GUIDE – Date Polish Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Polish Women

Going to try your luck with the Polish girls, eh? I can’t blame your choice, man… I can’t blame your choice:

Just look at that. Stunning.

All that is great and all… But how do you actually attract Polish women? What’s the difference there?

Well, that’s why We’re both here. Me – to teach you all about it, and you, well, to learn all about it.

Aren’t you excited? I know I am, Polish girls are awesome!

Let’s just start with it already. I’ll give you a bullet point list of the things we’ll cover more in depth and then… we’ll cover those things in depth.

Without further ado, Polish girls are:

  • Sweet and Caring
  • Loving and Nurturing
  • Intelligent with a Sense of Humor
  • They don’t play games
  • They LOVE Sex
  • Shy and Insecure about how other people view them
  • They LOVE Western Culture
  • Beautiful but Not Sexy
  • Easy Going
  • Love to Drink
  • Great at English

I’m sure there are more, I can’t come up with everything off the top of my head. So, read along and we’ll cover absolutely everything. Let’s start wiith:

1. Polish Women Are Sweet

They are. They just are… You won’t get blown out by a Polish girl. Chances are if she doesn’t like you she will just politely reject you. It won’t even feel like a rejection most of the times.

They are just incredibly considerate towards other people’s feelings.

That’s amazing, obviously. The only problem I can see if you can’t see the signs and confuse their politeness with something else.

That being said, they’ll never lead you on (more on that later).

This also makes them great people to have a conversation with in general. Just imagine how much easier it would be to approach and converse with a Polish girl in comparison to an American one for example.

The American girl will shit test you a TON. She’ll reject you the first time you screw something up.

With the Polish girl, those things are almost non-existent. Yeah, you can’t just approach her and do whatever, you still need to attract her. But she won’t blow you off brutally. She won’t shit test you that much (more on that later) and she’ll make everything very painless (at least until you realize what you’ve lost… But that’s on your bad mindset not on her).

All of this actually ties in really well with our next point, which is:

2. Polish Women Are Nurturing

They are incredibly loving. They’ll care for you a lot. And that’s amazing.

They make for great partners and great mothers too. That’s most likely because of their close relationships with their mothers.

It’s not uncommon to see younger 20-ish girls hand in hand with their mothers in shopping malls and on the street. And they aren’t treating their mothers like an annoyance but instead they love their connection, conversing freely and everything.

If you’re looking for a monogamous relationship, Polish women may be one of the best ones for that purpose. And even if you’re looking for casual experiences, that’s completely fine too (We’ll go much more in depth on this one a bit later too).

All in all, Polish girls are awesome for everything. And their positive qualities don’t stop here.

3. They Are Very Intelligent

Polish girls value education a lot. They study really hard and like the idea of developing a successful career (the western way of thinking).

That’s a great thing if you’re looking for a girl with nuance instead of just good looks (which doesn’t mean that Poles are not good-looking, faar from it).

The only downside to this (which isn’t a deal-breaker) is that they won’t go out with you if they have studying to do. That doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. They just value education.

You shouldn’t be free during these hours anyways… Work on yourself, do some business or work to get some money. Hit the gym, get in shape. Things like that… Hobbies. Leave the partying and the girls for the night when they’ll be free and will want to have fun with you.

Another thing is that Polish women have a great sense of humor. They are incredibly sharp and witty and love to banter and flirt. Perfect for anyone who likes those things and can hold himself in a verbal joust.

4. Polish Girls Don’t To Play Games

It’s not that they don’t like it (I suppose they wouldn’t really do it for fun anyways). It’s more of the ‘they don’t know how and don’t want to’. What I mean is that they don’t take pleasure in rejecting you, leading you on, using you, etc.

That’s awesome if you’re someone who wants simpler interactions. Neutral for someone who doesn’t have a problem either way.

The thing is, whereas in America girls would be generally harder since they play more games they aren’t strictly better looking. So, if you’re looking for beautiful girls and don’t want to play games, Poland is a hot destination for you.

While on the topic of beauty (and damn… They are gorgeous…). Probably the ONLY problem with Polish women, on a beauty level, is that a lot of them have butterfaces. That’s not a HUGE deal since there are still plenty Polish girls that are incredibly gorgeous.

The only difference would be that Americans like to dress sexy. They like to make men turn their heads around when they walk. Not the case for Poles. They are gorgeous and wholesome, but don’t dress sexy. Polish girls just dress normally (and that’s sexy to some, I guess) but it’s not the ‘boobs are barely covered, shorts are like thongs’ kind of style.

And even if that’s true:

5. Polish Women Love Sex

They just do. They are very horny and know how to please you (and expect the same from you).

They can go for a looong time, so make sure you bring your stamina potions (haha).

Now, this may feel like something that may not be true (They are wholesome, they don’t look like sluts) … But it is (well, they aren’t sluts, they just enjoy sex, just like you and I do).

And that’s not all, really. They enjoy flirting, banter, etc. Basically, everything sexual.

And just normal conversation too. It’s amazing what great conversations you can have with these girls just because they aren’t like complex machines, requiring to push the right buttons in order to work.

6. They Are Very Shy And Insecure

This can be both good and bad.

It’s good because they take a lot of care about their looks. You’ll never see them without makeup, looking perfect (or as perfect as they can). They’ll always be beautiful.

Also, they’ll be easier to relate to because most people have insecurities, so you’ll have an easier time. They’ll also look sweeter and cuter for this.

It’s bad because it they don’t show much affection (in public at least). Holding hands, touching lightly is alright, but you can’t expect much more from them.

This is again, great if you’re not a very experienced player who knows everything about picking up women, but it’s still a bit ‘ehh’. I can’t really explain it. It just feels a bit off.

Not a deal-breaker by far though. If not, it’s got much more positives than negatives. Who wouldn’t want a girl that’s a bit shyer and insecure instead of a dominatrix (well… those are great too, I suppose, for some people…).

This also plays into their incredible femininity. They are feminine. Period.

That’s actually a HUUUGE Bonus and for that only, I’ll make it a point so people who just skim see it…

7. Polish Girls Are Extremely Feminine

And ooh, how much I love feminine girls. They are just sooo attractive (obviously). There’s just something incredibly alluring about a girl who is visibly sensitive, caring, charming, sweet, etc.

8. Polish Women Love The Western Culture

They absolutely adore it. The celebrities, the movies, the music, even the food. Yes, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King shops are popping up a lot in there. And they love it.

A bad thing to come out of this is that the unhealthy food may make some of them a bit on the plus side, but they generally keep their looks in check (remember, they are insecure about those things).

On the plus side, they will love every foreigner. If you’re one, they’ll give you their time and attention just for that, just because they’ll find you interesting. And that’s great. This means they’ll be easier to get to a date, easier to get into bed, etc.

That being said, they aren’t that easy, you know. Just easier. And here’s what I mean:

They’ll ask you questions. Things like: Why are you visiting? Why Don’t you like Western culture? Why do you like Polish girls?

And I’m sure you can see that those are clear landmines. You have to treat carefully. Obviously, answer honestly (women usually know when you lie), but don’t be blatant about some things.

For example, if your sole purpose of going there is to just bang Polish hotties, you’re kind of doing it wrong already. First, because that’s not something that is guaranteed, you’ll have nights off which will kill your mood and thus chances for further success. Secondly, when they ask you why you’re there you can’t answer “I’m here to fuck Polish girls.” (unless you say it in a very funny, flirty way, but that’s another topic for another time). So, that’s that.

Also, you now know that they adore the Western Culture, so you’ll have to answer that one very carefully. What I’d do is basically say something that’s not an actual problem. Like “Ooh, I don’t like the west because people there are too awesome” OR “I dislike the west because the music is just too great, my ears can’t take that much greatness”. You see where I’m getting to.

So, what do you answer to “Why do you like Polish women?”. Simply say something along the lines of: “Because they are sweet and charming and remind me of home” or something like that. Bonus points if you compare them to the west, haha.

Another great thing about their love for the west is that their English is great. It’s not like in Russia, where girls will want you to speak their language (and most won’t even try to learn English, too proud).

You won’t have problems talking with these girls, even if they aren’t at the point of excellence (and let’s be honest, most native people don’t really have a grasp of the language either).

9. Polish Girls Love Nightlife

Absolutely incredible.

By the way, I think you may be noticing a trend here… Polish women are like the best of both the west and the east. They are just like western girls in the best regards and also like eastern girls in the other important regards… Just … Sooo perfect, haha.

Aanyways, back to the nightlife.

They love it. They love drinking, they love partying, they love everything about it.

That basically means that you’ll find your time there to be really enjoyable. And the girls will be even easier to approach than during the day (not to say that the days aren’t great either, they are… a lot).

And their love for drinking… Makes everything even more easier.

Basically, go there with the intent of having fun. Have fun. And you’ll most likely go home with a girl (assuming you actually approach her and do all the right things, obviously).

But don’t go in Poland with the sole purpose to get easy lays. Don’t get me wrong, it will be easier than in other countries, it’s just that this mindset is extremely destructive and will bring you more harm than good.

Just think about it… What will be on your mind if you were to go there with the sole intention to have a lot of sex? That’s right, sex will be on your mind.

And will you be charming and witty enough while only thinking about it? Probably not.

So, what are the chances of you actually getting what you want? Probably very-very slim at best.

BUT, let’s say you go to Poland with the intent of having a ton of fun… You want to see new places, experience new things, meet new people. You’ll see the world from a totally different angle. One that doesn’t depend on a singular outcome.

So, you’ll have that hunger. For experiences, for excitement… And Polish girls will see that, they will feel it. And they will be drawn to it because those are attractive traits.

Who would you pick? Someone who’s excited, adventurous, and shows a ton of energy OR someone who’s energy is dependent on an outcome (which means that when that outcome doesn’t become reality that energy will quickly dissipate).

The first guy’s energy will fuel the girl and she’ll feel even more ecstatic around him.

The second one’s energy will weigh her down.

Obviously we’re going with the guy who’s looking to enjoy his life the most.

Aaand, that’s it for our little article. All in all, Poland is an incredible place to visit and have a ton of fun in. Polish women are incredible in most aspects and are definitely worth it.

From their beauty to their fun lifestyle and caring nature, there’s nothing wrong with loving Polish girls.

Just remember to tell her friends about me when you find yourself one that you like. There’s nothing wrong with a little gratitude, right?

In any case, I hope you liked this article. And I’m sure you’ve learned a LOT of useful information and tips on how to attract Polish women. If you’re planning your trip to Poland right now, just remember to bring your sense of adventure and excitement. That’ll go a looong way.

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