GUIDE – Russian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

GUIDE – Russian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Russian Women

I see, I see… You’re curious about some of the most beautiful women on the entire planet. I can see why you’d be reading this article.

And, to be fair, this is exactly the reason why I’m writing it. To help you understand the intricacies of picking up and dating Russian girls. And boy, are they something to strive for… Here’s exactly what I mean:

Haha, I just couldn’t resist to put just one photo… Damn…


I propose the following: How about we quickly list a few of the benefits (hah, few, nice joke) of going for Russian women. Then we’ll talk about each in depth. And then, we finish off with other tips for your goals.

Let’s get right to it…

Benefits of going for Russian Girls:

  • Extremely Gorgeous
  • High-Quality Women
  • Incredibly Feminine
  • Very Approachable
  • Looking for Masculinity
  • Perfect Partners
  • Romantic

Phew, and that’s not even everything we’re going to cover…

Unfortunately, there are some downsides too. Among those are:

  • Living in Russia is Expensive
  • They Are NOT Easy to Get Into Bed
  • They Have High Standards
  • Hard to Impress

Sooo, with these out of the way, why don’t we go into the specifics and teach you how to game those hot Russian girls? I’ll also sprinkle some other information that comes to my mind and is relevant here and there, so watch out for that, dear reader…

1. Russian Women Are Incredibly Gorgeous

It’s no secret that the girls in Russia are among the most beautiful in the whole world. SO much so, that a TON of 9s and 10s are actually from a Russian descend.

It’s crazy how beautiful these women are. And that may be intimidating. A LOT.

This means that a lot of you may feel intense pressure and anxiety when you get to meet one.

What I do in such scenarios is something that’s called the “3 second rule” in the pickup community. Basically, you want to approach the girl within the first 3 seconds of seeing her. That way, you don’t have time for anxiety to kick in.

And you can use this for every girl you want to approach. If you usually feel the pressure of approaching a stranger, just implement this into your lifestyle and start approaching every girl you like fast.

Now, this is a very beginner technique. In reality taking your time and studying the situation for a bit is better (not in a creepy way though). But this technique is perfect if you’re struggling with approach anxiety.

In time you’ll start to develop immunity to it because you’ll have a TON of experience under your belt and won’t be attached as much to the action. But it’s important to just take action, because (as we’ve already mentioned) Russian women like Alpha Men. Men with courage and a lot of masculinity. And going up to her and approaching her is a manly thing to do.

Which brings us to another point about Russian girls, namely:

2. They Love Masculine Men

Alpha Males, Red Pill Men, not the douchebag that treats them like shit (yes, there’s a difference… I guess I’ll have to explain).

Being Alpha doesn’t mean competing with other men for superiority. Far from it. The Alpha wolf in the wolf society does have to compete with other wolfs to be the pack leader. But we’re not animals and the days of fighting for survival are waaay back in the caveman past.

What this means is that beating your chest and acting like a gorilla is NOT making you an attractive person.

In our society today, being Alpha is all about frame control:

  • If you’re someone who knows how to make people respect him (real respect, not fear) you’re an Alpha.
  • If you’re someone who others perceive as valuable, you’re an Alpha.
  • If you’re someone who knows how to make others around him want to be around him, congratulations, because you’re an Alpha male.

Right now, knowing how to socialize is EVERYTHING in our world. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t have ‘people skills’. And that’s what’s valuable. In the past, if you could kill a beast better and faster you’d have survived and thrived. Now, if you know how to talk to people in the right way, that’s how you survive and thrive.

Nobody likes loners because they don’t give any value to you. That’s the equivalent of the weak male that can’t carry his own weight in caveman times.

Buuut, I’m getting side-tracked here… Back to Russian women we go.

Basically, you want to be the Alpha male, the one who can take the reins and lead. Russian girls LOVE leaders, just take a look at all the Russian leaders and you’ll only see strong, powerful men who are not afraid to take the wheel and drive. That’s what Russian girls want in a man.

3. They Love Gentlemen

This goes hand in hand with the Alpha Male.

By nature, an Alpha Male will be a gentleman. The thing is most people confuse chivalry these days.

Most guys think that you need to be nice to a girl, treat her like a goddess, buy meals for her, etc. and that will get you the girl.

In reality, what you’re doing is showing that you’re not worth the air you breathe.

A gentleman is someone who knows how to treat a lady. That’s all there is to it. Just respect her.

BUT… Also respect yourself. There’s no harm in showing that you care for a woman by opening the door for her. But don’t make yourself worthless for her. She’s not worth more than you and if you make it so, why would she be with you?

Why should a girl not be with a guy who’s worth the same she is or more? She has options, tons of them. You should too.

Basically, you need to be a High-Quality Man. Usually you need to be that with every girl (and not for them, but because it’s good for you as a man), but even more so with Russian girls.

And what do you get in return?

4. They Are High-Quality Women

This doesn’t mean that they are superior to other women (well, they are in the looks department usually). It’s just that Russian girls are usually not the ones to give you a hard time for nothing.

They expect a lot from you, but also are happy to deliver on their part.

Need I remind that they’re from among the most gorgeous women in the world?

And that’s not their only quality (I say defensively, before all the feminists in the world start yelling at me for treating women like objects…). Russian women are extremely pleasant, supportive, encouraging, loving, and much-much more. I strongly believe that a man with such a woman at his side will experience better personal growth.

And all of this is mostly because:

5. They Are Incredibly Feminine

True Femininity is a quality that not many women possess these days.

Basically, our world is moving at such a pace that true femininity and masculinity are getting lost, mashed up together.

Hence why we have a TON of women showing generally masculine qualities (like leadership for example) and men showing generally feminine qualities (like emotionality). That’s not something wrong, it just makes it harder for everyone.

What I mean is that opposites attract. Femininity is attracted to Masculinity and vice versa. And since everyone has a bit of both these days, you need the exact opposite values in the other person to be attracted to them.

In general, though, women are usually feminine and men are usually masculine, so if you’re a straight male, your best bet is to work on your masculine traits (especially if you’re looking for Russian girls).

But what does being Feminine and Masculine actually mean?

Well, let’s go into these:

  • Feminine qualities are those associated with emotions and spirituality. Love, Happiness, Sadness, Dreaming, etc.
  • Masculine qualities are those of logic and the physical aspect. Leadership, Presence, Dominance, Intelligence, etc.

When Femininity wants to experience something new it throws itself at it. Masculinity doesn’t want to, it wants to stay in one place and optimize everything.

Basically, if a person is more feminine they’ll act on how they feel. And when they’re more masculine they’ll act on what they think about the action.

6. You Can Approach Russian Girls Anywhere

Clubs, bars, malls, coffee shops, even on the street (especially on the street … I have a soft spot for approaching on the street). You can approach them anywhere and it will never be weird.

They are very used to it and won’t mind you approaching them. So, approach away.

That being said, there are some places that are better and some that are worse… Let’s go from top to bottom, best to worst:

1. Shopping Malls

Malls are hands down THE BEST PLACE to approach Russian girls.

They work so well because women go there to shop and thus you’re getting a large quantity of prospects in one place. Also, they’ll love it because it’s not something the average person does. Men will usually approach at clubs and bars.

2. The Street

Again, just like with malls. There’s an enormous amount of women there and they’ll like you because most men don’t approach like that.

The street is on number 2 just because while at the mall girls shop and have time and on the street you don’t really know. Some girls are rushing to somewhere and don’t have time, others are going for a walk and have plenty.

3. Coffee Shops

Living in Russia is very expensive. So, naturally, young people will go to coffee shops because they don’t break the budget. Therefore, you’ll find girls there.

4. Bars

Bars are the medium between Coffee shops and Clubs.

You can drink alcohol at a bar and you go there during the night. It’s great.

The only problem is that most Russian girls aren’t easy to get into bed (we’ll talk about that later) so it’s really not an optimal way to approach them (if you’re going for the best results per money/time spend).

5. Clubs

The problems with clubs are that:

  • They are very expensive
  • They may not let you in

Money may not be a problem for some, but given that Russian women are likely not going home with you it’s not the best investment.

Face control is huge there. Basically, if the bouncers don’t like how you look or who you’re with, they won’t let you in… This makes it hard to make any kind of plans, really.

My biggest tip for this is to make sure you dress to impress, always (this will also give you a TON of points for the girls, since Russian women put a lot of attention to their looks, they’ll want you to look as best as you could too). Get yourself a nice suit, a pair of black, classy shoes, and a nice tie and you’ll be golden.

That’s all there is to where to approach Russian women. Let’s go to our next point:

7. They Make For Perfect Partners

As we discussed, Russian girls are incredibly feminine. This makes them the perfect partner for a highly masculine guy.

Basically, you can expect them to follow your lead and clean, cook, serve for you (as long as you satisfy their needs – we’ll talk about it in the next section).

They love their men (as long as they continue to be the Alpha Male they are).

8. They Are Very Romantic

Russian women like to be treated as princesses. They love romance stories and are looking for their knight in shining armor (that’s you).

Basically, they love everything romantic and know how to set the atmosphere.

This also means that they love conversations.

Their biggest need is to have interesting and thrilling conversations. Any man that can satisfy that has a very high potential to be a mate.

You’ll need to use your words with these girls. But if you know what you’re doing, you’ll see a TON of success.

And lastly:

9. Russian Women Are Hard to Impress

That’s because they will never settle for something else than a very masculine gentleman.

Your game needs to be top notch for these girls to include you in their thoughts. And that happens with a lot of training, the right mindset, and a little bit of natural flair for it (since you already have a penis, you’re qualified for that last one, really).

Basically, do the things you learned here and you’re golden.

But, before we depart…

Let’s have a word about some things, shall we?

  • Why are Russian Girls sooo hard to get in bed?

Well, that’s because prostitution and pornography is incredibly prominent in Russia. There’s a TON of prostitutes there… A TON.

All this has a really negative impact on the normal girls, the ones you and I are interested in. That’s because they are conscious and don’t want others to think they are sluts. That’s why they have higher resistances than girls in other places.

  • How do I attract them? What’s the best way?

Well, considering you just read through this article, you shouldn’t be having this question. Regardless, the best weapon to arm yourself with is your wit and conversational skills.

As we discussed, Russian women love conversation. They also love flirting.

  • How can I show masculinity? Give me some tips, man…

Well, this is really only up to you… One of the best tips I can give you is to use statements instead of questions.

Questions convey a lack of certainty. And you want to be certain. You want to be the leader.

That’s why instead of asking: “Are you free on Saturday? Want to go out for drinks?”

Say something like: “Let’s go out for drinks on Saturday”

Aaand that’s about it. That’s all you need in order to go there and rock it with some Russian girls.

Just remember to tell their sexy friends about me while you’re doing it (I never turn Russians away, haha).

All in all, you’re now armed to the teeth with the knowledge you need to meet, attract, and seduce any Russian woman you wish.

Now, it’s up to you. You have to get up and go get some numbers, Instagrams, Snapchats, or whatever the hell is trendy right now (I usually just go for numbers, nice and old-fashioned).

Remember to be a gentleman but also act in an Alpha Male way. Keep the conversation going, flirt, flirt, flirt. I’m sure you’ll be fine, go out there and rock it…

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