Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Turkish Girl Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Turkish Girl Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

So, I’m guessing you’re planning to o visit Turkey and see what it has to offer (in terms of women that is). That’s a great idea, I mean… traveling is awesome, and well… I’ll let you be the judge of that:

I know, I know… Awesome!

But Turkey is unique (well, most countries are). You can’t go there and spit the same lines you’re spitting back home (and expect to get good results that is …) You need to attune. To the culture, to the dating game, to pretty much everything really.

And that’s why I’m here. To give you all the information that you need in order to do well with the Turkish ladies.

We’ll go over this strategically:

First, we’ll make a list of all the things we’ll be going over in the article. All the major points that you’ll need to be aware of in Turkey.

After that, we go deep. We’ll dive into details about those points and more.

How does that sound? Then let’s go right to it:

  • Turkish Women Are Good Looking
  • Turkish Girls Are Somewhat Conservative
  • There Are Many Tourists From Russia And Ukraine
  • Turkish Women Are Bombarded By Horny Turkish Men All The Time
  • Some Tricks You Can Use During Your Turkish Vacation

All right. That’s out of the way… Let’s dive dee pinto the good stuff. The details that will teach you exactly what you need. Here goes:

1. Turkish Women Are Good Looking

They’re actually incredibly gorgeous.

The usual Turkish girl you’ll find will have awesome olive skin, beautiful black eyes, and incredible physique. That’s awesome for you, obviously.

Not joking, really… You’ll find some magnificent women in Turkey.

And the reason for which I’m selling them sooo much right now… Well… See, there’s a HUGE downside that you’ll have to face pretty much most of the times you’re trying to approach any woman from Turkey.

And we’ll go over this in just a moment. But before that, a last mention of the usual Turkish beauty:

Aaand, let’s go to the bad stuff:

2. Turkish Girls Are Somewhat Conservative

Welp, it’s kind of obvious when you think about it… Turkey is a country that has Arabic roots. And the Arabic cultures are incredibly conservative. Just look at the most common religion: Islam. Muslim people are incredibly conservative. Deeply rooted in old beliefs and a mostly patriarchal society. Just have a look at our points about Muslim women.

But Turkey has some redeeming qualities.

At an interesting new country and culture.

See, Turkey is actually one of the least conservative countries of the Muslim world. You’ll see that most women aren’t wearing black robes from bottom to top, showing only their eyes. None of that (well, probably a little bit of that here and there, but you’re best to avoid them still).

And that’s great news. Because it means that the girl you’re trying to pick up is just a little more leaning on the liberal side. She’ll probably be alright with a normal conversation. She may even be a bit freaky or crazy if she’s tired of the culture. And if that happens, perfect.

What I’d do is play the adventure card. Portray yourself as the adventurous traveler. And just excite her as much as you can, to the point where she can’t take it anymore. And that should be inherently very easy, since you’re travelling. You’re already doing something quite adventurous by throwing yourself at a new and interesting country and culture. It shouldn’t be hard to talk about this with passion. And if it is, then you have larger problems. To solve those, just realize that everything is just like a game. It should be fun. You’re travelling. Have fun…

Aanyways, back to Turkish women being conservative.

An important point to mention when considering this, is that you should NEVER judge them. Don’t pressure her by saying things like: “Oh, you’re too conservative, you need to live a little”.

She knows that. She FEELS that way. Instead of stating the obvious and bringing up her own issues to the conversation, try to avoid them and give her an excuse to “live a little” with you.

Being with you should be an awesome experience. A time when she’s never judged on her decisions and when she can just enjoy being and doing what she’s always wanted to do.

And I think you’re getting the point now. I’ll come back to HOW you can actually do this a bit later. For now, let’s move to the next point:

3. There Are Many Tourists From Russia And Ukraine

Now, I know this has little to do with Turkish girls in general, but it’s a really cool thing that you can use to your advantage. And, well, Russian and Ukrainian girls are incredibly hot too. So, if you ever get bored of Turkish women, or you find them not interesting enough, there’s other options.

And I’ve actually covered Russian and Ukrainian women before. Sooo, take a quick peek.

But why do I want to bring light to this?

Well, simply, if you have more options, you’ll generally feel better because you’ll have what we call “Abundance”. This basically means that you’re free from outcome. You don’t care if you get rejected by any girl, because you have other to fall back to if things to south.

So, what can you do about all the tourists?

We’ll cover this more in depth in the last section, but let’s say that you’ll want to simply approach any girl that you’re interested in. Whether they’re Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, or whatever else you find attractive. Just go for it.

For now, that’s enough. Let’s go back to Turkish women. Err… Turkish guys for a second (I know, I know… but it’s important, trust me).

4. Turkish Women Are Bombarded By Horny Turkish Men All The Time

Pretty straightforward. When your culture is very conservative and you’re not really allowed to screw around, you get a bit horny from time to time… Well, not just a bit.

Soo, obviously this, coupled with your frustration because you’re experiencing certain feelings that you’re taught to suppress… That’s a fine concoction for disaster.

And obviously, experiencing all this will make you do some pretty weird, random, and downright self-destructive things. Like approaching pretty much every girl and being completely uncalibrated.

And, obviously, this will lead to some disasters. Usually it’s just getting blown away right of the bat, but sometimes these guys may not get the memo. They’ll continue being pushy and boring. Trying whatever they can think of and just generally putting the woman in a very, very bad mood. And then, after this one is “exhausted” and completely rejects them, they’ll go to the next one and do pretty much the same.

But surely that doesn’t affect you in any way, shape, or form, right? You’re not like those needy guys. Obviously, you’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel for those poor girls, being assaulted by Turkish beta males.

Well, you’re wrong. I mean, you very well could be all that. BUT, it’s not the main issue.

The main issue is that after those guy, the girls feel like shit. They’ll close themselves off for pretty much nay guy and reject you on the spot most of the times. Even if you’re not going to bug them that much.

See, Turkish women (and all women actually), aren’t machines. They also get tired, bored, and frustrated. And how will you feel if 10 random dudes came to approach you and harassed you. One after the other. Pretty shit I’d assume.

So, that’s why this is a thing you’ll need to be aware of.

My recommendation for getting around the issue?

Simply approach before everyone else. You have to be ruthless and go for the approach as soon as you see a woman you’re into.

Approach more heavily during the beginning of the night. You’ll have much more success.

Also, you can do one better and do the following:

Approach all the women in the venue. Well, as much as you can that is. But don’t go for anything other than having fun. Just bring the overall mood of the different girls and groups up. Make them laugh, make them have a good time, etc.

This’ll set you up for the rest of the night. Wherever you go, you’ll have friends. And if you see some random Turkish guy boring a girl you like, that you’ve made connection with… Then just go to her, high five her, talk with the guy and “save her” from him by AMOG-ing him (Alpha Male Of Group).

AMOG basically means that you belittle him. But in such a way that he’s cool with you.

Simply compliment him (he can’t be mad at a compliment) and compare yourself to him:

“Duuude, you have such a great beard. What do you think girls, I can’t really get laid with this guy around… My beard game is too weak, haha”.

This should make everyone laugh, the girls admire you for having fun, the guy isn’t mad and admires you because he feels like you’re helping him. But what you’re doing is actually belittling him. Making him sound tryhard-ish, overconfident, or something similar, while you’re the fun and chill guy that girls actually like.

So, that way you’re saving the girls from having their night destroyed, you make them like you even more, and you’re not a villain, going around kicking guys out for the sake of it. Awesome!

And, even if you don’t do that. Once all those guys are done with ruining a girl’s mood. If you’ve made her have a good time first, you can always come and do that again. And because she knows you’re cool from the first time, she won’t reject you for nothing. And you can bring her mood up again. Best part: she’s only yours now. Since other guys have destroyed her night, and you’re the only one who’s had fun with her. Even if a guy comes to cockblock you, she’ll just reject him and destroy him for you. You won’t need to “defend” her or the interaction. Brilliant!

So, before we continue to what you should be doing afterwards, let’s recap:

First, you want to approach pretty much every Turkish woman and her group as soon as possible. Go around, have fun, and make some friends. Girls will also see this and assume that you’re a cool guy. Plus, they’ll be fighting for you. Awesome!

Second, don’t be afraid to interrupt a guy during his approach if the girl seems uninterested. Just AMOG him and you’ll be golden.

Lastly, remember to just have fun. You’re in a bar/club to have fun. You’re travelling to have fun.

And, to quickly go over what to do during the day: Just assume that she hasn’t had many guys bother her. Most guys won’t even have the courage to approach during the day. So, just approach and have fun.

But let’s go over what you should do after that?

And this point is getting too long, so I’m going to cheat a bit and create a new one.


5. What To Do After You’ve Approached

HA! The power of being the writer… I can actually do this, haha

Right, back to the point:

So, you’ve approached her, everything is going splendid, you aren’t bothering her like all those other dudes. What next?

Well, it’s pretty simple actually. You do the basic things you do with every other girl, everywhere.

You keep the conversation going. You try to make her laugh. You try to put in a few sexual jokes and connotations here and there. You try to escalate physically. You try to move her to some other place, venue, or just to isolate her.

Standard stuff really.

But you also need to be aware of the subtle nuances that are Turkish women inherently possess. That’s usually going to be just their more conservative nature. So, you just need to be much slower and clever.

If she’s responding positively, definitely go for it. Push as much as you can, but don’t put yourself in a losing situation.

For example, if you see that she’s enjoying your company, instead of going for a HUGE physical escalation (like a kiss), go for something that’s escalation for sure, but doesn’t set you back if it fails. Crack a joke and touch/punch her arm lightly. If she responds positively, do it a few more times, and try to touch her for a little longer period. See how she responds.

Basically, escalate slowly and methodically. Within reason.

Do that, and you’ll definitely get some good results.

Just for reference purposes, these are the usual escalation points:

  • Light, friendly touching on the arms
  • Touching on the back of her palms
  • Touches on her legs and hips
  • Touches on her neck, face
  • Kissing
  • Well… I’m pretty sure you know what goes after that, haha.

Aaanyways. That’s pretty much it. And if you met her during the day. Chances are you’ve got her number and set up a date where you escalate, OR you’ve gone on a date with her right then and there (an instant date). Sooo, yeah. Moving on:

6. Some Tricks You Can Use During Your Turkish Vacation

Remember how I mentioned other tourists, especially Russians and Ukrainians?

Well, now we’ll talk about them a bit.

See, they usually travel in bigger groups and stay in hotels together. So, when looking for a hotel, ignore the ones which have positive reviews from Brits. You’re looking for hotels that have bad reviews that say things like: “Too many Russians” or something similar.

Go for those and rock it there.

What you want to do is just stay in the pool area of the hotel for the WHOLE day and day game pick up the girl you find attractive. I promise, it’s going to be great.

What else can you do?

Well, obviously, travelling to another country, you’ll find people that speak a different language (Turkish for this instance, or Russian if you’re going to be dealing with the tourists).

As such, learning a few key phrases. And mostly something funny, will benefit you A LOT.

This is great, because you’ll make a great impression on the girls (because it shows that you actually care about their culture, and aren’t just an ignorant tourist, looking for sex). It also makes the conversation more fun and light-hearted, because your pronunciation won’t be perfect (and will most likely be funny to them).

And that’s pretty much everything that you need in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Turkish girls.

Just remember to have fun, approach fast, and make a good impression. You’ll find that your stay in Turkey is amazing.

Aanyways, when you actually score with that incredible Turkish girl, be sure to mention me to her friends. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Well, good luck in Turkey!

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