Meet & Date Australian Women & Girls – How are they?


Could You Really Attract Australian Women & Girls Without Much Effort? 

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

So, Australia, eh? I can say that without a doubt I support your decision of visiting this awesome country 100%. Not only is it a great place to go and just look around. It’s also rich with incredibly gorgeous women. I mean, just take a look at this, there’s no argument against:

Truly marvelous.

And now that I’ve got your attention. I’d like to push your enthusiasm back a notch. Because you won’t find much success in Australia unless you do the right things.

That’s why we’re here though. In this short article I’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce a hot Aussie girl. First, I’ll list all the points I’m going to talk about. After that … well, I’ll talk about them. In detail.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight to the list:

  • Australian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous
  • Australian Girls Have Very High Standards (Usually)
  • Most Of Them Are Feminists
  • They Are Much More Open To Dating In General
  • There Are Certain Cities That Are Better
  • How To Prepare For Australia

Alright, that’s out of the way now. And since I’m sure that you’re dying to learn more, let’s just get to it, starting with:

1. Australian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous

They are just stunning. It’s a combination of the mostly hot weather and the fact that Australia is an advanced country.

I mean, most people who live in Australia are financially stable and this makes girls have sort of a stability, allowing them to focus on other things (such as their looks). Another factor for the beauty of the average Australian girl is that they love to feel attractive.

It also helps that there are more women than men in Australia in general. This means that there’s more competition among the women and thus, a desire to be more desirable, haha.

Another thing I just want to mention is the accent. Now, this is a personal preference, but in my humble opinion, the Australian accent is purely incredible. I absolutely love it. And if you are the same as me, you’ll love it too. So that alone is a reason to go and visit Australia already.

But what can be said about those beautiful Australian women?

2. Australian Girls Have Very High Standards (Usually)

Now, I know I’m contradicting myself a bit when earlier I mentioned that “there are more Australian women than men”. I mean, it would make it easier for men there if that’s the case, right?

Well, yes, obviously, but there’s a problem too. See, Aussie girls have very-very high standards when it comes to men and dating. They are looking for the ‘perfect man’ and frankly, wouldn’t settle for anything less.

This creates even more scarcity among them and even more competition for those ‘high-value men’, so if you possess the qualities that all Australian women desire, you’ll have an even easier time. And what are those, you may ask? Simply being tall, handsome, and successful (generic, I know. But it is how it is).

This isn’t to discourage the not so blessed men who are reading this though. Read along and you’ll later find that there are some things you can do (and more importantly, some places you can go) that will make things easier for you (and me, since I’m not particularly tall myself, sadly).

“Girls having high standards actually sucks!” – you may be wondering. And you’re right, it’s very unfortunate that women would look at something superficial such as looks and class. Especially since almost everywhere else, that’s not the case.

But that’s alright. There’s no point in crying about it. Instead, it’s better to work on yourself and improve.

Still, for the sake of completeness (and because it makes for a great transition), I’d like to talk about why do Australian girls have such high standards… And one of the answers is undoubtedly because:

3. Most Australian Women Are Feminists

Come to think of it, it’s obvious when you mention it. Of course they’ll be looking for the “best of the best” in men. Especially if they are so self-entitled.

Don’t get me wrong, feminism isn’t a bad thing. I’m all for equal rights among genders. The thing is that nowadays feminism is taken a tad too far. It’s no longer about equal rights, it’s about oppressing men (as stupid as it sounds). But I’m sure you know that there are women out there that fell justified in their actions (clearly inhumane) against men. ONLY because the past has been unequal for women (still is in some places, but not as severe as like, 100 years ago for example).

And, you may think I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that it’s fair to condemn men who haven’t even existed (because, you know, people aren’t immortal) in the past and can’t possibly change what happened. Equality is great, but women shouldn’t be better than men (obviously, equality would mean that men aren’t better than women too). History would only repeat itself if times change to where we have “Matriarchy” that’s just like the “Patriarchy” of the past. Only the other way around, haha.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to understand how to attract and seduce Australian girls. So, let’s get back on topic and discuss about Australia specifically.

Sadly, most women are feminists. And I’m talking about the more extreme type of feminism, not the “equal rights movement” that’s obviously too outdated at this point.

But believe it or not, Australia used to be incredibly patriarchal. Men used to be the “dominant force” because they’d work under incredible conditions in order to build the wealth of the country to incredible heights. And after that happened, Australia became incredibly wealthy and advanced. The obvious movement after that (like so many other advanced countries – USA, UK, most of the western world, etc.) they began to move more to the left politically.

That’s alright, until it goes to the extreme. Nothing extreme is any good.

There’s still hard working men in Australia that are rooted in the past way of things (since it’s not really ancient history, it’s quite recent really). But feminism is on the rise and everything is more ‘modernized’. A mining career (the star of the past) is now not such a great thing.

And since office work and similar jobs are on the rise. Women are now all for feminism. And as feminism becomes this incredibly grotesque extreme and man hating creature, so do Australian women.

So, that’s that… Not very cool, really. But let’s stop with the negativity and move to something better. Let’s talk about how dating actually happens in Australia. Because no matter how much feminist women hate to admit, men are a necessity in order for the world to continue. So, there’s still dating being done, haha.

So, without further ado:

4. Australian Girls Are Much More Open To Dating In General

While in most other countries the dating process is something very intricate, it can be reduced to a science, that’s not so much the case in Australia. That won’t stop us from making some sort of sense of it and doing some science. Because that’s incredibly interesting to do. And because that’s why you’re here. To learn what to do.

So, how does dating happen in Australia?

Well, the whole dating process is much more laid-back down south. Usually after people meet, they’ll decide to go on a “date” while accompanying some friends. After that, if they like each other, they may decide to see each other more times. At some point, things just happen.

That’s pretty much how most relationships go down.

But what if you’re not looking for a relationship? What if you’re going for a fun vacation and wish to meet and hook up with some of those gorgeous Australian women?

Well, they aren’t strangers to more casual relationships either.

All of this should be pointing you towards an incredibly laid-back approach to the whole game. Basically, when you see a cute girl in Australia, you’ll just want to go up to her and start a conversation.

Why would it work? Well, most Australian guys aren’t very confident with the ladies. SO, you’ll have an edge by just going up and chatting with the girl.

You can start with a direct or an indirect opener, whatever you feel like doing. Honestly, there’s no wrong answers when it comes to it. Just make sure you’re going through the obvious things.

For example, don’t just approach and make small talk about the weather or something boring for an hour and a half. You need to make sure that you’re communicating that you’re interested in the girl and also that you’re looking if she’s a potentially cool person.

Basically, you want to see if you’d want to be with her. How do you do that? You ask questions. Are you looking for a girl who takes care of her physique? Then ask those you approach if they go to the gym regularly. If they do, talk about how you like going to the gym yourself and how you think that it’s awesome that she does too. If they say they don’t… Well, don’t just throw the interaction away, but if they seem like the person you’re NOT looking for, there’s no point in going forward.

Still, if for example she doesn’t go to the gym (and you like girls who do) you should respond with something like: “Ahh, bummer, we could have made a really cute gym couple”. Or something similar that disqualifies her or a potential relationship between you two.

This is great because if she likes you, she’ll try to find a way to justify that a relationship between you two is a good thing. She’ll start qualifying herself to you and telling you how awesome she is for other things. That’s great. And if you hear something that you like, you should definitely encourage her by admiring it.

Qualification and disqualification are great tools that you can use once she’s into you. If you know how to weave them in and out of the conversation, you’ll quickly find that girls are looking to prove themselves to you more. This basically means that they are chasing you, instead of it being the other way around.

Aaanyways, now you know how the thing is done. Honestly, if you can master these skills, you’ll have a great time with women in general. And after that, well you just need to be alone with the girl and have some condoms handy.

But let’s move to the next topic because I’m dying to share it…

Remember when I told you that Australian girls have high standards? Well, I also promised to tell you something cool that can help you if you’re not handsome, tall, rich, and popular.

It’s not really a skill, it’s more of a “choosing and playing your cards right”:

5. There Are Certain Cities That Are Better

Yes, by cards I mean locations. Depending on the location the game changes tremendously. And some cities house the most extreme feminists that either date presidents/football players or die alone. Other cities however, house the most down to Earth women in Australia. And the difference is truly scary at times.

But without further ado, what are the best places for going after Australian girls?

  • Adelaide – The absolute BEST place if you’re looking to find incredibly down to Earth Australian women. The game here is much easier than pretty much everywhere else in Australia. Also, you’ll find incredibly gorgeous girls here too (It’s not a place that’s only easy with mediocre women, is my point). This is mostly because women aren’t as crazy as in other parts, while there are much, much more women than men. Also, it’s not uncommon for women to approach men here, you just need to hold strong eye contact and be a decent human being.
  • Sydney – Well, everything I’ve talked about in this article is in Sydney pretty much. It’s a great place to visit if you want to go after Australian girls. Just remember that most will have those high standards that I’ve talked about. If you’re tall, handsome, and rich, Sydney is a great destination.
  • Melbourne – Kind of in the middle between Sydney and Adelaide. That’s because there are a TON of foreigners who have immigrated here. You’ll find many gorgeous down to Earth European girls here.

Alright, with that out of the way, it’s time for a bit of parting thoughts:

6. How To Prepare For Australia

This is pretty much general advice for travel really. But there are two things that you can do to improve your experience a TON.

  • Online Dating – Join some online dating sites and start interacting with those Australian girls before you even set foot in the country. That way you’ll have contacts on day 1. It’s also a great idea to set up some dates for the first few days that you’ll be there. This way you won’t have downtime when you arrive and start looking around.
  • Learn about the culture – Learning even a bit about the culture of the country you’re travelling to is always a great idea. It makes for a good conversation topic, it set’s you apart from the tourists that don’t really care, and you can ask the girl to tell you more (which means that she’s talking more). All of this leads to an increased chance that the interaction will go in your favor.

And that’s pretty much it for the article. You now know everything you’ll need in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Australian women. So just go there, enjoy the awesome accent, and get some action with some beautiful girls.

Just remember to mention me to all the girlfriends of your main girls. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Good luck and have a nice time.

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