Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Filipino Girl Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Filipino Girl Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

Ahh, the Philippines. An Awesome place to go for a week or two and meet sexy young Filipino girls for a one night stand. And if you disagree… Hmm, how could you even do that:

But the rules of the game are different in the Philippines… And in Asia as a whole. In fact, I’ve actually written a full guide on Asia too. You can find it here.

But back to Filipino girls. Again, you’ll need to do some things differently. So, that’s why we’re doing this now. In this article, you’ll find all the information you need in order to attract and seduce those awesome Filipino women.

We’ll do this the usual way:

First, we’ll list all the major points that we’ll talk about. Those are the biggest things you need to be aware of.

After that, we’ll dive deep into details. We’ll discuss each point from start to finish and even do some extra here and there.

Sounds good? Let’s do it:

  • Filipino Women Are Very Sexy
  • Filipino Girls Love Foreigners
  • They Are Great For Casual Hookups
  • There Are Too Much Hookers In The Philippines
  • You Should Take Some Things Into Consideration (Problems May Arise)

Alright, that sounds about right.

Well then, I’m sure you’re bubbling with excitement right about now. Let’s not lose that state. Let’s go directly to the first point:

1. Filipino Women Are Very Sexy

That’s mostly because you’ll be seeing pretty much only younger girls. Women in their early 20s and early 30s at most.

And that’s not even a problem for the older guys, because that’s how things just work in the Philippines. Women can date much, much older guys and that’s not something weird there.

It’s actually pretty common. That’s because it’s a third world country and older guys are usually more financially secure. Obvious reasons are obvious, I know.

But that’s not the point here. The point is that Filipino girls are stunningly hot. And you should be quick to jump on that opportunity. Because they actually don’t take great care of themselves, leading them very average or even bad-looking later in life.

That’s exactly why you’ll want to primarily go for hookups in the Philippines. Longer term relationships are fine (if that’s your cup of tea, I guess). But most women aren’t very loyal (since hooking up isn’t a HUGE deal) and if you’re not okay with that, then you should look for love somewhere else.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun time, then the Philippines and its sexy ladies can surely deliver on that.

But anyways, let’s jump straight to our next point:


2. Filipino Girls LOVE Foreigners

That’s mostly because foreigners have money.

But that’s not the whole story. Sure, the stereotype comes from there, but in reality, there are some Filipino girls that are alright with just hooking up (that means not paying for sex).

And since foreigners are usually just travelling for a while to the country, they are perfect for short-term, casual relationships.

And that’s actually great for you (if you’re into the whole casual dating thing… not so much if you’re serious … What are you still doing here if you’re serious, the Philippines doesn’t really do serious). It’s great because you can get your fair share of one night stands here (but more on that later).

This also means that you’ll have a pretty easy time with the local girls too.

That’s because you won’t really need to do much work after approaching. Just go up to the girl and start talking to her. Escalate at some point and go for an instant date or a number, your call.

But let’s explain it in more detail, because I’m sure you’re not sure what all that means, haha.

Right, so the approach.

Since English is an incredibly popular language in the Philippines, you’re going to be able to talk in English with pretty much all girls. And if her English is incredibly bad (you should judge her texting more too). If she’s texting like an alien, that’s your sign that she’s not a good deal.

Imagine this, they teach English pretty early in their schools, so what does it say about her if she spells every word with 3-5 mistakes in? Not very good for you, that is.

So, where were we? Right, the approach.

Just go up to her and give her a compliment. She’ll probably be shy and smile. That’s great. Just continue the conversation, asking her something about her culture. This makes you sound like you care (which you probably should actually). That’s great and lets her talk, which means that she’s investing in the conversation.

That’s great. You want to just keep the conversation going, hopefully she asks you something too to make it easy on you (but you should be able to keep making small talk or something even if she doesn’t ask you a lot of things).

If she does ask you. She’ll probably go for the basic questions: “Where are you from”, “Why are you in the Philippines”, “What drove you here”, etc.

Just answer those honestly and try to put in some humor or even sexual humor, to spike things up.

And that’s your next goal, spiking things up sexually.

Now, if this is a normal day game approach, I’d actually suggest against it. Keep a normal conversation and then escalate to the number or an instant date (an immediate date where you go to some place right then and there).

But if you’ve approached her in the club or in a bar, then you’ll want to get things interesting soon.

Basically make increasingly more sexual comments and jokes and gage her response. If she’s on board with it, continue escalating and even add more physicality to it. Touch her occasionally. Until you escalate to the kiss. From then on I’ll just assume you’re going to ride that wave for a bit and know how to do things.

But what happens then?

Simple, either get her number, or try to get her to come with you to another place.

Learn about her logistics. Ask her questions like who she’s there with, what is she doing afterwards, what she’s doing in the morning. Things like that.

If she’s busy after, just get the number. If she’s not, you have room to pull her back to your place where good things can happen.

And how you do that is pretty easy. Just tell her that you’re getting bored of the place or something and invite her to go somewhere else with you. Or you can just go around the bar/club… Get a drink, go to the smoking area, those kinds of things.

The point is to get her to the point where she’s agreeing to come with you here and there. After that you just tell her that you can do something cool at your place. I’d phrase it like a question. For example let’s say that you have something interesting back home. Maybe you have an awesome view, or killer toilet paper hanger… It can be ANYTHING.

Just tell her: “You’ve got to see this awesome view that I have… I can see this and that, etc.”. And get her to come home with you that way.

It’s important to note here that you should have a place close by. A 5-10 min cab ride at most.

So, you get her home, you have a drink or something and, well… Obviously, good things happen.

That’s pretty much it… And now I think I’ve actually covered most of the next point that I’ve wanted to talk about… But let’s get into it anyway, there’s more to say:

3. Filipino Women Are Great For Casual Hookups

Well, we’ve discussed this already, but there’s more.

Let’s talk about things from the other perspective. Let’s say that you’ve approached the girl during the day.

Hopefully she isn’t in a hurry to somewhere and has time to spend. She may even be on a walk or something. Or shopping in the mall. Whatever it is, she doesn’t instantly blow you out because she’s late for work or whatever.

So, you make conversation, you put in a few sexual jokes but nothing too much. You realize that her logistics are great: She’s killing time, not doing anything specific. That’s perfect.

At this point, I’ll try to go for an instant date right there and then. Just tell her something like: “Hey, I’m going for a coffee at this Starbucks here, want to join me for a quick cup?”.

If she agrees, great, you’ve got yourself a date!

And if she doesn’t just get her number with something like: “Well, you seem like a cool person, let’s grab coffee or something sometime” And when she agrees to that, just ask for her number. I’d actually just pull out my phone and give it to her to type it down.

But let’s say that she’s down for an instant date (or if she wants, just text her later and figure out a date… and we’ll say that you’re on a date… because both are pretty much the same thing).

So, the date, right… What you want to be doing now is keeping up the conversation, going in more aggressively and learning more and more things about her. She’ll also ask questions about you.

Again, like in the club/bar, you want to make things sexual at some point. Just put in some sexual jokes here and there and you’ll be golden. Escalate physically, playfully touching her arms when you’re making a point or laughing. That’s a great way to see what you can get away with.

If she responds positively and laughs while you touch her ,things are going great. If she pulls back, you should tone it down a bit. And if she’s touching you back, you’re going great.

Now at some point you’ll want to start moving around. You can’t stay at a Starbucks for 5 hours. Just tell her that you know this cool bar or something and go for drinks there.

Move through a few venues that way, and you’ll soon be at the point at which you can take her home.

Now, sometimes this comes very early, sometimes you need to spend more time with the girl. Whatever it is, you’ll probably get the feel for it while you’re there doing it. If she’s responding positively to everything you do, then you can probably get her to come home pretty fast.

Gage her reactions and act upon that.

You already know the drill. Just tell her about something cool about your place (seriously, it can be as stupid as your toiler rolls… You just have to present it in a cool enough way). Then get her home, show her around a bit and you’re probably going down for sex at this point.

And that’s pretty much how you want your hookups to go (and how they’re likely to go down usually). But it’s not all sunshine and easy sex in the Philippines. And we should definitely talk about some of the problems that you may face along the road.

So, here goes:

4. There Are A TON OF Hookers In The Philippines

Well, it’s only a problem if you’re not into paying for sex.

If you’re alright with it (and really, it’s going to be incredibly cheap) then certainly go for it. Nothing wrong with that, really.

But if you’re looking to have a good time without paying some girl to remove her clothes, that’s perfectly reasonable too (obviously).

One subtle but kind of innocent thing you can do to know for sure is to divert the conversation to something full of sexual connotations. Then, jokingly ask if she’d consider having sex for money. If she’s hesitant and says something like “Maybe” or “Depends”, then you know that she’ll probably ask you for money in the end.

And really, a hooker will not give you a TON of hours for just a date, she’ll want to wrap things up pretty quickly, so be careful of girls that are too sexual too early (and those who actually engage sexuality right of the bat, obviously).

Taking all these precautions, you’ll probably be fine on this front. Which leaves us with fewer problems… Fewer, but still problems. Let’s discuss them as a whole:

5. Other Possible Problems That May Arise

So, the most minor problem is going to be the ladyboys.

  • Ladyboys are extremely prevalent in the south-eastern parts of Asia anyways, so you probably know about them by now.

And how do you deal with them? Simply ask. Nobody is going to get offended. Just ask her: “Hey, are you a ladyboy by any chance?”. There, simple as that. Moving on to the next problem…

  • Another quite minor problem could be the condom sizes. They don’t really have all condom sizes in the Philippines. So, you may end up having nothing to work with.

And it’s crucial that you bring your own. You don’t want to use a condom that is too small, and you REALLY don’t want to use no condom at all.

See, it’s forbidden to have an abortion in the Philippines. So any mishaps are permanent. Keep that in mind and prepare for your travels. Have a good number of condoms beforehand and bring them all.

And on the other hand, you don’t want to get any nasty disease either. Not that it is extremely common, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially if you decide to pay for sex.

  • Getting robbed may happen. Again this is a third world country, people may be desperate, so they can do some pretty nasty things.

Just be careful of who you bring home and thief proof your place. Don’t put things just lying around, hide everything as much as you can.

This isn’t common at all, but you know… Better safe than sorry. Moving on.

Well, that’s pretty much the most problems you’re going to face. A few things to note are to be on your toes. Don’t get stupid drunk (you should never get stupid drunk, regardless of the country). Also, avoid certain girls. Make sure that she understands that all you’re looking for is a casual hookup. Tell her that. Word it a bit better, but don’t promise her anything that you’re not going to do with the hopes of getting her into bed (she’ll probably sleep with you if you’re cool enough regardless, so there’s no point to it).

For example, she may be using you as a ticket to a better life. You DEFINITELY DON’T WANT that. You’re basically begging her to be completely obsessive. And you don’t want to keep such word either. That’ll be an absolutely terrible relationship. She’s definitely going to just use you for the free pass to the better country and better life. Worse yet, she’ll probably leave you after. Ugh.

Anyways, if you’re smart about what you’re doing you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a great time with all the Filipino women. Just remember what I’ve told you already: Approach her, keep the conversation, swap venues, pull her to your place. That’s all there is to it…

And when you get with that hot Filipino girl remember to tell all her friends about me… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, right?

Aaanyways, good luck in the Philippines.

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