Could You Really Attract Spanish Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Really Attract Spanish Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know.

Looking for women in Spain, are we?

Well, I could never judge you, my friend… How could I:

See, Spain is a great country, full of many incredibly gorgeous women. That’s great news if you’re going to be travelling there soon… Also, they are very down for adventurous scenarios, perfect!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. How about we begin this article with a quick list of all the personality quirks that Spanish girls possess and then talk about things in depth?

Without further ado:

  • Spanish Women Are Incredibly Hot
  • Spanish Girls Are Social Beings
  • They Aren’t Looking For A Serious Relationship, Generally
  • Many Of The Spanish Women Are Feminists (Not Very Feminine)
  • The Younger They Are, The Hotter They Are
  • Spanish Women Tend To Go Out With Friends
  • Spanish Girls Are Very Approachable

Right, with that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the article and teach you the intricacies of attracting and seducing those Spanish women, shall we?

1. Spanish Women Are Incredibly Hot

Well, what can I say. A HUGE percentage of the girls in Spain will have model-like beauty. That’s great!

You’ll mostly find brunettes with long silk hair. Blondes aren’t out of the question, but there are fewer and far in between. As such, you’ll most likely be approaching more brunettes, which isn’t a bad thing, really.

Spanish girls tend to be very beautiful because they take care of their skin. Most will put on makeup pretty much every day. This doesn’t mean that they’ll look like clowns, their makeup is generally very natural and sometimes you can’t even tell.

Aside from that, Spanish women usually have hotter bodies than their faces. They can have cute, beautiful faces, but sometimes you’ll see a woman with a stunning body and an average face.

If you like bigger bottoms and breasts, Spain will probably disappoint…

Spanish women usually have thinner bodies, with firm asses. That’s great for some, not so great for others. In the end of the day, they are still incredibly beautiful, so that’s that.

2. Spanish Girls Are Very Sociable

They are so sociable, they’ll even be afraid to be left alone. They almost never go out alone (unless shopping, or probably waiting for a friend).

What this means is that on one hand, they will be very approachable, because they love talking and it’s a normal thing for them.

On the other hand, this means that you’ll most likely need some friends of your own, because they’ll think you’re weird if you approach them alone, or even with one wingman.

They also love going out to parties. As such, night game is probably one of the best ways to meet Spanish women.

Just go next to the group you want to approach and look for an excuse to do so. Identify the social girl from the group and use her to make contact with the rest.

Other than that, some tips for night game would be the following:

  • Don’t do/say anything offensive (because most will be feminists)
  • Don’t buy the girl any drinks, unless you’ve already kissed her and isolated her (a good idea is to tell her to go for shots with you, Spanish women love shots)
  • Same night lays can happen, but you’ll need to make the interaction amazing, instead you can go for a make out and get a number for a date or something
  • Just have fun

And, since we’ve covered night game, why not cover Day game and Online game too…

During the day, you’ll most likely not see a girl alone (again). As such, an indirect approach would be ideal. Ask for directions, or translation, or something. Then steer the conversation towards something more intimate and go for an instant date, or a number.

For her, that’ll be the logical step and she’ll feel very happy about it. It sounds awesome when you’ve “met someone randomly and everything clicked”. She’ll even brag about it to her friends.

On the first date, usually you’ll get to know each other. There is a possibility for a first date lay, but you’re often better off postponing it to the second date.

Just make sure you keep the interaction interesting and make out with her in the end of the date. This will set the premise of a more intimate second date that will probably lead to your place (or hers) where good things can happen.

The ‘two dates’ model works very well and builds better relationships (regardless if you’re looking for something more serious or not) than going for a same day lay. That being said, it’s not out of the question. Spanish girls are pretty open minded (but more on that later).

As for Online Dating, just register for the most popular websites and apps, create a good profile and you’ll be seeing results.

Bigger cities will obviously have more girls, hence more variety and success, so I’d go there if I wanted to also do Online game.

Also, I’d use the ‘two dates’ model here again. Get her interested, take her out for a date, make out at the end, go for a second date, etc.

Another thing to note is that it’s very beneficial to register in Online dating websites and apps ahead of time (about 1-2 weeks before visiting Spain). That way, you’ll hopefully have some leads and even some dates planned beforehand, so you can start the ball rolling right away.

This is great advice for everywhere, by the way… Not just Spain. Do Online game before visiting any country.

3. Most Spanish Women Are Feminists

They are 100% westernized and as such they’ll be very feministic.

Sadly, that takes out of their femininity, making them LESS feminine. This is bad news for some, and indifferent to others, but it’s good to mention, so you don’t get caught off guard.

Now, they aren’t many hardcore feminists in Spain, which is a breather. The women there are just not as ‘innocent’ as in other, more eastern, countries.

As such you should try to not do or say anything that can be taken the wrong way. You could have a very pleasant conversation and the girl will be into you, but as soon as you say something out of line, you’ll get an extreme response.

On the other hand, being very feministic has its upsides too.

For example, Spanish girls are more open minded, will have less resistance to sleeping with you, will be okay with a casual fling, or even an open relationship. They are independent and also, won’t try to turn you into a provider.

That being said, they WILL try to turn you into a provider of attention and emotions, sooo keep that in mind.

That’s great news, for the casual traveler looking for a fling, or something that won’t go beyond the bed.

However, just because this is the case, doesn’t mean that Spanish women are easy. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t hard, but they aren’t particularly easy either.

They’ll still give you shit tests, they’ll still play hard to get, but as long as you pass everything and you’re a cool guy, she’ll be interested. And the obvious next step for her is intimacy. Soo, just play your card right and you’ll be great.

4. Younger Spanish Girls Are Generally Better Looking

Well, that’s the case for all girls, right?

Yes, but more so in Spain than elsewhere.

The thing is that, as we mentioned earlier, Spanish women are incredibly hot and gorgeous. As such, most of them think that they’ll be beautiful forever and tend to neglect themselves.

Add poor lifestyle choices, like going out and drinking a lot, eating more junk food, and such… The results aren’t that pretty.

This is mostly because of their culture and feminism. Going out, drinking, partying… It plays into the “Strong Independent Woman” persona that feminism tries to push.

Another problem is that because she’s strong and independent, that means that she doesn’t have to be a cook, she doesn’t have to cook and clean for a family, so she can’t really cook for herself either. This means she ends up eating processed foods and junk food, which seriously destroys her body over time.

And since she thinks she’ll be gorgeous forever, there’s no need to hit the gym.

All this means that usually Spanish girls will be waay hotter the younger they are. Girls around the age of 20 are what you’re aiming for, if you’re okay with that age group. After that, appearances rapidly go for the worst.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not how absolutely every Spanish woman is. This is a generalization, and there are some girls that will take more care for themselves and look as great in their late 20s.

5. Best Places To Meet Spanish Women

As parting thoughts, I’m thinking of explaining where you should be going when visiting Spain (with meeting women in mind, that is).

Well, as we mentioned, bigger cities have more variety and a larger sample size, so places like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia. There’s an added benefit of meeting foreigners there too.

As a general rule of thumb, the north parts of Spain (Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian, and such) usually have better looking girls. The north is, on the other hand a bit more conservative in comparison to the south (Andalusia… Cordoba is a great city for meeting Spanish women by the way). The southern girls are more open and love partying more, although pretty much every Spanish girl loves to party.

All in all, I’d recommend going to Andalusia and Cordoba in particular if you’re looking for better partying and more night game. Go towards the north, if you’re looking for a more peaceful approach, or you prefer doing day game. Regardless of these, if you’re still unsure, just go to some of the bigger cities like Madrid and Barcelona, and you won’t be making a mistake.

And those are all the tips you’ll need in order to attract and seduce a Spanish woman. Keep in mind that these are only guidelines, and very generalized as such, so trust your senses.

Just don’t say or do anything that’s offensive, be open minded, and have a good time. Doing these and you’ll be on a fast track to success with the gorgeous Spanish girls.

Lastly, be sure to put a word out for me when you get with a bunch of Spanish women. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, right?

Aaanyways, take care and good luck in Spain.

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