Could You Attract Gorgeous Romanian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Attract Gorgeous Romanian Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

TheAnswerisYes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Romanian Women

A trip to Romania is an obvious choice for someone who wants to visit a country that can offer incredibly gorgeous European women… I mean, take a look for yourself:

And that’s all fine and dandy, but before you go to this awesome Balkan country (and if you’re going to other Balkan countries, maybe check ­this guide out), it’s important to understand how it works. You can’t just go around Romania and do the same things you do back home, it simply won’t work. The women won’t respond well. And you’re going to be left wondering what the hell is going wrong.

So, that’s why we’re here. In this neat article, I’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce Romanian girls.

We’ll start this off by making a list of all the points I’m going to talk about. After that… We’ll I’ll talk about them in detail. This will give you the best insight into the Romanian culture and its women. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to it, shall we?

  • Romanian Women Are Very Gorgeous
  • Romanian Girls Like The Dating Scene A Lot
  • They Are Best Approached During The Day
  • They Love Foreigners And Want To Hear Your Story
  • Romanian Girls WillLove To Tell You All About Their Culture

I understand that these may sound very vague, but bear with me. Explaining everything into detail will make all the bulbs in your head light up. And since you’re probably brimming with excitement, let’s get straight to it, starting with our first point:


1. Romanian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous

They usually look very, very hot.

Most Romanian girls have olive skin. They sport thin bodies and like to stay in shape. Also, they know how to dress well.

Basically, you’ll find that most women in Romania will love to look as good as possible.

And the same will be expected out of you. It’s even a good idea to discuss clothing before meeting her in order to match her style a bit. That’s best so you don’t overdress or underdress, both of which will make her feel uncomfortable… A LOT.

Romanian women also put a ton of attention on hygiene. You’ll definitely need to invest in a good scent. It’s going to lose you much more prospects than not doing it… So just do it.

And that’s pretty much it about this point, really. There’s nothing much to talk about their beauty (because it’s obvious).

So, let’s get to the next point:


2. Romanian Girls Enjoy The Dating Scene

It’s not uncommon for Romanian women to give out their numbers a lot. They’ll do it so often that most of the times they won’t even remember who they gave their number to. As such, you’ll have a TON of competition, and you have to work around this problem the smart way.

A good solution is to make the initial interaction memorable. If you do something cool or interesting with the girl she’ll most likely remember it.

While meeting a foreigner may be a bit novel, it’s just not enough. How about you use the place or situation you’re in and create an inside joke with her? Something that only the two of you will understand. Maybe you can even take a picture of you two.

Later, after she’s given you her number, just mention that little thing as your first text. She’ll definitely remember you now.

Also, for that same reason, you’ll want to text her pretty fast. Usually the next day, waiting to the second day at maximum. That’s also great because it allows you to make progress fast and hopefully set up a date sooner rather than later. And that’s not hard at all, since Romanian women love going on dates. SO, everything is made pretty easy for you, if you know how to follow through.

Lastly, Romanian girls don’t like to play games. They won’t give you many tests and won’t have a bitchy attitude like girls in most western countries (probably because Romania is an Eastern country… go figure, haha). And that’s just great news. It makes them incredibly approachable and friendly (more on that a bit later).

But where do you find the girls to begin with?

Well, that question nicely leads us into the next topic that we’re going to discuss, namely:

3. Romanian Women Are Best Approached During The Day

Now, doing night game and online dating can be beneficial. It’s just that day game is by far the most superior from the three.

But let’s not shy away from those and talk about the first (since they’ll be very brief):

  • Online dating – It can be a very good tool to use while you travel. The only downside is that it’s not very popular in Romania. I’d still suggest you register and download some online dating platforms and apps a few weeks before actually arriving in Romania. This will give you plenty of time to hopefully get a few matches and even set up some dates before you’ve arrived. That’s great for filling those early days and getting into shape for the rest of your stay there (That’s actually great advice for every country you’re travelling to, so I’d put this as a note somewhere).
  • Night game –Although I said that it’s not great, It’s not the worst either. It’s just that night game in Romania is much more difficult and unrewarding than day game. Still, it’s something that needs mentioning, so right now I’ll tell you why it’s not the best and what you can actually do with it…

First, almost all girls you’ll see in the club or at a bar will be with company. In fact, most of the times, they’ll be with a very large company. And that’s a tough nut to crack on its own. As such, you’ll definitely need to be in a company of your own. And just one or two other guys may not suffice, just saying (not that it’s a sin to go out alone, it’s just going to feel better for you).

And because the Romanian women you’re looking for will be in groups, the best approach would be to snipe them. This means actually waiting for them to separate from the group for some reason (going to the bathroom or to the bar for a drink) and approaching them then and there.

You’ll also want to very quickly get acquainted at this point, hopefully moving the interaction very fast. That’s because her friends will undoubtedly notice this and come to her “rescue”. You’ll want to be the awesome and fun guy and get her to introduce you to her friends, hopefully you’ll get in the group easily and you can make them like you (because that will play a HUGE role in the seduction process).

From then on, you’ll want to do your normal things and escalate further on her while keeping the interaction interesting.

Lastly, pulling to your place (or hers) is much less possible. That’s because there’s a lot of social pressure and she doesn’t want to be judged or seen as easy. What I’d do in such a situation is go for the number. Make sure you’ve made a positive experience on her for the night and then text her something the very next day (usually in the afternoon). Maybe you can even set up a date for the same day?

Learning her logistics for the next day or the rest of the week can be very beneficial for easing into the date too. So, do that… And that’s pretty much it for night game.

  • Day game –And now, this is what you’ll probably want to invest the most time in doing so. Approaching during the day is not only the easier of the two (night game and day game), but is much, much better with Romanian girls. That’s because they expect it and love it. It’s actually a great compliment for them, so do it.

On top of that, you’ll find that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be getting numbers like crazy. And that’s not an exaggeration, because (as we’ve already discussed) Romanian women love to give out their numbers. And as long as you’ve made some positive and interesting impression on her, there’s a good chance that she’ll agree on that date you want to take her on.

And approaching can be done either direct or indirect, depending on your preference.

Direct would be stating your intentions from the start, maybe by giving her a compliment (which she’ll love).

Indirect would be by engaging her with something (like asking for directions, or help with buying clothes for your sister) and then transitioning into something more direct (like saying “You seem like a cool person” and then “I’d love to grab coffee sometime” or something similar).

Regardless of how you approach, you always want to move things into a more intimate place. Then, just simply talk about whatever (and I’ll go over some of the best topics later), remember to grab her number at some point, and lastly (if you can) try to go on a date right then and there (this is called an instant date).

If she’s not going anywhere and she isn’t in a hurry, chances are you can take her on an instant date immediately. Maybe tell her: “I’m going to this coffee place, would you like to come with me?” or something similar. If not, just get the number and try to figure out her logistics for the rest of the week (so you can know when to set the date for).

And that’s pretty much how you do day game in Romania. Pretty easy and self-explanatory if I may say. Still it’s much easier than in other countries (western ones in particular) so that’s that. And with that out of the way, how about we discuss what you can actually talk about when you approach and on your newly set date now? Let’s go to the next point I’d like to go over:

4. Romanian Girls Love Foreigners And Want To Hear Your Story

It’s simple, you’ll just be a novelty to them. And that gives you a HUUUGE advantage over the locals (not enough to forsake their fear of judgement though).

You’ll get a pass simply for speaking English. And as a side note, Romanian women are awesome because they’ll most likely speak a good level of English, meaning that communication won’t be a problem most of the times.

But, being a foreigner doesn’t immediately mean that Romanian girls will throw themselves at you… Far from it.

You still want to approach every situation with a certain strategy. Think about the girl and how she views the whole thing. She’s uncomfortable with the judgement so she’ll obviously put some barriers, even if she’s incredibly attracted.

Now, think about how others view the interaction between you two. Does it seem like something weird is going on… that’s a bad sign. The interaction should look like two friends having a talk about something, not a stranger picking up another stranger.

Take these considerations in mind and you’ll be well prepared to make everything much smoother and better for the both of you. And if you do, she’ll like you even more.

But back to the task at hand, what’s a good topic?

Well, since you’re a foreigner she’ll ask you about your country, your culture, and your story.

This is also a great thing to hint about, to make her invest by actually asking you. See, if you start talking about your origins almost in a bragging manner, it’ll seem weird. But if you can make her ask, it’s an investment on her part, so she’ll be just that more interested in what you’ll have to say.

When you approach, it’s good to mention that you’re traveling and some other little information, just to spark her interest. Later, when you’re on a date you can discuss all about it. And she’ll love to hear it.

You’ll also definitely get questions like: “Why did you leave and come here?”

Those are tricky. Your first mistake would be to express negative feelings and emotions about your country. I know that this may very well be the case, but you’ll sound like someone who doesn’t like his roots, and that’s not sexy. What’s sexy is being spontaneous and adventurous. So, come up with an angle to your story that shows those qualities. Maybe talk about how you’ve always wondered what’s beyond the borders and wanted to visit a country where everything is vastly different and interesting.

All in all, what you want to have is an interesting story. And don’t fake it if yours isn’t flashy and engaging… It’s not the actual story it’s how you chose to deliver it. Every story can be turned into an adventurous and passionate one, with the right delivery, so think how you can do that.

I guarantee that she’ll absolutely LOVE this. But, things don’t stop here. There’s another topic for conversation that you can exploit as a foreigner. And it will also be incredibly great for your purpose. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to that:

5. Romanian Women Will Love TO Tell You About Their Culture

Ask her about her culture. Be genuine in your interest about her and you’ll find that she’ll start investing in the interaction very heavily.

Just like the point about your story. Talking about hers is an incredible thing.

First, when you approach her initially, you could mention that you’re interested in her culture and thus decided to travel to Romania. That’s a great thing to mention in the beginning.

It shows that you’re interested instead of having a different agenda.

Later, when you’re on the date with her, you can also talk about it and ask her questions. It’s also a great way to qualify her and get her to invest even more. So, definitely do that too.

All in all these two should make for incredible conversations. The only thing that’s left is actually getting somewhere with the interaction.

And that’s actually pretty easy.

Simply escalate physically continuously (less so in the initial approach, more so during the date). You can also try and switch venues from time to time. Maybe you go to a coffee shop, then for a walk, then for a bar. Or something similar. The goal of these would be to ultimately pull her to your place (or hers) and have sex with her. Although she may be reluctant to it, actually moving around with her gives her the idea that she’s following you, making it more likely that she’ll follow you again, AND it makes you seem like you know what you’re doing. This is a huge turn on for many girls, so don’t shy away from it. You don’t need to have a “normal” date in order for things to go great.

And that’s about it for dates.

How about we touch upon the best city you should be going to in Romania: Bucharest…

Bucharest is the best because it has the highest concentration of people and not everyone there is widely popular. What I mean is that in most other cities and places in Romania, the people in the local communities will pretty much know each other. Thus amplifying the judgment among themselves and making things much harder for you. Not in Bucharest.

In fact, things are much more light in Bucharest and you may even get better results.

As for places you’ll want to stay and be in… The Old Town part of the city is where you’ll want to rent your apartment. It’s where all the best venues will be, which means all the fun and gorgeous women will be. So, do that.

Aaanyways, with this we actually conclude this article.

All in all, Romanian women are incredible. Just remember to be cautious of how you’re approaching, make conversation about your country, her culture, and the differences… And you’ll be golden.

That’s pretty much all you’ll need to do in order to attract and seduce the next beautiful Romanian girl you meet. And hey, when you do that, put out a word for me to her friends, will you… Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, am I right?

Well, good luck in Romania.

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