Meet & Date British Women & Girls – How are They?

The United Kingdom. Great Britain. England… I’m sure that you’ve all heard about this country before (it’s one of the most important countries in the world). And maybe you’ve thought about travelling there or already have.

Well, in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at England, and more specifically: its women. British women are great, in more than one way:

But the dynamics in Britain are a bit different. If you’re going there looking to attract and seduce British girls, well you’ll need some help. Because they are different. That’s why in this article, you’ll find everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce those beautiful British girls.

For starters, I’ll make a list of all the topic I’m going to cover in this article. After the list, I’ll go in detail about each topic and talk more. This way you’ll get every bit of crucial information you need, explained neatly.

And without further ado, let’s get to the list:

  • British Women Are Alright Looking
  • Most Of Them Are Feminists
  • British Girls Are Somewhat Cold
  • What To Do On Dates
  • British People Party Differently
  • Which Places Should You Visit
  • How To Prepare For The Trip

Alright, that’s that. Let’s not waste any time and go directly into the meat of the article, starting with:

1. British Women Are Alright Looking

Well, it’s no secret that British women aren’t the best looking in the whole world (that title is still up for debate though). But the important thing is that beauty is subjective.

It doesn’t help though, that you’ll very rarely find an incredibly stunning British girl (if we’re going by the general features that most men prefer). Thankfully, Britain is incredibly advanced. Because of that, there are a TON of internationals who throughout the years have mixed with the usual white Caucasian English person. Which creates enormous diversity (just like in America…? Speaking of which, here’s a guide on America). This is great, because there’s always going to be some girls that you’ll absolutely love, who are British. Only because of the diversity.

This creates an interesting society. A society that’s incredibly tolerant towards diversity. You’ll rarely see a racist or sexist person in England (unless you’re looking for really old people, some of them may still be rooted in the conservative times). Not being offensive is very important in Britain. Not because people will give you a bad time if you spit out a racial slur… Because you’ll literally be surrounded by a plethora of every kind of person almost at all time.

What I’m saying is that usually a group of British friends will consist of every race, every sex, and a few different nationalities at the same time. So, pretty much whatever you say may be taken the wrong way. Which is how things usually should be (you shouldn’t be racist, sexist, or offensive in any way), but it creates a bit of an “I’m too afraid to express myself, so I’ll just conform to societal norms”. But enough talk about such sad thoughts. You’re here to learn how to attract women.

And I’m only talking about this because acting out of line will be unattractive. So, don’t tell that racist joke you may be holding in you.

The thing is, it’s even worse in recent times… Why? Well, because:

2. Most British Girls Are Feminists

Most men are too, but that’s not our target audience here.

See, feminism is a great thing. Equality between sexes is how things should be. It’s only unhealthy for everyone when it’s taken to the extreme (as with everything in life). The problem is that these days, fighting for equal rights is old fashioned. What’s cool and hip today is hating on men.

So, my suggestion: avoid extremist feminists. There’s plenty of girls who don’t want you to be six feet underground and are genuinely down to Earth. Go for those girls instead. You’ll be much happier and it’ll be sooo much easier to make any kind of interaction.

But how do you do pretty much anything when it comes to British girls? How do you attract and seduce them? Well, you need to keep in mind that:

3. British Women Are Somewhat Cold

It’s their whole culture really. And this is why I suggest an indirect approach.

Now, don’t get me wrong, approaching directly can work and I’ve personally had success with it. But it gets a bit weird after the initial approach.

See, most girls won’t know how to exactly react. Most likely she’ll smile, thank you, and excuse herself to go somewhere else (occasionally she’ll stay if she thinks you’re cute or something). What I mean is that it’s up to you to carry the whole interaction at first. And it’s harder to do so if the approach was direct.

So, let’s say you’ve successfully approached the girl, indirectly or not, it doesn’t matter. She seems to stay there with you, which means that she likes you… Good job. What now?

Get her number. Usually this will be incredibly easy because British girls will give out their numbers to pretty much everyone (most times to get away from the interaction). That’s not how you want to do things, because most girls will give out their numbers but won’t answer afterwards (trust me, I’ve gotten sooo many numbers in England, I still find some random names that I don’t really remember in my phone… Even after numerous tries of cleansing my contacts).

So, how do you get the number in a way that exponentially increases your chances of getting her to reply?

Well, your first goal after you approach shouldn’t be to get the number actually. What you should be looking for is her logistics at the moment. What you want to do is take her out on an instant date, right then and there. You want to see if she’s doing anything important or just going for a walk or something. If the latter, you can suggest a coffee or something similar immediately. And usually I’ll do this by telling her that I was heading to a nearby coffee place and invite her to join me.

This is great because it skips the whole texting process and you go straight from approach to date.

But you won’t always meet girls who have time to spend and aren’t really doing much at the time. So, you’ll have to get the number. One of the best things you can do is to get her to agree to go on a date with you at some time later this week (or day). That way, you have the excuse to get her number, and you haven’t asked for it, it’s obvious that she has to give it to you.

But getting the number doesn’t make it solid. You’ll need to make a great impression on her. You’ll want to make her remember you and have fun with you. Do that and she’ll be looking forward to your text and the date afterwards. So, make sure the interaction after the approach is solid and fun.

Well, this point is getting a bit too long, and this is a great time to transition into the next one, so let’s do just that and talk about:

4. What To Do On Dates

Right, let’s say that you’ve done a successful approach and you’ve gotten the girl out on a date. Maybe it’s an instant date, or maybe you’ve gotten her number and texted for a bit.

I should mention some things about testing. See, most guys text incredibly wrongly. What you want to do is start with something that’ll make her remember you for sure. Maybe a side joke you two shared in the approach, maybe you were having a good time and took a photo together (tell her how cute you two look). Then, don’t beat around the bush a lot. You don’t want to waste a ton of time texting because there’s more chances that you’ll screw it up. You want to get to the date as fast as possible. So, notice how she’s responding to your texts:

  • If she’s ignoring you – text only things that are funny and value giving. Share some memes with her or maybe something cool you saw. Don’t ask her questions, just share the thing and maybe comment what you think on it.
  • If she’s giving you a hard time – If she’s giving you “tests” that means that she likes you. But she’s still unsure if she’s truly interested. What you need to do is pass those “tests”. Basically, assume you’re an awesome guy who she’ll want to date, and text whatever that guy would text. Obviously it’s easier if you were that guy in the beginning, so work on that. The important thing to remember is that when she gives you those “tests” all that you need to do is pass them. Don’t text after that. Just pass the “test” and wait for her response.
  • If she’s being friendly – This is great, you’re having an awesome conversation. The only problem is that you’re texting like you’d text your best friend. And she’s doing the same. What you need to do is introduce a bit of sexuality into the conversation. Make some funny jokes or something. You want to switch the conversation to something that two people who like each other would be texting.
  • If she’s responding well to the sexual remarks – If this happens, you’re golden. BUT instead of going for the lengthy dirty talk or “phone sex” go for the date. If she likes you enough to partake and laugh at dirty jokes, she wants to be with you. Invite her to a date.

So, finally you’re on a date… What do you do?

Well, congratulations. What you want to do right now is keep the interaction fun and interesting. Remember to not let it become boring and too much like a friend to friend. Make it sexual from time to time and remember to escalate. Escalation is crucial and you should be looking to amp up both the interaction both with your words and with your physicality.

And after the date, maybe you can pull back to your place. Use something cool or interesting. Tell her about how you have it back at your place and how she must see it. Pretty standard stuff.

But what about night game? What about going to a club or a bar and picking up British women there? Well, it’s a bit weird because:

5. British People Party Differently

See, usually British people will gather in groups a few hours before the club and get a TON of alcohol. That’s because it’s cheaper to get it from the store rather than in the club. So, they’ll get very wasted before the club and then go have fun.

Basically, you’ll need to adapt. It’s not hard to pick up drunk girls, but they usually aren’t interesting either. My go to plan is to just go to the club and have fun, hopefully I’m with friends and they bring a girl I might be interested in. Alternatively, you can go partying with a girl you’re into, so that’s another option.

But that’s pretty much it for night game. In my opinion it isn’t very strong in England. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a TON of great moments doing night game. Maybe you can even pull some really gorgeous British girls. It’s just that I think that it’s waaay easier using day game, or getting introduced to girls through your friends and social circle.

6. What Places Should You Visit And How To Prepare For England

Well, one of the best places to visit is going to be London. Pretty self-explanatory, London is the capital, the biggest city, hence it has much more people, much more girls, and thus: much more potential.

If you find that the capital isn’t your cup of tea, then my next suggestion would be the other big cities, like Birmingham and Leeds. I’ve also heard great things about Brighton.

Other than that, I find that usually people from the northern parts are much nicer and more enjoyable, but that may be just my experience and luck with the whole thing.


But, how do you prepare for your vacation in London.

Well, There are two things that you should do.

  • Online Dating – Join a couple of Online Dating platforms and start matching with local girls a week or two before you even get there. This way you’ll have interactions with British women before you even land. You can even set up some dates, so you’ll be starting the dating process from day one instead of looking for girls on the first few days and thus having nothing other to do. This creates abundance which will help you with your day and night game tremendously.
  • Learn a bit about the culture – Now, this will be a bit difficult when you consider all the diversity in England. Your best bet is to genuinely enjoy learning about all kinds of different weird things about the most common culture you’re going to encounter (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Easter Europe, Scandinavia). Obviously you can’t learn everything, but you don’t have to. Make sure if you’re going to learn anything first, make it be British culture. And don’t go overboard. A bit is enough.

All this makes for a more interesting conversation. You’ll be seen as a person who actually cares about the country instead of just visiting for the women. Also, when you don’t know what to talk about, you can start asking her questions about the culture. Also, you can ask her explain more about it in detail. This will guarantee you many more topics that you can use if you get stuck.

Aaand that’s it for this article. Right now, you’re all ready. You’re equipped with all the knowledge you’ll need in your travels to England when it comes to attracting and seducing the local women. Just remember to keep things non offensive and stay away from them as much as you can. My experience is limited, but a simple misstep can cause a hailstorm of unpleasant things. Also, just have fun and you’ll be golden.

Lastly, remember to spread the word about me to any girlfriends of the women you end up with. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right, haha.

Aaanyways, good luck in England and have fun with those awesome British girls.


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