Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Canadian Girl Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract And Seduce A Canadian Girl Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Should Look Out For

So, you’re visiting Canada, are you? Well that’s a great place to go to. The people are simply incredible. And the Canadian women… Ahh:

Simply gorgeous.

But you can’t just go to the north and do the same thing you’ve been doing back home. Canadian girls will definitely respond differently. What you need in order to attract and seduce them is a technique. You’ll need to learn a bit about them before you can master the interactions that they are used to. And that’s what we’re aiming to do here. Teach you how to attract and seduce Canadian women.

We’ll start off by doing a list of all the general point we’re going to discuss in the article. After that, we’ll dive deep into the specifics and teach you exactly what you need to know before heading to Canada.

And without further ado, let’s get right into the list:

  • Canadian Women Can Lose Respect For You Fast
  • Canadian Girls Have Bigger Egos
  • They Give Their Numbers Away Pretty Easily
  • They Can Be Very Cool When You Play Your Cards Right
  • Canadian Girls Will LOVE It If You Show Interest In Their Culture

Alright, now let’s get down to business. Let’s dive into the details and teach you exactly what you need to do in order to attract and seduce those gorgeous Canadian ladies.


1. Canadian Women Can Lose Respect For You Fast

That’s pretty much everywhere around the world, but even more so in Canada.

See, women here have grown up under different rules. The weather isn’t as sunny as in other southern countries and men aren’t supposed to be pussies.

As such, if you start off with even a slight hint of seeking validation or attention, the Canadian girls will instantly lose respect for you and thus, view you as nothing more than a “free stuff” guy. Basically they’ll use you for free drinks and similar things while not giving you anything in return. Which obviously you don’t want.

The solution: Don’t do that.

Just go up to her and be masculine. Establish that you’re a guy who doesn’t care about outside things. You have your shit together. You have abundance. You have everything you’d ever want. You’re just going to her because you’re having fun and you like meeting new people (if they are cool).

Go with the frame that you’re the prize. She’ll obviously object and give you some shit tests, but you just pass them and keep that frame up. At some point she won’t have choice but to follow it and start qualifying herself to you.

And that’s how you set yourself up for success. And most importantly, she’s going to respect you. And if you have that, you’re golden, if you don’t you’re not getting her anywhere.

But why do they do that? Why do they instantly lose respect for you if you slip up?

Well, that’s because:


2. Canadian Girls Have Bigger Egos

Well, bigger than your average girl everywhere else that is.

See, usually girls will have a bigger ego. That’s a given. It’s because most guys put them on a pedestal from a very early age. They just grow up being almost drowned in constant attention and admiration, just for their looks. And since it’s so easy for them to get it (they don’t have to do much, other than look good, which is incredibly easy), they just start thinking that they’re better than others.

If you constantly have random people just coming to you and complimenting you on your looks and how awesome you are, you’re definitely developing a superiority complex. And if someone actually shatters it, you’re soo drawn to them… Why?

Simple really: If everyone just admires you all the time, you begin to just accept it as the norm. And the norm is comfortable. And suddenly there comes a guy that doesn’t think you’re equivalent to the sun. Your position as this magnificent creature that everyone else adores is threatened. You NEED to make them like you. Or you despise them

But you need to assure yourself that either they are wrong, or that they actually like you. And you can begin to qualify yourself to them.

That’s exactly what you want to get out of the girls. And even more so with Canadian women. If you can get her to qualify herself to you, you’ve pretty much won her over.

And how do you actually do that?

Easy, you just work on your respect. Keep that frame going strong and never let her drag you down and reduce you to just another man that constantly admires her.

Simply believe that you’re the awesome man that she’s obviously lucky to have approached her. Keep that frame (I’ll keep saying that over and over again… It’s THAT important). Make her qualify herself by making her wonder if you’re interested or not.

So, quick recap:

First, when you approach, you need to quickly destroy her frame and maintain your own. You want to be the one who’s cool and push her off her pedestal. Make her wonder.

Aftr that, just keep the conversation funny. Keep the energy high. And escalate physically.

After that? Obviously you should get her number, right?

WRONG… Because:

3. Canadian Women Give Their Numbers Away Pretty Easily

Yep. They get hit on pretty regularly and give out their numbers like tissues. Don’t expect much off of a number.

She’s most likely not going to remember who she gave her number to. And if the interaction was great, you’re probably better off just making a bigger impact then and there and taking her on an instant date (or if you met her at a bar or a club during the night, you can probably pull her home where good things can happen).

So, we established that you don’t want to go for numbers. Well, the only exception to the rule will be to go for the number when there’s not another option.

Let’s discuss that scenario real quick…

So, she’s very busy after a while, so you can’t pull her to your place or go on an instant date. You’re pretty much forced to get the number. What do you want to do.

Well, make the interaction as memorable as you can. Try to get her to have fun with you, qualify herself, maybe even take a photo of you two together.

Then, when you exchange numbers, immediately text her your name. And later, when you’re texting her, share that photo OR if you didn’t take a photo, just bring up something unique from the interaction. Surely you’ve two made an inside joke between yourselves. Bring that up, make her laugh again. Make her relive that awesome interaction again. And then. Invite her for a proper date.

Okay, so let’s say you’re on the date (OR, you’re on an instant date right after you’ve approached her… OR you’ve just approached her in the club/bar and things are going well). What do you want to do now?

Here’s what you do: You simply keep the conversation going. You escalate more and more. You touch her lightly and playfully, you introduce sexuality to the interaction. At some point you even move for the kiss.

Pretty normal things really. But you need to do those. You want to “poke” for what she’s comfortable with. If she’s comfortable with you jokingly touching her, push a bit more and see if she’s comfortable with more intimate touches (back of her palm, legs, hips, etc…). If she is, try touching her neck, try going for the kiss.

Let’s say you’re doing everything right. You’ve even kissed her. What’s the next step…

Well, you should be doing this simultaneously, but, let’s discuss logistics.

You want to learn what her logistics are:

Who is she there with?

What is she doing after?
What is she doing the next day?

Things like that. If she’s free the next day, doesn’t have plans for the rest of the night, and her friends are cool with leaving you two alone… Well, you’re golden. You can pull her back to your place.

If not, get her number, make the experience memorable, and go for a date that has better logistics.

So, how do you introduce the idea of you two going back to your place (or hers, really)?

Well, let’s get to the next point I want to talk about:

4. Canadian Girls Can Be Very Cool When You Play Your Cards Right

I’m assuming you’ve played your cards right (since that’s what I’ve taught you to do up until now). SO, how do you pull to your place?

What you want to do is move her to different venues. It’s actually a concept that works pretty much everywhere.

What you do is just invite her to join you in another place “This place is getting boring, I know this other bar that’s very awesome”. And you just go there.

You want to do this a few times (depending on the girl, you’ll see when she’s down for your place). This not only sets the notion that you’re leading and she’s following, making her more likely to say yes to the next time you move her to another venue. It also makes you look like you’ve done this before, meaning that she’ll be getting more into your frame (which is perfect).

So, at some point, you just hype her about something interesting about your place (just like you were hyping her for the other places up until now). Maybe you have a VR system or some other whacky thing. Doesn’t matter. It can be the most simplest, boring, everyday item. As long as you make it sound really cool, you’re good to go.

SO, just say something like: “Hey, you ever played a game in VR? NO, wooow, you must try it it’s freaking awesome. Come with me, I’ve actually got a console and it’s amazing”.

Along the way you continue to hype it, making it sound like something awesome and how it makes you feel.

While we’re on this point… Your place should be nearby. It shouldn’t be a huge investment to get to your place. Max 5-10 minutes by cab… Nothing more.

Just do it. I promise you, it’ll be worth it!

And then you just go back home, do what you do and … you know, have sex.

Aaanyways, now you’re pretty much equipped with the outline of what you’re supposed to do. But how about we work on that approach?

5. Canadian Women Will LOVE It If You Show Interest In Their Culture

Just like all girls really…

But these things can be incredibly good for your approaches.

Here’s some things you can do:

  • Learn a bit of French
  • Ask her about her culture (be interested in learning more)

So, the first one: Learning French. Well, some Canadians speak French (obviously they speak English too. But learning a bit of French can make a nice impact on her. She’ll be flattered that you’ve learned a bit of another language that she’s speaking.

And, to top it all off, it’ll be very funny because your pronunciation won’t be perfect. So, you’ll have more ways to make the conversation more light-hearted and fun.

Also, asking her questions about her culture makes you appear as though you care (you should care though…).

Basically, it gives you a ton of advantages:

For one, it shows that you’re interested, which makes her like you that much more.

Also, it makes her invest in the conversation by explaining all the little nuances. And you can always have a laugh over some weird things, making the whole conversation a breeze.

The other tip, asking about her culture, is also a good idea. See, if you show genuine interest in where she’s grown up, she’ll definitely think more of you.

That’s because most tourists visit countries because of the women there. They don’t care about culture, sightseeing, or other similar experiences. They only care about trivial things, such as having sex with an exotic woman or escaping their reality back at home for a few days.

And that’s what you should avoid. You should be the guy who’s travelling because he enjoys himself. You should be visiting Canada for the thrill of it, not the women. They are just a bonus.

So, just start asking questions about Canada and you’ll get a looong way with the local women. Canadian girls, like pretty much all other girls, will love to speak about themselves and their country. Use that. Let her talk and thus invest in the interaction.

Not only do you get interesting information and facts about an interesting country. Not only does she think that you’re a cooler guy… You also make her talk more than you. This means she’s investing.

And if you start qualifying and disqualifying her, making her qualify herself to you… Well, let’s say that you’ve got it in the bag.

So, let’s recap:

  • Learn a bit of French – That way, you’ll most likely impress her. You’ll also show that you care enough to not be just like everyone else. You’ll also probably make her laugh since your pronunciation will be funny.
  • Ask about her culture – This way, you’ll definitely impress her. You should be genuinely interested in the things she has to say. That way, you make her talk about herself and her country. She’s investing in the interaction AND you can easily make her qualify herself, investing even more.

Aaand that’s about it for this article. Right now, you’re well equipped to attract and seduce any of those gorgeous Canadian women. So, just go up there and have fun…

Oooh, before I forget… Put a word out for me… To all the girlfriends of the women you get with… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Well, that’s that. Good luck in Canada.

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