keep my eyes out for potential hookups.

Anyways, good luck with the women you’re interested in and I hope to see you in the next article, cya.

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