Could You Really Attract Latino Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract Latino Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

Hot, Spicy, Feisty… Ahh Latin America…

I mean, just take a look at this, you can’t deny that Latinas are among the most gorgeous women on Earth:

And regardless if you’re looking for a quick fling, something more serious, or you’re just visiting for fun. Attracting and seducing Latino girls isn’t as easy (mostly because it’s just sooo much different from other parts in the world).

In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know in order to score a flaming hot Latina. First off, we’ll list all the most important topics. After that we’ll go into detail.

If that sounds like a sweet deal, read on:

  • Latino Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous
  • Latino Girls Tend To Play Dumb
  • Latinas Look For Very Masculine Men
  • They Are Among The Flakiest Women
  • Latino Women Absolutely Love Their Country And Culture
  • You Must Convey A TON Of Positive Qualities To Latinas

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s begin. Bear in mind that this list isn’t in any particular order.

That being said, let’s go over some of the most important things you need to take care of, even before you’ve approached the first Latina…

1. You Absolutely MUST Take Care Of Some Things

See, Latino Women actually care a lot about your appearance. Much more than in other countries.

You’ll definitely need to take care of yourself!

This means:

  • Going to the gym
  • Dressing sharply
  • Wearing good cologne

And much, much more…

Exercising is a big part. You want to have a great physique because that’ll give you a TON of bonus points.

Dressing well not only makes you look good. It also shows that you’re rich. Due to the immense income disparities present in most Latin American countries, most Latinas value financial stability a lot. And they’re going to like you if you’re financially stable.

Now, that doesn’t mean they are gold diggers. They aren’t. It’s just that having the “security” just in case, is something that they value a lot. And as such, it’ll get you further ahead.

We’ll talk more about this in a bit.

Wearing good cologne, and actually just having a good smell is also very important. Hygiene is crucial anywhere in the world (obviously) but Latinas actually put a TON of emphasis on how a guy smells. So make sure you’ve put effort into it.

That’s not all actually. Apart from making sure you’re looking, smelling, and portraying yourself as best as you can, there are other things you will need.

The place you’re staying for example. It has to be very close (5-10 mins drive) from where you’re going out to, or meeting with your dates. That’s for obvious logistical reasons, and helps tremendously with getting her back to your place. Instead of making it that painfully long experience, it’s an exciting adventure.

Your place must also be more spacious. Latinas are somewhat claustrophobic. Make sure you’re not living in a box and you’ll do great. Also, she’ll probably be going through your drawers and cabinets, so make sure she sees what you want her to see.

Another HUGE advantage you can give yourself is learning a bit of the language (Spanish and Portuguese, although they are quite similar) as well as learning to dance. Both of these skills at least at a basic level will put you miles ahead of the other tourists and make you stand out a lot. Also, Latinas will absolutely LOVE it, soo just learn a bit of Spanish, some Portuguese, and some moves…

As for the money. You don’t actually need to spend a ton and buy everything that comes across you in order to show your wealth. Just convey that through your actions and words. Actually being able to travel and stay at a nice place tells the girl that you’re not poor. SO use that to your advantage.

2. Latino Girls Are Incredibly Gorgeous

Well, you’re here for a reason, am I wrong?

Pretty much the case in all the Latin American countries. Latinas are simply jaw-dropping hot.

That being said, some places house sexier Latino women…

My recommendations are Rio, Mexico, and Argentina.

The differences are that in Mexico, everything will be easier for you. That’s because it’s a common tourist destination, most girls will know English, and you’ll find many different people here.

In Argentina however, you’ll find that it’s much more class-oriented society. You’ll need much more money here, and girls will be even more flaky than in other countries (more on that later). I’d recommend Argentina only if you’re very rich and know what you’re doing, otherwise it’s not worth it.

Rio is somewhat the middle ground. It’s a great place to go and I’d definitely recommend it.

But even if you decide to go to other countries, like Brazil, or the Dominican Republic, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful women there.

As a side notion: Latin America is much more racist, so stick to larger cities. Also, white guys have an inherent advantage, sorry.

Aaanyways, how about we go to the next section, haha?


3. Latinas Are Only Looking For Masculine Men

That’s pretty much their culture. Gender roles are incredibly well defined there, so you’ll need to adapt.

Hopefully, you’re a manly man and don’t have to change a lot. Still I think it’s crucial to mention the things in this section.

So without further ado, here are some of the thing you just have to be able to do:

  • Strong eye contact
  • Ability to lead
  • Being persistent
  • Being direct (as in not playing games)
  • Taking risks

Those are among the qualities you’ll need to be showing constantly.

Take eye contact for example:

For Latinas, strong eye contact is pretty much a must. It conveys that you like her, and if she likes you too, she’ll also hold it. You need to make sure you’re showing intent with your eye contact and actually act upon it too.

There’s nothing worse than just staying there and holding eye contact for the whole night (assuming she’ll give you that much time and not be bored after she realizes that you’re not going to act upon it).

Just man up and go approach her after you’ve established the eye contact.

And when you do, it’s obvious that you’re attracted to her, so make sure you’re not beating around the bush. Be direct. Give her a compliment make her smile and ask for her number.

Do make some small talk and let her get to know you, but make sure it’s straight to the point.

You want to show her that you’re a dominant, masculine man who can handle himself. That’s what she’ll be attracted to. So do it.

Right, so what happens after you get her number.

Well, obviously, start texting her, or call her… Depending on what you prefer, really.

That being said, texting is the lower risk, and it’s usually more difficult to get her on a date (although not impossible) that way.

On the other hand, calling her is much more pressure on you and a single slip up can blow things away… So, it’s your call (haha).

That being said, as with texting any other girl, you want to move things and set up a date.

Right now, it’s important to mention that Latinas are incredibly flaky. She’ll most likely give you an excuse of why she can’t make it.

At this point she’ll either try to reschedule it, or just leave you there. Whatever she does you need to show persistence.

The fact that she’s putting in effort to inform you, means that she likes you. This is her way of testing you.

She needs to see if you’re actually that masculine guy that you appear to be.

If you react to it and get annoyed by this, you’re not showing masculine qualities.

If you let her off and let her set up the next date, you’re not very masculine either.

If you’re always available, well that just makes you incredibly unattractive in general.

What you want to do is to be persistent with the date, but make it on your terms. You also want to be flaky. You want to be busy with your schedule. That’s what a man who’s got his shit together will be, and that man is masculine. So be that man.

Another thing to mention is that Latino girls will play dumb. They understand that you’re attracted to them and are hitting on them. They are fully aware. But they also want to keep their fun, bubbly, almost child-like persona intact. So they’ll play that game.

By the way, they’ll drop all games after you’ve had sex, don’t be alarmed by the sudden change.

Basically, don’t make it a huge deal. Expect it and just go with it and you’ll be fine. The worst thing you can do is react to this and call her out on it… She’ll definitely be turned off.

Right, so, after a few texts you’ve actually pinned down a date. You both agreed to it, you’re there and waiting for her. She’s obviously a bit late because she cares a TON about her appearance, but that’s fine. She arrives. You’re on a date with a hot Latina… What do you do?

Well, throw the traditional date out of the window. You want to show masculine qualities, right?

You want to lead. “We’re going here!” you say. Grab her hand and go.

You also want to move venues from time to time. Go to a bar, then for a walk, then to a club, then (hopefully) to your place… Or something like that. Just move venues.

This shows several incredibly valuable qualities:

For one, it communicates masculinity. You’re leading her and she’s following. That’s incredibly attractive and she’ll love it.

Another thing is that it shows that you’ve done it before. This means that other women have been attracted to you and have let you do this before, so it’s great pre-selection. Makes you that much more attractive.

It also shows you have experience and know how to have a good time. You know the best places and you know when to go in and out in order to get the most of every place.

Lastly, it makes her feel more secure. If you’re moving from the park to a coffee place. Then to a bar… Well, she’s getting accustomed to you leading. It’s going to be much more easy to lead her to your place afterwards where good things can happen, right?


4. Latino Women Absolutely LOVE Their Countries And Culture

That’s why I advised you to learn the languages and some dance moves.

What I’ll also advise now is to learn some specifics about the particular country you’re visiting. If you’re going to Mexico, you should learn Spanish, for Brazil – Portuguese.

In Rio, they dance salsa, in the Dominican Republic it’s bachata.

Learn the differences and adapt to where you’re heading. Their country pride is incredible.

Also, show interest. Ask them about their culture. Ask them to teach you how to dance with a touch a Hispanic flavor.

They’ll love that you care and be that much attracted to you.

All in all, Latino women are simply incredible. Otherworldly gorgeous they are worth it.

Just be masculine, lead her, and be persistent. You’ll get very far with these.

Also, don’t forget to look good and convey that you’re not poor.

All of these, in combination with a bit of language, dancing, and curiosity about the culture, and you’ll be looking at a hell of a great time in any Latin country.

Just make sure you give a word about me out to any friends of the Latinas you’re with. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Take care and good luck in Latin America.

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