GUIDE – Thai Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

GUIDE – Thai Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know.

You’ve probably heard from a friend or a colleague that Thailand is absolutely Amazing. And they’re right. It really is. And the girls in there are nothing to scoff at… Take a look at what I mean:

And, fortunately for you, Thai girls are one of the best (and easiest) girls to attract and seduce. Still, they are different and you’ll need some pointers, hence why I’m writing this article here.

Note: Some of the points made here may apply to Asian girls in general, I’ve already written a guide on Asian girls. Check it out here.

And how about we go straight into the meat of the article? Firstly, we’ll list everything that’s going to be covered in the article, so you have a general idea about Thai women. After that, we’ll go through everything in much more detail. Let’s go:

  • Thai girls are very friendly and easy-going
  • Thai women are very beautiful (most are thin)
  • They love learning about new cultures
  • They absolutely adore non-Asian men
  • Sex is in their culture, it’s a normal thing
  • Thai girls are incredibly feminine and nurturing
  • They are very submissive, both in bed and outside
  • They like men who take care of themselves (hygiene, dressing well, etc.)
  • They love masculine men
  • They don’t have great English usually
  • There are a lot of Ladyboys
  • They are incredibly straight-forward

Okay, now you know the basics of Thai women. As you can see, they are great fun and you’ll certainly be doing yourself a huge favor visiting Thailand.

But, how do you actually attract and seduce Thai girls, knowing all these things? Well, let’s get right into it and I’ll teach you just that. How does that sound…

1. Thai Girls Are Incredibly Friendly And Easy-Going

Thai people are very kind and friendly in general. Violence and crime is truly a rarity there, even if it’s a third world country.

It’s called the “Land of Smiles” for a reason.

Everyone there will be very friendly and will try their best to assist you if you need help with directions for example. And that goes for Thai girls as well.

You probably won’t see a sad girl at work behind the counter, or one that wouldn’t want to help you out if you’re stuck.

This also makes Thai women, incredibly easy-going and easy to speak to. A conversation can be made out of thin air and it’ll be the most normal thing there. Don’t be afraid to approach Thai girls.


2. Thai Women Love Learning About New Cultures

Being a foreigner gives you a tremendous advantage in Thailand.

Girls will be attracted to you just for that reason alone. Think about it, you’re different and thus more interesting, you’re from the west, which usually means that you’re from a more developed country and thus more capable of providing. It’s easy to see why Thai women will be naturally attracted to you.

The thing is, you can’t just go there, expecting to get tons of women just because you’re from America or something (You’ll get plenty of hookers though, we aren’t counting those here). And even if you’re looking for Bar girls or hookers, that’s completely fine. It’s just that you don’t need this article if that’s what you’re going for. I’m trying to teach you how to get free sex with Thai girls here, haha.

Aaanyways, Thai women love different cultures. They’ll love to hear more about you and where you come from. That’s great for a conversation and with the fact that they are easy-going, you’ll probably find it impossible to not have something to say.

The only problem would be that:


3. Thai Girls Don’t Have The Best English

Hookers will, it’s their job. But the average Thai girl won’t be very fluent in the English language.

This obviously is a HUGE barrier, but it’s not the end of the world.

Just make sure you’re talking in more basic and easy to understand terms. Also, talk a bit slower, it definitely helps…

The way I see it, you have two choices. And both are great, and both I’d use.

Basically, you can either skip the ones you can’t really talk to, the ones that don’t know anything in English. OR you can learn Thai… Even a tiny bit, at a basic level.

Now, the first solution is alright, because there are literally TONS of women to choose from. You won’t be hurting yourself if you just next the girls that you can’t verbally communicate with. That’s great because you won’t be wasting time on cold leads and instead focus on the girls that have potential.

The second option is actually the best one. If you can learn a bit of Thai before going there, you’ll find yourself at ease with everyone. People will treat you better if you know Thai, too. It’s not uncommon to get charged more, just because you don’t speak the language for example.

Another HUGE benefit of learning a bit of Thai is that it’ll show the girls that you care. And this will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the self-entitled western tourists.

And standing out is absolutely the number one way of attracting Thai girls:


4. Thai Girls Are Incredibly Nurturing

Their femininity is incredible. It’s not uncommon for them to offer to cook or give you a massage, etc.

Another great thing about this is that you’ll definitely attract them if you make sure to take care of yourself. Nobody wants to take care of a slob, but she’ll definitely love to take care of a great man.

Basically, just focus on the basics. Hygiene is HUGE. Like everywhere in the world, Thai girls won’t like a smelly guy with decayed teeth. Actually, nobody ever will. So take care of that.

Also, dress to impress. Most tourists that come to Thailand wear shorts and colorful shirts. Don’t be that guy. You want to look sharp. Notice how other Thai people are dressing and do the same. Thai girls will notice and be curious about it. They may even approach you and compliment you.

The thing is that Thailand is a class society. So, appearing high class (which is definitely possible with a normal western salary) will be a HUGE boost to your social standing. And even though it’s usually quite hot in Thailand, it’s worth it to wear business casual in order to get better results.

By the way, I mentioned that Thai girls may even approach you. That’s not uncommon actually. Since they are incredibly easy-going they don’t have a problem with it and don’t think it’s devaluing them (as western girls usually think).

They are also very straight-forward, so you’ll have to be too:


5. Thai Women Absolutely Love Sex

It’s in their culture. It’s not a weird thing to have sex with someone you like, according to Thai girls. That’s why you’ll find many people saying that it’s easier to get laid there.

The thing is, that since they’re very straight-forward, they’ll expect the same for you. And if there’s a connection (if she likes you) sex is the next logical thing.

The only thing you need to do on your part is to be masculine and dominant. You’ll need to lead the way.

As long as you are also straight-forward with them and express exactly how you feel, if she likes you she’ll be willing to home with you and have sex.


6. Thai Girls Want You To Be Masculine

They are very submissive. Both in bed and outside.

This means that you’ll need to lead the conversation, the interaction, and even the sex.

That’s both a good and a bad thing according to different types of guys, but it’s definitely not a HUGE deal-breaker in my eyes. The way I see it, it’s a different experience and it’s not a strictly bad one, so it’s fine in my book.

I’m saying this because you absolutely need to be 100% masculine with them. You can’t expect to be unassertive and win them over.

If a Thai girl likes you, she definitely wants you to take the lead and take her home. And since their culture is extremely straight-forward, all you have to do is just tell her that you like her, explain that you wish to continue spending time with her, and tell her that you’re taking her home. She’ll gladly agree and come with you.


  • Don’t be afraid of saying things like they are. Thai girls aren’t like western girls. They won’t think you’re needy if you express yourself and tell her that you like her. That is, as long as you do it in a masculine manner.
  • Just approach her and don’t sweat about it. She’ll like you more for showing the courage of approaching her. That’s not a feminine quality.
  • Lead the way. She doesn’t want to lead. She wants you to take control and make the decisions. And if you do that, she’ll gladly follow.


One thing to definitely avoid is to chase after them if they simply aren’t interested.

It’s much more black and white with Thai women. If they like you, they’ll have no problem sleeping with you. If they don’t they just don’t. You can’t please everybody and acting butthurt or chasing after them actually makes you incredibly unattractive.

Just move on and don’t think about it too much… That’s what a masculine man would do. And you want to be one because that’s what you’ll need to be in order to have success in Thailand.

Now, why don’t we talk a bit about how Thai women usually look:


7. Thai Girls Are Incredibly Sexy

They are very thin. You’ll find it very-very hard (although not impossible) to find a curvy Thai woman. That’s definitely a bad thing if you’re into curvy girls, but it’s usually not a deal breaker.

And, obviously, thinner girls are much more attractive usually. And Thin they are (Thai women).

That’s mostly because it’s seen as a highly attractive feature. Usually thinner girls would be much more liked (for obvious reasons) and thus they’ll value it a lot more.

Another thing to mention is the varying complexion. You’ll see an incredibly wide variety of complexions in Thailand. From very brown to even brighter looking girls.

Obviously, that’s great since it’s a personal choice.

From a Thai’s perspective, fairer skin is valued highly. This means that you’ll be at a certain advantage if you’re white (but you still have an advantage if you’re of color, since you’re a foreigner). It also means that it won’t be uncommon to hear of people talking about bleaching their skin.

A Quick Recap:

Thai girls are amazing. They are very beautiful. They are great in bed. And they are incredibly easy-going and fun.

All you have to do in order to attract a Thai woman is to just be masculine.

This means taking the lead, being direct in your approaches, showing intent, etc. Don’t be afraid to say things as they are and definitely tell her that you like her if you do.

She’s happy to follow you if she likes you and sex is the next natural step, so don’t be afraid to take her home and be straight-forward with her.

Make sure you give yourself a boost by standing out from the crowd of sex hungry tourists. In order to do that, simply take care of your hygiene, dress well, and learn a bit of Thai (it’ll greatly help you, I promise).

And that’s pretty much it.

Now, before we depart, I’d like to have a quick word about two things:

  • Ladyboys AND Great Places To Visit In Thailand…


8. Let’s Start WithLadyboys

We call the transvestite men “Ladyboys”. It’s pretty much a third gender in Thailand. They are very prevalent.

Don’t be alarmed though, they aren’t there trying to trick you that they are girls. Quite the opposite. As we mentioned, Thai people are very friendly in general. They don’t want to take advantage of you.

If you happen to stumble upon one just ask and they’ll tell you. If you’re not into them, just excuse yourself and move on. That’s all there is to it.

This part of the article is here, because it’s a common thing and I think it’s important to mention.

If all, Ladyboys make it easier for you to actually get Thai women.

Think about it: There are almost equal amounts of men and women in Thailand. BUT, from the men, there are a bunch of Ladyboys, a huge percent really. So that means that there are in effect, more women than there are men. That’s a great thing. You have less competition.

That, and the fact that you’re a foreigner means that you already have a huge advantage over the local men. I’d call that a win…


9. Great Places To Visit In Thailand

Let’s list a few of the best places for you to visit in Thailand, shall we:

  • Bangkok – Obviously, it’s the capital. It’s hands-down the best place to visit while traveling to Thailand. It’s got everything that the country has to offer and in larger quantities of it (Yes, I’m talking about the gorgeous Thai girls).

One of the best places in Bangkok to visit, is the Khaosan Road. It’s just an incredible place, full of parties and hot girls. Definitely recommend it.

  • Pattaya – It’s the most popular sex tourism destination. Full of Bar girls and hookers, Pattaya is definitely an incredible place to visit if you’re fine with that sort of work. And even if you aren’t it’s still an awesome destination that you just have to go to and experience.
  • KohSamui – “Koh” means Island. KohSamui is just an incredibly beautiful island. A very pleasing to the eyes destination.
  • Phuket – It’s like the capital for sporty people. You’ll find a TON of rock climbers, surfers, and more of the kind here. Definitely a great party area that you’d love to visit.
  • Chiang May – This city is considered something like the “Northern Capital Of Thailand”. It’s just like Bangkok, but smaller and in the North. As such it’s a bit colder here. It’s not quite like Bangkok, but it’s still fairly modern. It’s definitely a nice place to visit.

Aaand that’s all. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed reading this article as much (if not more) as I enjoyed writing it.

Right now, you should have all the knowledge and tips that you’ll need in order to attract and seduce those beautiful Thai girls. And if you’re not going to Thailand and instead you’re doing a trip around Asia, Check this article here for a guide on Asian girls in general.

All in all, just make sure you tell your Thai girlfriends about me when you take one (or more) of them home. Nothing wrong with giving me a bit of good rep, right?

In any case, see you next time and good luck in Thailand.

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