Could You Really Attract Indian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract Indian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

India is a funny country. It’s not very advanced, so everything is pretty cheap. There’s waaay too many Indian guys when compared to the women. BUT, in the end of the day … Indian women can be awesome. They just may be your cup of tea:

Regardless of what’s the case for you, in this article, I aim to teach you everything you’ll need to know for when you travel to India. You’ll learn exactly how to attract and seduce those Indian girls.

Ok so, we’ll do things like so: First, I’ll list off all the major points that I’ll be talking about. After that, I’ll go into detail on every point. This way you’ll have all the information neatly stored.

And without further ado:

  • Indian Women Have Some Great Features
  • Indian Girls Love Being Social
  • There Are Much More Guys Than Girls in India
  • Indian Women Love White Guys
  • Indian Girls May Prove Problematic
  • Where To Go And How To Prepare For India

Alright, with that out of the way, I think we can start with the meat of the article. Let’s just straight to it and start discussing the very first point, namely:

1. Indian Women Have Some Great Features

 What I mean by this is simple: Indian girls can be incredibly good looking.

They have sort of a brown-ish skin color (which attracts a TON of guys, I know). They also usually have pretty sexy bodies… Maybe it’s because of the poorer living conditions in India. Living a harder life usually makes you more fit.

Regardless of the cause for this, it’s undeniable that some Indian women are incredibly sexy.

On top of that, you’ll usually be better off approaching and going for younger girls. This also adds to the good looks factor (since younger women are usually prettier than older women… obviously).

That’s pretty much it though… I don’t really know what else to say here. Indian women are good looking. That’s that, let’s move on to the next topic:

2. Indian Girls Love Being Social

 Especially the younger ones. Thing is, because Indian culture is much more conservative that in the west, girls are feeling a bit oppressed. People have too many expectations for them. And judgement is a real thing.

And Indian women want to avoid like the plague. So, you’ll need to be a bit calibrated.

And even if that’s the case, there’s no “rules” against being social with other people. So, this side of them is incredibly hungry.

That’s why, a great idea for a date with an Indian girl is to go to a social meeting. Maybe introduce her to your friends, or go to a club/bar together. She’ll love it and you’ll get a TON of points (basically she’ll be that much more into you).

But how do you actually get to the date in the first place?

Well, you pretty much just have to approach a girl and interest her enough. If she likes you, she’ll give you her number which you’ll use to chat with her and get her out on a date.

Approaching varies in difficulty depending on … well… variables. We’ll talk about most of these later in the article.

For now, let’s assume that you’ve found an Indian woman who’s completely on her own (unlikely) and you go to approach her. What do you want to do?

Well, you can do a couple of things. Both Direct and Indirect game can work wonders, so just do whatever you feel right or whatever the situation calls for.

 For example, if you’re feeling a bit bold, you can just walk up to her and compliment her on her looks. This is great because it sets up the theme of man to woman from the beginning. She’ll most likely be flattered. Still, you’ll have to try and create some conversation.

Ask her some questions. Try to qualify her too. To do that, ask her questions that interest you. For example if she’s going to the gym or if she can cook or something. If she does do the things you like, reward her with a compliment. If she doesn’t, then comment on how you think that’s not cool of her or something. You can also joke that she’s a “bad girl” or something.

If, however, you’ve decided that an Indirect approach is better suited, then you can just go and ask her for directions or something. Basically make sure to approach her and make conversation about something. At some point you can mention that you think something about her is cool/nice.

Whatever the case, the end goal should be to either get her on an instant date (when you propose that you two go somewhere right then and there – most likely a coffee shop, or a walk in the park) OR you get her number.

And after the number, you just start texting. Hopefully, at some point in the future she’ll agree to go out on a date with you.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what can be one of the problem you’ll most likely face when trying to approach an Indian girl?

Well, let’s smoothly transition to the next topic:

3.There Are Much More Guys Than Girls in India

There’s a TON of Indian guys in India (haha). The problem comes from the fact that compared to the guys, there are not many women.

Now, I’m sure you can obviously see how this can become a problem. For one, there’s a lot of competition. That usually doesn’t matter because girls inevitably choose only the best men (thus you need to worry about competition ONLY if you’re not the best… and as long as you believe something like that to be true, you won’t ever become the best option).

The sad thing is that most Indian guys don’t really know how to attract and seduce a woman. They’ve been taught from children to view women as goddesses and just try to do everything for them. It’s very sad. It also means that they’ll cockblock a lot. And you need to be prepared for that. Expect it, and try to act accordingly (and by that I mean to either befriend them or belittle them, whatever you feel will bring better results).

Another problem that arises from this population misbalance is that most of the Indian girls develop an incredibly inflated ego. Obviously, if you have a bunch of guys always giving you their best and treating you like a goddess, you’ll start to think highly of yourself. And that can lead to some of the less desirable women acting like they deserve an actor level man.

Now, all of this is incredibly unfortunate. For one, it’s very hard to actually approach some of the women because they’ll constantly be orbited by a handful of guys. Also, even the ones that aren’t what you’d usually go for will be harder to pick up.

So, all in all, you have a hard time getting any girl. And all of that is due to the gender imbalance.

Thankfully, there’s something that you can use to your advantage:

4. Indian Girls Love White Guys

You might be asking yourself: “With all the choice Indian women have when it comes to Indian men, why would they be looking for white men? Also, why not men of other races?”

Well, the answers to these questions are quite a few.

Part of the reason why Indian girls love white men is for the fact that there’s a huge gender imbalance in India. Because there’s sooo many Indian guys, the women get bored of them rather quickly. There’s nothing novel for them in Indian guys… but white western men are something that’s not the usual. That’s why you’ll have a distinct advantage if you’re white.

But what about black people or Asians? They aren’t strictly Indian either. What’s the problem there?

Well, for one, India is in Asia. Indian people are Asians. They share very similar characteristics with all the people in the Asian countries.

As for black people: well, Indians usually have a darker skin tone. So, a darker skin tone isn’t novel either.

And that’s why Indian girls love white guys. Well, that and the common perception that the west is much more advanced. And the west is associated with the white Caucasian race. Basically, the common white man is most likely richer than the common Indian, he is different and therefore more interesting, and lastly, he isn’t in large quantities (There’s not many white guys in India… compared to the Indian guys).

All of those factors make the white Caucasian male much more desirable for the average Indian girl. And that’s something you should be using to your advantage (if you fit the profile).

And that’s pretty much it for this point. I think I’ve talked a lot about some negative parts about Indian girls… But there’s actually more, sadly. So, let’s go to the next topic, namely:

5. Indian Women May Prove Problematic

Right, the first thing that’s not entirely perfect about Indian girls is the fact that India is not an advanced country. Pretty much everything there will be incredibly cheap for you if you’ve grown up in the west. Just go online and take a look at how much Indians charge for any service online. Abysmal prices like $2 per hour. And that’s actually pretty fine for them too.

Why is that a bad thing? You may be asking. And that’s a good question. Where’s the problem in everything being sooo cheap for you?

Well, it’s not a problem that you can afford everything. It’s a problem because you become a target. See, because most people in India will be poor, you being rich there will make you someone who they may do bad things to. When it comes to Indian girls, they may try to scam you.

Another problem is their arrogance. As mentioned before, most Indian women will be very full of themselves. They’ll play hard to get even if they aren’t anything special. And because they love white guys, you’ll be in the weird situation where she likes you, but is still hard to game (because she has abundance).

The best way to deal with this is to have abundance yourself. Meaning that you’re talking to a ton of girls at the same time and you won’t care about one that’s giving you a bit of trouble. This can easily be achieved by just approaching a TON.

But that’s enough negativity. Let’s discuss something cooler and more interesting. Like:

6. Where To Go And How To Prepare For India

 Alright, let’s start with preparation:

Before you go to India, go online and join a few online dating websites. This wat you can start communicating with Indian women who are looking for men. You can schedule dates for when you arrive, instead of having downtime when you land in India. Starting the game right away will be incredibly beneficial. For one, you’ll dive directly into it, building your confidence and abundance. Another benefit is that you can get these early girls to help you out in your travels (most likely as guides, or maybe translation or something).

Going online and doing online game is great and recommended for all of your travels. It’s not something exclusive to India, so keep that in mind for all future travels.

Another thing you can do to prepare is learn a bit of the language. Learning simple phrases will make you look like you care about the place, instead of just visiting for the cheap life and the women. Also, it’ll be a great ice-breaker, making the girl laugh (because your pronunciation will be terrible) and actually engaging her more than the average tourist.

Lastly, learn a bit about the culture. You want to appear as someone who likes India (why else go there?). If you learn some of the culture you’ll stand apart from the crowd of tourists. You’ll also have something to talk about when you’re out of things to say. You can also make her explain certain things to you, or teach you more of the culture. That’s great conversation right there.

 So, use these tricks and you’ll make your stay in India a blast. But where exactly should you stay?

Some of the best places to visit in India are (in order of best to worse):

  • Mumbai – because it attracts a ton of pretty Indian girls
  • Goa – People say it’s like the Miami of India
  • The Sri Lankan capital – tons of tourists go there
  • Pondicherry – there are a lot of French people here since it’s a French colony

And that’s about it for this article.

Right now, you’re armed with all the information that you’ll need in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Indian women. So, there’s nothing left for me to do except wish you a great and safe trip.

Oooh, one last thing: Remember to mention me to all the girlfriends of the women you end up with… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right, haha.

Aaanyways, good luck in India and have a wonderful time.


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