Could You Attract Gorgeous Balkan Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Attract Gorgeous Balkan Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Balkan Women

Ahh, the Balkans. Trully an incredible place full of very interesting women… Very interesting indeed…

Well, since you’ll most likely be traveling to the Balkans (why are you reading this if you’re not?), and since this is an article aiming to teach you the intricacies of seducing Balkan girls, I think it’s appropriate to warn you that it’s going to be a bit different than in other countries. Obviously, that’s the case, but since you’re here now, I think you’re one step ahead of your peers.

So, let’s get into it. We’ll begin with listing a few points about Balkan women in general and then we’ll expand upon those points into detail. Let’s jump straight to that now:

  • Balkan Women Are Very Gorgeous
  • Balkan Girls Love Foreigners
  • They Are Incredibly Approachable
  • They Aren’t Looking For A Serious Relationship Most Times
  • The Balkans Are A Hot Place For Tourists

Right, that’s out of the way. And with it, I think we can just go straight to the more detailed information. How about that?

1. Balkan Women Are Very Gorgeous

It’s no secret that the Balkans house some of the best looking girls in Europe. It’s partly due to the fact that Eastern European women are usually better looking (Although the Balkans are South-East, this still applies). And if you don’t believe me, well, there are the Russian and Ukrainian ladies to prove you wrong. And Balkan girls follow right behind them.

Another reason for the higher beauty levels in the Balkans is due to the more strongly defined social norms in most of these countries. They are not much like countries in the west, where feminism is at an all-time high. In the Balkans, you’ll find very feminine women, hence they’ll want to take more care for themselves and therefore, look more beautiful as a result.

Lastly, Balkan women put a TON of value into their good looks (mostly because judging is the norm). As such, you’ll see pretty much every girl wearing makeup and good makeup at that. That’s because girls will actually start experimenting and wearing makeup from a very young age (Something like 14 years old is pretty normal there). Also, most younger girls will be taking further care for their looks by going to the gym or doing some other sort of physical training.

All of these factors make for the incredible beauty standards that are present in the Balkans.

But there’s actually more to it…

See, if you go out in a major Balkan city (and it’s probably better to go to a major one because others can be quite desolate at times – especially Winter), you’ll find that there are mostly younger people around the streets. And since younger girls are usually more beautiful, you have that whole perception that Balkan girls are very beautiful.

And that’s not a bad thing, obviously. You’re probably more interested in younger women than older ones (well, within reason, obviously). And while on that note, make sure you’re extra careful when approaching. Since women start wearing makeup very early, you’ll often find yourself unsure of someone’s age. And this could cause some problems. Fortunately, just asking politely if you’re unsure works wonders (usually you’ll be truly unsure about girls that are actually very young, and those will disclose their age when asked… They aren’t offended by such questions).

On a second note, be careful when you’re asking about age… Older women will not be pleased about it. Sooo, just be mindful of this and act accordingly.

But with that out of the way, I think we’ve covered this point and it would be a good idea to move forwards. So, the next point was that:

2. Balkan Girls Love Foreigners

The Balkans are not the richest countries in Europe. They aren’t poor countries by a long shot, but there are still not first world countries either. And money still brings sort of a status for people there.

As such, foreigners usually mean people with money. And the women are very intrigued about that because it means better lives for them too. If a Balkan man can offer an ordinary life, an American (for example) can offer a luxurious life. That’s obviously very much an advantage.

So, being foreign is a definitive advantage in the Balkans. Especially if you’re from the west. You’ll get girls much more easily.

On top of that, the guys in the Balkans are usually not very good when it comes to women. Usually, you’ll find that most couples meet through a social circle, where they are introduced by friends. And that isn’t really interesting for most women.

If, for example, a charming foreigner approached her on the street and asked for directions or something, then gave her a compliment, and finally asked her out… Now that’s going to be much more interesting for any Balkan woman. She’ll brag about it to her friends and she’ll be looking forward to that date from the moment it is set.

But money isn’t the only reason why Balkan girls love foreigners. Actually, it’s a disservice to them, because this paints them as gold diggers, far from it.

While there will definitely be women who are only interested in your money, most girls won’t be. They are interested in your culture and where you’re coming from because for them that’s novelty.

They’ve grew up in their corner of the world and most of them have dreams of travelling and exploring one day. And where you come from is interesting to them. They’ll want to hear your story. They’ll love it and they’ll want to learn more about your country.

On the flipside, they’ll also want to know why you’re here, in theirs. Because they believe that you’ll have it better back home, they’ll be puzzled as to why you’d be visiting them.

That’s a test. It’s easy to state something like “I hate my country because so and so” or “I left because I like Balkan girls more”. Don’t say things like that. Instead, explain that you’ve been home for all your life and you felt like travelling and exploring some parts of the world where you’ve never been to.

This is also a good place to show some genuine interest about the country and the culture that you’re visiting. Balkan countries have an incredibly rich history, filled with tons of interesting traditions that developed over time. Ask about those and you’ll be on your way to success.

Showing genuine interest in the culture will do lots of things for you.

First, it shows that you don’t have a hidden agenda… You’re not there to just have sex with gorgeous women.

Second, it lets her invest in the interaction by giving her a topic that she can speak about and that she can qualify to you (because Balkan people are very proud people, she’ll want you to be interested and she’ll try to make it sound interesting).

Third, and last, it just gives you a good topic to talk about. You’ll most likely find it quite entertaining because of the incredible things that you never knew, and there’ll be room to talk about it a lot. So, this makes it a great topic in the beginning when you two get to know each other … Great for the first date.

And while on the topic of dates, how about we talk a bit about the technicality. How to actually approach Balkan women and what to really do?

3. Balkan Women Are Incredibly Approachable

We’ve discussed how being a foreigner gives you a HUUUGE advantage with Balkan girls. And that’s partly the reason why they’re very approachable. But that’s not the whole deal.

Simply put, Balkan women are very lovely. They’ll be interested in you and your story and they’ll want to hear more. On top of that, you can get away with approaching them pretty much anywhere. So, what are the best places and times to make contact with a Balkan girl?

You’ve got three options, all incredibly viable: Day game, night game, and online dating. I’d suggest you use all three to your advantage.

But let’s discuss all three on their own and give you an idea of how to go about things specifically.

  • Day game – This is pretty self-explanatory… You’re walking around a Balkan city, being impressed by the novelty of the place and you see a cute girl that you’d like to get to know. Just go up to her and say something.

You can either go direct and give her a compliment, followed by a little something about you, and then ask her a question.

Alternatively, you can go indirect, and ask her for directions or translation or something similar. It’s important to make sure you have a reason to stay afterwards, maybe give her a compliment or something and try to make a conversation. Chances are that she’ll be interested, and if so, you can always ask her for a drink right then and there or at some later time.

And that’s pretty much the basics, we’ll go over everything in a little more detail again pretty soon. Until then:

  • Night game – This is pretty much your bars and clubs. Just remember that people are there to have fun, so that’s what you should be having too. You shouldn’t go out to pick up girls, you should be going out to have a good time. And girls will see that and be much more responsive.

What you want to do is the following: since almost always the girl you want to approach will be in a group, it’s best to have friends of your own. It’s not the worst to be alone, but some people will think it’s weird, so I recommend going out with friends (plus, it’s much more fun that way).

What you want to do is just go up to the group and engage them. I’d say something like “Yo, what’s up people!” and tell them something cool.

After that just move the conversation to the place you’re in, the music, etc. Later, you’ll be wanting to isolate your target by offering her a drink or something (if she’s really into you and her friends like you, you can even get away with telling them that you’ll “steal her for a second”… This is even better because it sets a more intimate and sexual premise).

After isolating her, you’ll want to figure out her logistics, what’s she doing after the party is over, what is she doing the next morning, where is she staying… Things like that. You also want to be escalating along the way and hopefully kiss her at some point.

After you’ve figured logistics you’ll have an idea of whether you can pull her back to your place that night (or maybe her place) or if the effort will be futile (you’ll also have to figure if she’s down). And after that, well you either get her number (You can also get her Instagram or Facebook, Balkan women prefer giving this out most times), or (if things are going great) actually pull her to sleep with her. Good luck!

  • Online dating – The last method is mostly supplementary. You should definitely go online and register at any online dating websites or platform you find useful a few weeks before actually traveling. This way, you can start engaging with Balkan girls even before you’re actually in the Balkans.

This gives you a HUGE advantage, because you’ll have some training and you’ll probably be able to set some dates before you even land. That way you’ll have things to do from day 1 hopefully.

And that’s pretty much it about the different places you’ll be meeting gorgeous Balkan girls. But let’s elaborate on that… Let’s give you practical tips and steps you can follow. I think this will be very beneficial whenever you find yourself such in a situation, not knowing what to say or do…

Let’s start with an example of a day game approach:

  • First, you’ll want to actually approach the girl. Doesn’t matter if it’s direct or indirect. The point is to grab her attention. Right here, you’ll figure out a little about her logistics. Depending on her expression and tone of voice, you can gage whether she’s in a hurry, or not.
  • That’s very important because if she’s in a hurry to go somewhere you don’t have much time. In that case, I’d advise to make small talk, tell her she sounds like an interesting person and invite her to grab coffee sometime. After that get her number and leave her be.
  • Let’s say that she isn’t in a hurry. What you want to do is introduce the possibility of intimacy in the approach. Either by approaching directly, or showing some sort of interest. After that, you just want to have a normal and interesting conversation.
  • At some point, the natural next step would be to go on a date. You can either go for an instant date (where you two go on a date right then and there) or set it up for a later date. If you’re setting it up, then this is a good place to get her number. After that you’ll want to stay for a bit and leave after. If you’re on an instant date, great. Regardless of how things went, the next step will be the date:
  • On the date, you pretty much want to just learn more about her (and let her learn more about you). You also want to escalate, hopefully kissing her at some point. After that it’s a good idea to set up another date (which will end up in your place with sex) or actually pulling her to your place to have sex. All this depends on the logistics.

That’s pretty much it… Day game in the Balkans in a nutshell. But what about night game?

  • For night game, you want to obviously be at a bar/club, ideally with some friends. And you want to engage your target, or her group.
  • After you’ve approached you want to make friends with the group, introduce them to your friends and the next step would be to isolate your chosen girl.
  • Once that’s done, you want to escalate physically and learn about her logistics (as discussed previously) and act upon those. Either get her number and set up a date (which will follow the day game rules above) or hopefully she’ll be down to go home with you. Whatever the case, that’s pretty much the gist of it.

And that’s the most valuable information of the article out of the way… Lastly, I’d like to give you some parting thoughts and some ideas for which cities you should actually visit (sort of)… Without further ado:

4. Where You Should Go And Other Tidbits

Alright, so… Now you know how awesome Balkan women can be… They are gorgeous, they are friendly, what else could there be? Well, most of them aren’t looking for a very serious relationship.

I mean, they wouldn’t reject the possibility, but they are much more focused on their career and personal goals. As such, they are incredibly open-minded. So, you’re pretty much bound to have a good time if you stay for enough time and play your cards right.

On the flipside, they are very afraid of judgement from their friends and peers. That’s why you’ll encounter heavy resistances most of the times. Worry not, as long as you chose a good city (and there are plenty) you’ll have to deal less with that. The key is the population of the city… The more the better.

See, in most small cities, everyone knows everyone. Word gets around quickly and as such, women are more careful about their reputation. This means that she’ll be more hesitant to sleep with you and even go out on a date with you (in smaller cities).

That’s why you’ll want to go to larger cities. Capitals will be your best bet. After capitals, I’d suggest you go to tourist destinations (The Balkans have incredible beaches, so go there during the Summer).

An added bonus to going to a tourist city in the summer (like Varna or Bourgas in Bulgaria, for example) is that you’re going to see a TON of tourists… And since the Balkans aren’t a very popular western travel location, you’ll actually see more Balkan tourists (For example many Romanians and Bulgarian travel to Greece in the summer… There’s also a TON of Russians and Ukrainians). This is great for a little diversity too.

And with this we conclude this article… Now you’re equipped with all the knowledge and skill you’ll need in order to attract and seduce a Balkan girl. And when you do, be sure to mention me to her friends, nothing wrong with a little appreciation am I right?

Aaanyways, good luck.

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