GUIDE – Ukranian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

GUIDE – Ukranian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Do.

Thinking of heading to Ukraine, are we?

Haha, who’s to blame you, my friend. Just look at this gorgeous specimen:

Incredible, am I right?

It’s no secret that Ukrainian girls are among the best looking women in the whole world (Along with Russian Women). And that’s why a TON of men think about going to Ukraine in order to get a piece of the action… Or, just get into a serious relationship with a Ukrainian beauty.

Whatever the case is for you, right now, you’ll learn pretty much everything you need to know in order to make your time in Ukraine an absolute BLAST.

First off, we’ll start by listing some of the main things you need to know. After that we’ll get into the specifics. Describing everything in detail.

How does that sound? Perfect, let’s go:

  • Ukrainian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous
  • Ukrainian Girls Love Masculine Men
  • They Are Colder Than Western Girls
  • The Dating Culture Isn’t As Casual
  • You Can Meet Them Almost Everywhere
  • You Have To Be Persistent
  • Ukrainian Girls Will Ask You A LOT Of Trick Questions
  • Ukrainian Women Are Very Feminine


Alright… Now that we have those out of the way. Why don’t we go into the specifics?

How do you ACTUALLY attract Ukrainian girls? What should you do?


Well, my friend… This isn’t as hard as it really looks like. Let’s start off with:


1. Ukrainian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous

As we’ve already mentioned. There are widely considered to be among the most beautiful girls in the world.

And that’s not an overstatement. They are truly great looking.

But why is that, you may ask…

Well, it’s just in their culture, in a way. They put a TON of value on looking their best. That’s what they were taught. They want to be feminine.

They take great care of themselves and will always try to look their best, using makeup and dressing up as best as possible.

They are also quite diverse. You’ll find a ton of blondes, yes. But there will be a lot of equally beautiful brunettes, redheads, and girls with black hair.

As far as body structure goes, almost all of the girls in Ukraine will be thin and fit. That’s not to say that there aren’t any curvier girls, but that’s incredibly rare.

This is one of the reasons why men around the world collectively agree that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful girls in the world.


2. Ukrainian Girls LOVE Masculine Men

Being a foreigner isn’t as attractive anymore sadly. The newest trend is masculinity.

And you should definitely learn how to be more masculine as a man, regardless if you’re going to Ukraine or not. It’s a quality that’s been partly lost throughout the ages and is gaining popularity among women these days.

You need to be the leader. Learn how to be a gentleman but also how to lead the conversation, the interaction, and the girl. You’ll be the one making the decisions and she’ll either follow or give an objection.

Whenever you get an objection it’s basically her testing if you’re that masculine man you’re trying to portray yourself as.

That’s common, because nowadays men tend to act tough, but don’t know what to do when put in the spotlight.

The absolute WORST thing to do in this situation is to be reactive and apologetic.

You want to be sure of yourself. Making a move is a normal thing for you. You want to feel weird that she’s even rejecting you.

The point I’m trying to make is this: when you give her a positive sign, by taking the lead or saying something bold. In her mind, if she doesn’t know you yet (and she doesn’t) she either has to accept that this is you or test it. Of course she’s going to test you.

She’ll give you a hard time just to see how you’ll react. And that’s actually a good thing. Because it means that she cares and wants to learn more.

What you have to do now is just continue being masculine. If you do so, she’ll like you even more.

If you give in to her test and start reacting like it’s something you don’t usually do… Well, guess what. You’re telling her that the masculine move you just made wasn’t you at all. This is conveying that you aren’t the masculine man that you’re portraying yourself as. She’ll be extremely turned off.

It’s incredibly important to note that you do NOT want to be a douchebag. Being masculine isn’t the same as being an A**hole.


3. Ukrainian Women Can Be Cold

No, I don’t mean as in their skin is made of ice…

What I mean is that Ukrainian women don’t like to play games like, Americans for example.

If a Ukrainian girl doesn’t like you, she’ll reject you. Politely. Nothing more, nothing less.

And they won’t be very open in the beginning either. You’ll have to do a LOT to make her trust you.

That’s one of the reasons why Ukrainian girls don’t usually sleep with men they’ve just met or don’t really know (more on that later).

Basically, you’ll just have to be prepared for some coldness. You’ll have to be the one who leads the conversation and does the majority of the talking. And that’s okay. Remember, she likes masculine men…

That being said, you can definitely give yourself a couple of points.

You’ll want to do a bunch of things. First, dress well.

Most tourists go abroad and think they can just slack off and still get action, just because they don’t live at the place.

Don’t be that guy. Especially in Ukraine.

You want to put your style game on point. A suit may be a bit over the top, unless you’re going to and extremely high-end place, but a blazer or a good, well-fitted shirt is nothing too try-hard.

Make yourself look pleasant to the eye and sexy. And girls will notice.

Wear a nice pair of shoes, match them with your belt, and get yourself a stylish watch. There’s nothing more stylish than a man who doesn’t screw up the basics.

Another HUGE advantage will be learning a bit of Russian.

You don’t need to be fluent in the language. You just need to show her that you care enough. Even if she’s laughing at you missing syllables or pronouncing words weirdly, you’ll build massive amounts of comfort just by trying.

So, learn a sentence or two… Make sure you can hold a basic conversation for like a minute and you’ll be golden.

This is great not only for building that comfort and having fun. It’s also great because Ukrainian women won’t have the best English. The younger generations are learning it better, as it’s becoming more and more of a norm, but you can’t rely on it.

Also, the girls will be extremely shy about their English skills, so it’s crucial to give them compliments on their English in order to encourage them to not be shy. You want to reduce the language barrier to a minimum, not enhance its negative effects, right?

Lastly, most other tourists won’t even try to learn Russian because they just feel too entitled.

Don’t be that guy, show a little respect, and you’ll see great things happen, I promise…


4. Ukrainian Girls Don’t Usually Go For Casual Hookups

It’s actually because of their culture. They are just very hesitant around new people (hence the coldness) and don’t usually go for one night stands or sex on the first date.

Not to say that it’s impossible, but you’ll just have to be much more persistent.

That’s another one of their tests, so to say. You see, they don’t want to be seen as “easy” and with the abundance of men to choose from, they don’t have to fill any void. They can take their time and will never really get, not approached, or no options.

It’s partly because of how gorgeous they are. And you can’t blame them. I wouldn’t care about one girl in particular if I had another thousand lined up. It’s the same for them.

And you should have a similar mindset. See, there’s nothing more masculine than abundance. A masculine man would never be phased by a woman. Because he has other options. I’m not saying to have relationships with a hundred girls at the same time, unless that’s what you’re into.

What I’m saying is: have the confidence that no matter what happens you can attract another quality girl almost immediately. You shouldn’t care about a girl leaving you, because you’re focusing on more important aspects.

And that will make you incredibly desirable. It’s weird but it works… Why would any woman settle with someone who can’t do better than her?

She wants to win. She wants to feel like she’s hit the jackpot with you. Not the other way around.

And that’s why she’ll screen to see if you’re that Alpha male, that masculine guy that you’re trying so hard to pose as. And if you show even the slightest hints that you are not… She’ll disqualify you and put you in the friend zone where you belong (I’m talking from a personal experience as you can tell… I’m sure you can relate, haha).

But back to Ukrainian girls and hooking up…

What you can expect is something that many people call the “3 date rule”.

Basically, you can expect to hook up with a Ukrainian woman at around the third date, provided you’re playing your cards right.

What I mean is that you obviously need to attract her so she would go on all these dates. And obviously, if you’re attracting her it’s because you’re masculine. So, in that sense, you’re leading the interaction and thus leading her to a place where sex can happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can certainly find girls that will be into casual dating. It’s just not the norm in Ukraine.

That being said…


5. Where To Find Ukrainian Women

There are a total of four possibilities you have at approaching and interacting with girls, no matter where you are.

  • During the day
  • During the night
  • Online
  • In social circles

Right off the bat, Social Circles are out of the question unless you’re planning on staying in Ukraine for a looong time (everything over a month – two months).

That’s because social circles are groups of friends. And you’ll need to gain their trust first. This happens waaay too slow in Ukraine since (as we talked about) people there are a bit colder.

Sadly, usually the highest quality, most beautiful girls will be a part of those social circles. This doesn’t mean that they are inaccessible though. It just means that they are harder to get to and will usually have a boyfriend (as you can expect from any extremely gorgeous girl really).

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the other 3 viable options you’ll have as a short term tourist.

  • Online Dating

This method is absolutely great.

You’ll get tons of leads, some solid, some not. But the beauty of it is that you can use it before you’re actually in Ukraine. You can register on popular Ukrainian dating websites and start chatting up beautiful Ukrainian girls immediately.

That’s great since you’ll be able to have plans as soon as you’re there. And it won’t be a daunting task.

My personal suggestion: Start using Online Dating about one or two weeks before actually landing in Ukraine. Not more though… You’ll want the women you’re chatting up remember who you are and anticipate your arrival. Plus, with more time you have more chances to screw up.

  • Day Game (Approaching During The Day)

This is one of my favorite methods, and probably the best one for Ukraine specifically.

Day Game basically means that you’re approaching during the day time. When people aren’t partying (usually) and are doing something else. Maybe they’re chilling at the park, shopping at the mall, grabbing coffee, getting groceries, going to work, etc.

Basically, everything that’s not strictly partying can be thrown under the “Day Game” method. Even if it’s done during the night (for example, getting groceries at the late afternoon when it’s already dark, still counts as “Day Game”).

This method is great in Ukraine because girls there are actually comfortable with it. That’s since they are approached almost all the time (because of their amazing looks).

Another pro of this method is that it’s less pressure (in a way). Yes, it feels like more pressure because you aren’t drunk in a bar and there are a ton of people around who can see you. But it’s less pressure for the girl, because the situation you’re in isn’t filled with sexual tension, it’s just a normal conversation).

Basically, as long as you’re not creepy and come she likes you, you’re bound to get a date. And she’s not going to test you as much as if you were at a bar/club.

Speaking of which:

  • Night Game (Bars, Clubs, etc.)

So everything that’s NOT “Day Game” is considered “Night Game”.

That’s Clubs and Bars mostly, but other places (such as the 24/7 food places near clubs that people will go to when the club closes) can also be thrown in here.

One thing to note is that the nightlife in Ukraine is generally not the most active. Odessa is an exception sometimes, but as a general rule, most Ukrainian girls will go out maybe once or twice a month. This means that the Night game won’t be as prominent as Vegas (although it’s pretty hard to top Vegas).

The best times to go out would be during the weekends. So if you’re planning to go out, do so on Friday or Saturday night.

Aaanyways, during the night, the vibe is a bit different. Whereas during the day, you’re doing some chores or going about something. During the night you’re out there to have fun. And as such, you’re looking for the most fun at all times.

That’s why guys will be looking to pick up girls and girls will be looking for the guy that’s the most fun for them.

That’s where heavy screening comes into place. She doesn’t want to go home with a loser, she wants to go home with someone who she’ll have a fun time with.

Since Ukrainian women aren’t into casual relationships that much, for them it’s usually like so:

She’ll not spend the rest of the night partying with a loser, she’ll spend it with some fun guy. Also, she won’t give her number and agree on a date with a loser, she’ll do that with a fun guy.

And as long as you’re a cool, fun, masculine guy… You’re golden.

Again, you don’t want to be creepy, but this time the general situation is predetermined so the girls will have their “shields” up and will give more tests out.

An important note here would be to NOT force buy her a drink. She doesn’t want to feel like she owes you anything (and she definitely doesn’t owe you anything). Buying girls drinks is only masculine when she’s agreed to it. If she doesn’t want a drink it’s a sad attempt at buying her time and attention (which you’ll not receive).

Just be the masculine guy you are and you’ll pass with flying colors. The Ukrainian women will like you and you’ll get your number and the date.

Lastly, she’s probably out with some friends. You need to address this the right ways.

You don’t want to try and sneakily separate her from her friends. She’s there with them because she likes them and if you try to separate her they can probably come and take her away from you.

What you want to do is engage the whole group. Make friends with them but make sure they know who’s your point of interest. Just be a normal, fun guy and they’ll let you pass and usually even help you out when someone’s trying to steal your interest away.

That’s because usually guys will try to isolate their “target” but the friends won’t trust a random guy. Hence, don’t be a random guy. Be their friend, be cool, and you’ll definitely get their support.


6. How Do You Take Ukrainian Girls On A Date?

First of all, you can do pretty much anything.

BUT, now we know about the “3 date rule” so we can make some plans that make sense.

So, we have two dating option categories:

  • More Casual
  • More Intimate

What you’ll probably want to do is start with a casual option and escalate on the date. Then, depending on how far you’ve gotten you can either go on a more intimate date, or another casual one to further escalate things.

So, the “3 date rule” will look something like that:

  1. Casual Date (Coffee)
  2. Casual Date (Walk around a park)
  3. Intimate Date (Dinner at home)

That being said. If things are going amazing after the first date, escalate to an intimate date for the second date. And if things aren’t going as smoothly even on the second date, then continue with casual dates until you feel that the interaction is at a point where sex can happen.

It’s important to NOT keep on doing casual dates though. If you’re not escalating during your dates, not showing your intentions, etc. You’re doing it all wrong. You have to be masculine and push things to some sort of intimacy. Either that or you become friends…

Before I tell you about good places to do dates, I should mention that you probably don’t want to drink a lot of alcohol on your dates. First, she’s probably a better drinker than you are (it’s their culture). Second, she’s seen a ton of men alcoholics and is probably disgusted, she will be turned off by such behavior.

And let’s talk about some good places to do dates at.

We’ve already talked about some options, but let’s categorize a bunch of possibilities:

  • Casual Dates

This can be: Going for Coffee, going for a walk (Ukrainian women love walks), going to a mall, going to a movie (although I don’t recommend it… There’s almost ZERO interaction with the other person), going for a drink at a bar (this is a bit more intimate, but still, not a huge deal).

There are many more, obviously. Basically, anything that’s not too high-pressure would be a normal, casual date, where you can get to know each other better and hopefully want to see more of the other.

  • Intimate Dates

This can be: Going for dinner at your place (or hers), going for groceries so you can cook something special at your place (or hers), going to a party together, going to a bar and then pulling to your place (or hers), etc.

Basically, anything that two complete strangers would probably not do. Anything that two closer people would do.


7. You Have To Be Persistent With Ukrainian Women

And I don’t mean the creepy persistent. The type where you pursue when she’s CLEARLY rejecting you and giving you signs that she genuinely doesn’t like you.

I mean, when she likes you, but gives you objections to see how you’d react. TO see whether you’re the masculine guy you’re portraying yourself as.

The key here is her body language and the signs she’s giving off. Is she telling you a “no” in a playful way, while still sitting there in your company, not trying to desperately get away? Then she obviously likes you, she’s just not ready yet, or she’s giving you a test.

On the other hand: Is she desperately trying to go away, ignores you, and just genuinely looks in distress? Then she’s obviously NOT playing hard to get… She just doesn’t like you and you need to move on and leave her alone, because that’s called harassment.

But what do I mean by being persistent?

Well basically, a masculine guy will know what he wants and how to get it. He’ll just go and get it.

For her, she wants to make sure that this is you. Also, she doesn’t want to be seen as a slut. Therefore, she’ll decline it a couple of times.

The key here isn’t in what she’s saying, it’s in how she’s acting. Again, if she pulls away from a kiss but doesn’t mind you touching her hand, then she likes you. She’s just trying to see how you’d react.

A great trick to do in such a case is to never truly go for the kiss. Always just test the waters first. Something like leaning in to speak and seeing if she pulls back. Or maybe even leaning very close to try and tell her something in the ear.

If she pulls back, you can act as if you wanted to tell her something and tease her for thinking about the kiss. Now, she’s the one who’s anticipating a kiss whereas you’re just casual. She’s the one who’s chasing. That’s great.

And you want to do this “testing the water” because it’s escalation. If you’re not escalating you’re getting nowhere (correction, you’re going to the friend zone). Also, escalating is a masculine thing to do.

I call it the “safe escalation”. Basically you both know that the interaction is getting more tense, but you’re communicating that it’s casual while accusing her of making things a big deal.

This not only makes her wonder if you’re actually into her (which will make her chase even more) but also gives you an easier time with tests, where you can turn them around (like the example above) and give her some hard time.

All in all, just keep on escalating. Be persistent until you get to the end point.

8. Ukrainian Girls Will Ask You A TON Of Trick Questions

Those are some of the tests that I’ve been talking about.

BUT, since you’re a tourist, you’ll be getting even more trick questions.

Things like:

  • Why are you in Ukraine?
  • Why do you NOT like your country?
  • What do you think of Ukrainian girls?
  • Do you like Ukrainian girls?
  • Why do you like Ukrainian girls?

And much, much more.

These are obviously meant to be tricky. Putting you in an unfavorable position.

You can’t lie in your answer, because it will show and they’ll know. But you mustn’t be 100% honest either (because “I came to have sex with Ukrainian girls” isn’t something that they’d like to hear).

The trick to answering these is to be honest, but not to reveal everything. Don’t go all the way.

Just tell her the truth but leave in some mystery in there. Let her guess a bit. Be a bit mysterious. This not only passes the test she’s giving you, but also turns her on. There’s nothing more intriguing than a slightly mysterious guy, who’s a bit out of reach.

And, as you know from the previous point, you need to be much more persistent with Ukrainian women. So don’t expect to just answer one and that’ll be the end of it… She’ll ask and she’ll ask a LOT. And you better be consistent with those answers.

Just don’t let the questions sway you. Whenever you’re in doubt, just say the truth and make it sound acceptable:

“I’m in Ukraine because I love meeting new people and I’ve heard great things about Ukrainian Girls”


“I’m in Ukraine because I love to have sex with a lot of girls and I’ve heard that Ukrainian women are sexy”

I’m sure you understand what I mean. Still, good luck with this part of their culture.

9. Ukrainian Women Are Very Feminine

It’s not a surprise that some of the most gorgeous girls in the world would be very feminine. That’s why we rate them so high.

As much as society thinks that men care only about looks, femininity is a HUGE asset a girl can have in the dating scene. Usually, men just won’t know how to express and pinpoint what exactly femininity is.

Being feminine means being caring, supportive, and overall a loving person. That’s not to say that men can’t be caring and loving, it’s just a more well defined female trait.

And caring and loving Ukrainian girls are. Oh boy.

It’s in their culture. There are incredibly strong gender stereotypes (just like in Russia). The woman will gladly take care of the cooking, cleaning, the children, and her man. He on the other hand is expected to provide for the family.

And that’s what the dynamic will be while dating. You can expect a Ukrainian girl to cook and take care of you while dating. You on the other hand will be expected to pay the bills.

Now, that’s a HUGE generalization. Obviously, not ALL girls will be like that.

Just in general, if you’re splitting the bill (or making her pay) you’ll be seen as cheap.

While on the point of genders and stereotypes and family. Expect to be introduced to her family if you’re dating for a while (usually more than 2-3-4 months).

If you’re in a serious relationship, she’ll definitely want you to meet her parents. And that’s a whole other beast to tackle.

See, her father will probably try to get you drunk to see how much you can take. Her mother will put a TON of food on the table and will never leave your dish empty.

Expect to be screened a lot.

That being said. We’ve covered everything you’ll need to know in order to attract a Ukrainian girl.

All in all, if you’re looking for some of the best looking women in the world, Ukraine is definitely a place you should visit.

Remember to bring you’re a game, be masculine, dress well, and learn a bit of Russian. If you can do that, you’ll be golden.

Just make sure to remember me when you’re picking up that hot Ukrainian beauty and tell her friends about your mentor. Nothing wrong with a bit of appreciation, right?

Aanyway, good luck in Ukraine. You probably don’t need luck anymore but every bit helps, haha.

See you some other time.

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