GUIDE – Swedish Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

GUIDE – Swedish Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Swedish Women

Swedish Girls… Stunning blondes with blue eyes, am I right? Well, yeeah:

You’re here for obvious reasons, I get it. And that’s why I’m here too. With this short article I hope to teach you everything you need to know about Swedish girls in order to attract and seduce them.

A word of advice: That’s not going to be a piece of cake. These girls (and Sweden in general) have some problems that make the usual approach very different.

Regardless, I’ll just share all the things that make Swedish women… well, Swedish women. After that I’ll share what the best approach to picking one up would be (in my opinion).

Let’s start with a list of all the things we’ll talk about first. Basically a “Swedish Girls Common Traits” list.

Soo, Swedish girls:

  • Are either very hot or just average and chubby
  • Love American culture a lot
  • Aren’t very loyal to their boyfriends
  • Don’t usually get approached
  • Are very little in numbers compared to Swedish guys (there’s also a lot of Middle eastern women in Sweden)
  • Don’t give you many opportunities during the nightlife
  • Are incredibly shy
  • Are usually feminists
  • Can usually speak fluent English
  • Absolutely love drinking

Right now you may be thinking: Woah… some of these aren’t really nice. I thought Swedish women are amazing…

Well, it’s normal to only see and hear the best things. You never know for sure until you go and make your own research. And this article will help you with some solid information. That’s so you don’t go expecting one thing and instead receiving something completely different.

And without further ado, let’s get right into it shall we?


1. Swedish Girls Are Undoubtedly Very Beautiful

That’s usually the truth there. And I’m sure you’ve seen photos of stunningly gorgeous Swedes. That’s also correct.

The thing is that it’s not the norm. Not by a mile.

Swedish women fall into one of two categories usually:

  1. Very beautiful (8s, 9s, 10s … couple of 7s). These are the cream of the top. Extremely good-looking and everything. But there are a ton of problems because these are definitely not the norm (again). It’s not that they are a complete rarity, it’s just that they have a TON of complications associated with their beauty (we’ll cover all in a bit).
  2. Average-looking, a bit on the chubby side. Those are your usual 5s, 6s, even some 7s. Basically, they’ll have cute faces but won’t be in top (model like) shape. That’s completely fine if that’s your thing though. No problem there.

That’s all fine and all, no place is perfect in terms of women… well… some may be (Read here for Polish Girls and here for Russian women).

The problem is that most of the world has this idea that Swedish girls are the most beautiful girls in the whole world or something and it’s not really the case. And even if it were, you’d be wise to drop them off of that pedestal, really. It’s healthier for you that way if you’d ever end up in Sweden and wanted to hook up. Trust me.


2. They Love American Culture

It’s no secret that Swedish women absolutely adore the west. It’s just a HUUGE thing for them. That’s why, being American will give you a slight edge in terms of hooking up with them.

This is because they are heavily influenced by the west. Since Sweden is a very wealthy country, Swedes frequently travel abroad and some of the top destinations is the US (for obvious reasons).

That’s a reason for their incredible grasp of the English language too. They speak incredibly fluently. They may even be better than some Americans themselves, haha.

That’s a great thing, since you’ll likely have no problems conversing with them. And since they love it soo much, it may be even better if you don’t try speaking Swedish at all (except for 1-2 words, I guess, it’s always funny when someone tries to speak your language).

Why they have great English? They start learning it from the age of 6. It’s such a thing in their culture, that it’s common to hear Swedes talking in Swedish and adding English words and phrases in (when there are Swedish words that would mean the same). If you did that in Russia people will look at you weird and some may not even understand what the hell you’re talking about.

Another thing is that usually while they speak English they’ll be more expressive. Not sure why, but while speaking in English they are a bit more confident.


3. Swedish Girls Aren’t Very Loyal

That’s mainly due to the increase in feminism there (more on that later).

Basically, because women are encouraged to think more freely, they are also encouraged that enjoying life before you settle down is a normal thing (like in America for example… Again, the western influence).

This means that they’ll have frequent hook ups before settling down with a boyfriend. The thing is that this also means that they’ll always feel like doing just one more hook up if the guy is awesome.

They won’t leave their boyfriend and they aren’t looking to switch him. It’s just that they are willing to have a quick affair as long as nobody learns about it.

That’s not particularly cool if you’re looking for something serious. Well, it’s probably never a good thing, since you’re either serious or not, haha.

But let’s talk about the feminism bit. Let’s discuss it some more:


4. They Are Usually Feminists

Now, they aren’t psychopaths looking to enslave mankind (that’s not actual feminisms, even if some women think that way, ugh). They are quite alright with it. It’s just that they believe in equal right, equal man to woman ration in politics. Things like that.

That’s great, really. It only gets weird and bad when it’s taken a step further.

I know you feel like there’s a difference between the sexes. It’s because there is (obviously) but hardcore feminists like to think that’s not the case, so it’s just better to not bring such things while talking with them (and you can’t really know, so just keep it to yourself with Swedish girls).

Just stay away from topics such as sexism, science, male/female nature and you’ll be golden. Stick to casual things like movies, music, etc.


5. Swedish Women Are Not Usually Approached

Sounds weird, right? How come they don’t get approached?

Well the thing is that the social circles in Sweden are really great. People meet usually by being introduced to one another and it’s quite consistent.

This is great if you’re planning to stay long enough there. Not so great if you’re going for a week or two. But there’s still hope. Social circle game is not the only way.

Basically, since most people are used to just being introduced to one another everyone is quite happy. Men don’t have to approach (and it may be detrimental since if they get rejected many people will know about it and they may get that ‘pickup artist’ reputation going around about them).

Also, since there are a lot more men than women there, it’s better for them that way. Girls get to meet more men that way. Also, there’s a lot of Middle Easterners in Sweden. This basically means that the ratio of actual Swedish girls is less.

I understand that this doesn’t directly build value to you. But it’s actually quite important.

See, if they don’t get approached often and you’ll be approaching, this means that you’ll stand out. That’s good.

The bad part about this is that social circles can get really defensive. Say you approach a girl at a club and she’s with her 2-3 girlfriends and 5-6 other guys… Chances are you won’t be accepted and you’ll be cock blocked and pushed away.

This bring us to the next point actually:


6. There Aren’t Many Opportunities During In The Club

Swedes love the Nightlife. The thing is that there are a TON of guys around the hottest girls. You won’t be able to approach any of them in the club.

This isn’t the best. Also, most of the top quality girls will have boyfriends since it’s just easier for them (and they have a TON of options).

One of the best ways to find Swedish girls, knowing that, is to do the ‘After-Club Game’. Basically, stay around after the clubs close and you’ll see plenty of women on the streets. Approach those (as long as they aren’t with a bunch of guys). That’ll be your easiest bet.

And while on the topic of approaching. Day game isn’t bad at all. Approaching women during the day is an okay thing to do and it may get you some results.

The only problem with that is the fact that:

7. Swedish Girls Are Very Shy

You’ll need to crack them open to get something out of them, basically. And that won’t be easy.

That’s not to say that they won’t converse with you and everything. It’s just that they won’t be as open from the beginning. You’ll need to do some more work.

That’s not the case when they drink a bit and loosen up though (like with every person, really). And what’s more… Swedes LOVE drinking. It’s in their culture and Swedish women are probably better drinkers than you are. This means to not make a fool out of yourself and try to drink more, thinking that your men’s pride is on the line. Just enjoy their company and have fun with it.

And their drinking culture is an incredible opportunity. See if normally they’d be shy, once they have a drink they’ll open up. That means that taking them out to a bar or even a club (as long as you’re with them from the beginning) is a great way to make her open up and eventually hook up with you.

Just a note though: If you’re meeting Swedish girls outside of Sweden, they may appear incredibly cheap. What I mean is that they’ll buy cheaper alcohol from supermarkets to drink before going to the clubs and they’ll ask for free drink inside (or maybe even try to get some men to buy them drinks). That’s not cool, and I’d definitely not buy a drink to a girl that’s just using me. So, make of this whatever you like.

Aand that’s about it when it comes to Swedish women. As promised, I’ll not tell you what I feel is the best way to approach and seduce a Swedish girl:

First off, you want to actually approach her or get acquainted to her (obviously). What this means is that you either have someone introduce you two OR you just approach her directly and hope for the best. The former is obviously the easier and better way to do it, but depending on your situation that may not be always possible for you. In that case, just approach her, no harm done there (and she may like you more for being brave enough).

After that you’ll want to just talk to her enough. And I don’t mean to just talk with nothing added in there. Obviously, try to attract her. That’s the goal here, to attract her enough to get her to a data (isolated). Just hold a solid conversation and be witty.

What follows is setting up an actual date. The best thing to do right now would be to set up a date at a late hour at a bar or a club (party time). Basically, this means that you don’t want a coffee date, you want to take her out and have some drinks. As we mentioned before this will make her open up and thus you’ll have the opportunity to seduce her.

What follows is to simply seduce her and then take her home. Flirt with her, dance with her, drink with her (make sure you don’t end up drunk or you won’t be able to get erect or even come back home, haha) … Things like that. Then, after that, just take her home if everything is great. You want to be escalating throughout the whole interaction, that’s what’ll make everything work out for you.


Aaand that’s it. That’s the best way to attract and seduce Swedish women in my opinion.

All in all, even if their reputation is a tiny bit inflated, Swedish girls are awesome. As such, I definitely recommend going to Sweden to visit and have some fun.

Another HUGE positive of Sweden is that it’s an extremely beautiful country. Basically, if you plan on going there you’re guaranteed to have a great experience. And since now you know how to attract and seduce the Swedish girls, I’m pretty sure you’ll fare pretty well while you’re there.

All in all, I hope this article has helped and informed you about the intricacies that surround Sweden and its women. Remember to just have fun while there and you’ll definitely feel amazing. Also, just be yourself and make those girls like you. Then just take them to a bar and have a drink. After that they’ll be yours.

Just remember to tell their friends about me, nothing wrong with a little gratitude, right?


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