GUIDE – Norwegian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

GUIDE – Norwegian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About Norwegian Women

What is it about Norwegian girls… Hmmm…? I wonder…

Ahh, it must be because they are stunning…

So, you’re looking to hit some Norwegian women, eh? Well, you’re at the right place. See, what you’ll learn from this short article will basically teach you everything you need to know in order to attract and seduce these beauties of the North.

We’ll go over what they are like, what do they love, when is the best time to make your move, where is the best place, and sooo much more. Basically, my aim is to make you a God of seducing Norwegian girls, by the end of this article.

So, how about we start right now? Hell, yes!

This will be the structure of the article: firstly, we’ll just quickly go through everything about Norwegian girls that you need to know. And then we’ll expand on each point further in order to teach you everything in depth…

Sounds good? Let’s start!

Norwegian women are:

  • One of the hottest in the whole of Scandinavia
  • Love flirting and hold strong eye-contact
  • Respond very well to direct approaching
  • May even approach you
  • Friendly, easy-going and open-minded
  • Love the nightlife
  • Not hard to get into bed. Sex is in their culture
  • Love to drink

Also, Norwegian guys aren’t much of a competition, but more on that later.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s because it IS great!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even wait to get into it. So, here we go:

1. Norwegian Women Are Among The Hottest In All Of Scandinavia

Just, just… Take a look at this:

You can’t deny this beauty.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you’ll find much less attractive girls elsewhere. Norwegian girls have very feminine bodies and you’ll definitely see that during the summer. They are also quite fit, since life up north isn’t usually all sunshine and rainbows. That’s simply incredible…

What’s the usual look of a Norwegian woman? Blonde hair, blue eyes. Basically the trademark of Scandinavia. It’s funny how many of these girls you see up there in the north. By the way, Sweden is also a HOT destination. If you’re looking for a similar guide on Swedish girls check this one out here.

A problem may be that these girls don’t dress sexy. But that’s because it’s usually quite cold there (it’s in the North, duh). That being said, during the summer you’ll see plenty of sexy women in their shorts. Very much worth it in my opinion.

Another thing is that they are usually quite thin. You won’t find many chubby girls in Norway, and that’s a great thing, at least in my opinion. Also, the girls are usually quite tall. The average height is 5ft 6 or 167cm.

2. They Love Flirting

Norwegians flirt in a different way. What they’ll do is hold extremely strong eye contact for a looong time.

That’s about it, but you’ll see it a lot. Everywhere. So, be on the lookout. If you notice a girl basically staring at you, you know that it’s time to act (and I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in a bit).

And whereas the Norwegian guys won’t do much more than that (I don’t really know why… Shyness or too much respect for women’s space, maybe?) You can capitalize on it.

Ooh, while on that point. Norwegian guys are actually very good-looking. And you may be wondering why I’m telling you this, but since they aren’t approaching as much they won’t be much of a competition.

The thing is that while guys won’t approach as much, Norwegian girls may actually approach.

3. They May Approach You

It’s a really weird thing… Maybe it’s because guys don’t usually do the first step or something, I don’t really know. But it does happen.

They are also incredibly friendly, easy-going, and open-minded. A conversation with a Norwegian girl will go smoothly, but you’ll need to lead it since they’re quite shy while not drunk (more on that later).

The thing is that they love the night life. And that’s where most (if not all) of the magic actually happens.

Basically, Norwegians will go to bars and clubs at around midnight and will drink a TON. And since everything closes at 3am, things will go down quite fast. Usually, the best things happen at around 2am in the morning, when the social circles start to dissipate and people start to leave. That’s when you’ll have the most chances of approaching a girl and isolating her.

Fortunately, they love being approached. They are very into direct approaching. Just go to her and be direct. Flirt a lot and you’re bound to get some great responses.

And since Norwegian women love drinking, you’ll have an even easier time. They are also very easy to get to a make out session with (if you play your cards right obviously). It happens pretty fast usually.

The only problem that you may face are her girlfriends who may cockblock you. The best solution to this is to just bring a wingman with you. Having a friend to take care of her girlfriends (and get some action while at it) is great for both of you. Also, it’s amazing to travel with a buddy or two, I guarantee that you’ll love it (It’s just not sooo lonely as when traveling alone).

4. Norwegian Girls Love To Drink

As most of the northerners, really… It must get really cold in the winter for such a huge culture around drinking to occur, brrr.

Aanyways, that’s obviously a great thing. People are awesome when they’ve drank a bit. We loosen up and we enjoy ourselves much more. And that’s what Norwegian girls do too. They’ll flirt with you, dance with you, make out with you, go home with you… What else can you want?

And that’s pretty common since they also love sex (well, who doesn’t, really…).

You may be wondering: What’s the absolute best way to seduce a Norwegian girl and get serious with her? Maybe I should take her on a date. And if we’re working out, maybe another date. Then we can go to have dinner and that means that things will be pretty serious, right?

WRONG… That’s how we do it in the south, Norwegians aren’t like that at all.

The absolute best way to get yourself a Norwegian girlfriend would be to go out during the night life. Be active, hold eye-contact with the girls you like and approach them. Be direct, flirt with them a ton and win them over.

After that take them home and fuck their brains out. I promise you they’ll love every single bit of it. The next morning, after you’re both sober you’ll decide whether this can happen or it just stays for the last night. Just converse a little and if she’s your type and you’re hers, exchange numbers or something and arrange a meetup.

After that you’ll start dating a bunch and probably end up together at some point. Thing is Norwegians don’t really have any dating and seduction patterns other than that. They also are very weird when it comes to constant dating. It’s just awkward… a LOT…

All that is if you’re looking for a relationship. Serious stuff. If you’re looking to have fun and enjoy yourself feel free to just do exactly that and don’t really bother after the one-night stand. She won’t mind… Nobody will. That’s their culture. Amazing, isn’t it?

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t approach during the day… Day game is also pretty good. Again, just hold eye contact and approach (most men won’t so you already stand out, they’ll love it). The thing is that without alcohol the girls will be shyer. If you see she’s into you (and you’ll know that since she’ll stay there with you and have the conversation, she’ll most likely just smile and nod though, but she’ll be happy, so it’s fine, I guess.) just continue the conversation and invite her for a night out or something. Don’t go to other kinds of dates since that’s not something she’s used to.

Also, don’t invite girls to dinner. Dinner isn’t really common among Norwegians and it’s something that only the most serious couples do. So, save it for later… A lot later…

We mentioned how the roles are a bit reversed. I mean, guys don’t really approach that much and women can actually do it.

Now, you may think that that’s a great thing… Well, it depends.

For some guys, the seduction process is extremely important. Part of the fun is that exact process. And it may be lame to just have something offered to you on a silver platter occasionally. It just doesn’t feel right. There’s no competition, there’s no drama, there’s no thrill… I don’t know… To each their own, I guess.

That being said, it’s different and you’ll just have to embrace it.

There are some more differences between Norway and other Scandinavian countries that are worth talking about.

One of these is that Norwegians aren’t as infatuated with Americans and the American culture as much as Swedes for example. This isn’t a deal breaker… Basically the only difference is that they won’t be all over you just for being from America. That’s all that it changes.

I guess it can suck to have this intense interest in you just because you’re from somewhere that people like… And then go to the country next door and all that is gone. But you shouldn’t really rely on such thing if you’re looking for continuous success. Since, yeah, it may work once or twice but you’ll fall into a downwards spiral and a bad paradigm that all that matters is where you’re from. That’s not the case. Any girl can fall for any guy. Some socially valuable things help but that doesn’t mean the end of the world.

And that goes to other stupid paradigms people generally have… Things like: I need to be rich in order to get girls, or good-looking and handsome, or go to the gym 23 hours every day and become a cloud.

Those don’t matter. Generally, girls will like more handsome, well-off guys because they can provide for her (and a potential offspring) better, that’s all. And in today’s world, providing is soo easy that most men can do it.

But we’re getting side-tracked. The other very important thing to note is that everything is really-really-really expensive in Norway.

For example, a nice hotel or a short-term apartment may cost about $200 a night. That’s HUGE… too much money for some.

The alcohol is also expensive as hell. You can expect to pay about $10-15 for a glass of vodka in the bar or club. Given how important alcohol is, I doubt you can just go do game during the night life without throwing a substantial amount of cash.

Basically, be prepared to spend a literal TON of money. A week in Norway may cost to about what a month would in Poland and Ukraine, and those aren’t cold destinations either… Check this article for a guide on how to attract and seduce Polish girls and this one for a guide on Russian girls (Disclaimer: Russia is also expensive, Ukrainian girls aren’t Russians per say, but are still quite similar).

Another topic I’d like to discuss is where to actually go. If you’re visiting Norway, probably the best city to go is Oslo. Hands down you won’t find any other city like it.

It basically has absolutely everything that you’ll want from Norway. Girls, night life, and tons of fun.

That being said, there are a few popular destinations for the night life that I just have to recommend:

Probably the best area to go is Grünerløkka. It’s the student area and has cheaper drinks and better parties overall. Great place altogether.

Other great places include:

Horgans, which is on the west side of the town.

Rock In, which is like a basement near the Dubliner pub. It’s great because the beer is on the cheap end and there are a lot of girls that go there.

Tea Lounge, which is a cafe bar, and overall a great place to go if you’re not feeling like giving 120%.

And with that I think we’ve concluded this short article. All in all, I’m sure that you see that Norway is a great place to go to (if you can afford it). The Norwegian women are also, incredibly fun and I’m sure you’ll find a TON of gorgeous ladies here that’ll suit your needs.

Just remember to hold eye-contact, approach directly and lead the conversation (also flirt a lot). With all that you’re sure to get some action with some beautiful Norwegian girls. Just remember to tell their girlfriends about me, will you… Nothing wrong with a little gratitude, am I right?

I hope this article has helped and informed you about everything you need to know about those awesome Norwegian girls. Till next time…

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