Could You Really Attract And Seduce Irish Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract And Seduce An Irish Girl Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

So, you’re going north in hopes of a girl with amazing red hair and a cute Irish accent?

I can’t blame you one bit. I’ve been in love with that accent from the moment I heard it. And it’s not all for naught:

Beautiful, I know. But in order to attract and seduce a similar beauty, you’ll need to know the cultural differences in Ireland. You can’t go there and say the very same lines that you’re using back at home… Well, you can, but it’s probably not going to work out for you.

That’s exactly why, right now, I’ll give you all the information you need. In this article you’ll learn everything about the Irish culture that will help you pick up those gorgeous Irish girls.

We’ll structure it as such: First, I’ll give you a list of all the topics that we’re going to cover. After that, I’ll go through them one by one in greater detail.

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it:

  • Irish Women Are Very Beautiful
  • Irish Girls Love Conversation
  • They Enjoy Going To Pubs A TON
  • They Don’t Want You To Drink A Lot
  • How To Prepare For Irish Women
  • There Are Some Problems With Irish Girls

Alright, this sounds great already. Let’s not waste any time an jump straight into the first point that I’d like to talk about, namely:

1. Irish Women Are Very Beautiful

I mentioned in the beginning but this point deserves to be here. Women in Ireland are incredibly pretty.

The gorgeous redheads that you’ve heard about aren’t just a myth. They are the real thing. And it’s not just redheads either. If you’re into blondes or brunettes, Ireland has them too.

But probably the best thing about these northern ladies is that their bodies and faces aren’t half bad either. You’ll see incredibly good looking women in Ireland.

Irish women also love to dress well. So, chances are that you won’t be seeing a girl that’s looking bad. She’ll have makeup on, she’ll be wearing a cute (or even sexy) dress, and to top it all off – she’ll most likely be on high heels.

All in all, there’s nothing more to say about the looks here. Irish women are very beautiful. That’s all.

Moving on:

2. Irish Girls Love Conversation

That’s why you need to approach them and just start talking. Make a conversation and if she participates, that means she likes you. Simple.

The real kicker is to make sure that you’re talking about something interesting. And you definitely MUST be interesting. Because these women love conversation, everything even half mundane will be incredibly boring for them.

For example, don’t start with a compliment (if it’s generic, like “You’re very beautiful” or something similar). She’s had tons of guys (and even girls) say the very same thing to her. And countless times too. It’s not going to sweep her off of her feet, trust me.

Instead, what you want to say is something you’ve observed. That’s one of my favorite openers too. The observation opener.

Basically, you want to observe something about her or the situation she’s in. Maybe she’s dressed in an interesting way, maybe she’s eating/drinking/ordering something interesting, or maybe she does something unexpected (Maybe someone else does something unexpected).

After you’ve decided to approach and gotten your observation, just go to her and approach already. Make a comment about the observation and make sure it’s funny. For example, don’t tell her something obvious that you’ve observed: “Hey, I noticed you’re eating a sandwich”.

Put some oompf into it, like this: “Hey, I noticed that you’re eating a sandwich and I just had to say that I’m a HUGE fan of eating sandwiches… You must be a great person.”

See, it’s silly and funny. It’s also a compliment, but prompts her to boast (“Yeah, I’m a great person”). And if she does boast, you can always say: “Oh, is that so… what else is great about you then?”

You want to make her talk. You want to make it so she’s the one investing in the conversation. And even if she doesn’t fall for that little “trap” you can steer the interaction in that direction by asking clever questions.

Questions that prompt a longer response. Don’t just ask things that she can say “yes” or “no” to. Ask open- ended questions that she has to speak for a bit and explain herself. This will make it seem like she’s putting in more in the conversation than you are. And that’s great.

You want to get her to talk (most likely about herself). Make her qualify herself, or qualify/disqualify her. For example, you can ask her questions that you’re interested in: “Do you work out?” OR “What do you study/work?”. Things like that. This way she’ll start talking about herself and proving herself to you.

So, if she does work out, you reward that answer with a positive statement “That’s great, working out is healthy and I like healthy people”. On the flip side, if say she doesn’t work out, you could mention something like: “Ohh, that’s a bummer. I like people who work out more.”

After enough of these, she may start avoiding the negative responses a TON. She’ll start over qualifying. Meaning that if you get displeased with her answer, she’ll try to find something else to “patch it up”: “Well, I don’t work out, but I can cook well”. Looking to get your approval.

This is great since you can see if she’s the girl you like. It tells her that it’s not enough to just look good for you. You want something more in your women and that’s exciting for her. She wants to fulfil that role and be liked by you. And that’s exactly what you want too, someone you like.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make. Irish girls LOVE conversation, so you need to become a conversation master. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard (as you can see) and it’s a skill that will be valuable anywhere in the world. All women love a good conversation and if you can turn them on just by talking to them… Well, it’s a huge bonus, I’m sure you understand.

In any case, let’s move on to the next topic I’d like to talk about. And we’re getting into the Irish specifics with this one:

3. Irish Women Enjoy Going To Pubs A Ton

Irish pubs are a part of the culture. Everyone enjoys going to the Pub in Ireland. These venues are so ingrained in the culture that it’s not uncommon to have whole families go together to celebrate birthdays and other events.

As such, tons of single Irish girls will also be visiting these marvelous places. And so should you.

Now, there are a bunch of things you’ll need to know when it comes to being prepared for the pub, but we’ll talk about those later. Before that, let’s focus on the Actual women.

Assuming it’s most likely the later hours of the day (or most likely during the night). You’ll find the most success doing night game.

What I mean by that is actually going to the pub as if you were going to a bar or a club back home.

Go with the intention to have fun. Dress up well. And remember that this night you’re there to have a blast.

And what better way to have a blast than approaching that cute Irish girl over there?

You’re now well equipped to start and hold a conversation from the previous topic. So, just go up to her and approach her.

What you also want to do is be a bit more flirtatious. Flirting is awesome. And you definitely need to show interest in order to have any meaningful interaction with any woman you’re picking up, really.

So, just do that. Make quirky comments, hold eye contact, pause while talking from time to time and just let your eyes “talk” instead. Things like that.

It’s also incredibly important to implement some sort of physicality in the interaction. Best is to start light and friendly with a few touches on the arms from time to time (mostly when you’re making a point while you’re talking). Then escalate. Escalate often. If you think she’s comfortable with you and your touches so far, try something more.

I have a certain type of touch that I like to call the “Touching with excuse”. It’s basically you touching her on a more inappropriate place (for a friend) but having an excuse about doing so. For example, you can say that her dress looks really nice and touch her on the hips. You can continue this by talking how smooth or whatever the fabric is.

Now, it’s important to not do these in a way that you’re being very obvious. It’s also important to realize when she’s not liking it and just stop, back off, and build more comfort first.

Also, while doing these, it’s best done while joking. Don’t just say: “You have a nice dress, the fabric feels nice to touch”… Or, well… Do say it, but with a smirk. Make sure that you’re having fun and everything is light-hearted. That’s what I mean.

But back to the pub because I got a bit sidetracked. So, what do people do at a pub? Have fun and drink alcohol, obviously.

As such, you should also have a drink. And this leads us to:

4. Irish Women Don’t Want You To Drink A Lot

Irish people love to drink. That’s just in their culture. But actually, did you know that getting completely smashed drunk is considered poor etiquette.

Yeah. So, you definitely should NOT get drunk.

Don’t try to out drink the Irish either. First of all, you probably can’t. And second, you’ll make a fool out of yourself and lose any chance you’ve had with the girl you’ve approached.

So, just don’t do it.

What you want to do is obviously get a drink or two, but know your limit. Avoid getting drunk. Think about it: If you’re drunk, you’ll probably fail to hold a conversation that’s witty and funny. This means that you won’t be attractive. And the girl will probably just leave.

Instead, just order one drink and stick to it. Focus more on the interaction instead of showing off how much you can drink. That’s not attractive. And quite frankly, it will never be (probably).

But ordering a drink isn’t as easy as it sounds either.

It may seem like a good idea to order what someone else has. It’s not…

Spying on someone and saying: “I’ll have what they are having” is just bad. You’re not making a serious choice for yourself, you’re not being interesting, and to top it all off, you’ll most likely come out as inexperienced. And that’s not attractive (obviously).

A trick you can do is ask the bar tender for a suggestion. But you must do it in a way that again, doesn’t show that you have no idea what you want to drink.

Or, you can just order something you know. A whiskey, vodka, or maybe beer. Just keep in mind that light beer is considered a girl’s drink in Ireland (I find that hilarious too).

5. How To Prepare For Irish Women?

Well, it’s quite simple actually. There are a bunch of things that you can do before even arriving in Ireland. And all of those will greatly help you out on your vacation.

First, and one of the most important ones: Learn a bit about the culture. Read a guide or just type out “Irish culture” in Google. You’ll find some interesting and weird things (like you will for every country). Use those in a conversation.

This not only shows that you’ve done some research but also that you care about Ireland. You’re not some mindless random tourist looking to lose a week or two among hot women. You care and want to learn more about the place. That’ll obviously set you apart AND will give you tons of conversation material. Awesome.

Another thing you can do is to get acquainted with the drinking habits. I told you a few things, but keep in mind that if you know what you’re doing and what drinks to order, you’ll make an impression. A great one. So, it doesn’t hurt to just look that up too. You’ll know what to order, which will impress the girl, and you’ll know what is what. This you can also hold a conversation about.

With both of these, you don’t need to become an expert. Even learning a tiny bit of information will set you a part. That’s great. And what’s better? Well, now you have a ground for more conversation. Ask her to fill in what you don’t know or to expand on it. That way you’ll get her to talk. And that’s great.

Lastly, you would give yourself a HUGE leg up if you do some online dating. Even if it’s before you arrive (especially before). That way, you’ll have some connections already in place when you land in Ireland. You can set up some dates before you’re even there and start going out from day 1. That’s perfect.

Think about it, if you don’t use Online dating before going there, you’ll have the first maybe half of your vacation pretty much stuck. Not doing anything. Instead, just create a cool profile and rock the online dating scene for a week or two before arriving there.

That last one is actually a good tip for everywhere you travel. Just move your location to where you’ll be in the near future and get some matches there. After that, chat those girls up and when you arrive, you’ll have some dates ready to go. Brilliant.

6. Problems That May Arise With Irish Girls

Now, it’s obvious that there’ll be some problems. You can’t expect to just be able to get with any girl you meet.

One of the biggest problems would be feminism. And not the normal feminism, but the radical one. I think that goes for every country and situation, but there are a lot of radical feminists in Ireland (as is the case with most of the English countries, like Britain, or the USA).

Just keep your wits about that and don’t talk about touchy topics such as sexism, racism, politics, and religion.

Another problem that you may face is that some women will just not be that good looking. Now, I know I said in the beginning that Irish women are gorgeous. And that’s true. But you can’t expect 100% of them to be the same.

The problem here arises because even though their looks will be poor-er, those girls will have really high egos (most likely because of feminism). But that’s all.

All in all, that’s it for Ireland.

It’s a great country to visit and if you’re like me and absolutely love the accent… well, just go there already, you’ll love it.

Great women, awesome people in general, and tasty drinks. Ireland has it all. And now, with this guide you have all the information you’ll need in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Irish girls.

Whatever you end up doing remember to put a word for me out there (maybe to some girlfriends). Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Good luck in Ireland.



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