GUIDE – Date Asian Woman & Girls How to Get Them?

The Answer Is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know.

I have to say… This article, I’ve been waiting to write for sooo long.

And now, it’s here. Damn.

And I’m sure you know the reason: Asian Girls. Oh. My. God. Asian girls are just… Like… Take a look:

Gorgeous, sexy, hot… Right?

Aaanyways, so both of us are here for one simple reason. To give you the knowledge of how to attract and seduce these incredible women. And that’s exactly what we’ll do right now.

First off, we’ll take a look at the character traits that Asian Girls commonly share. Then we’ll go into detail. I think you’ll love this structure since it has everything for everyone.

And before we begin, Since Asia is a continent… And there are a ton of differences, this will be a very generic guide. Also, we’ll talk about Asian women who were brought up in Asia AND then we’ll also talk about Asian girls who are from the west.

Soo, without further ado… Let’s get right into it, shall we:

Usually, Asian women will be:

  • Very Shy and Reserved
  • Friendly and Polite
  • Interested in where you come from (in Asia)
  • Excited to teach you about their culture
  • Very Nurturing
  • May sometimes approach you (in Asia)
  • Love Foreigners
  • Very Intelligent
  • Submissive
  • Look for a Masculine Man
  • Don’t like much physical contact in public
  • Can act overly cute (in an annoying way)

Alright, so how about we go straight to the first part of this article:

Asian Girls in Asia (no western influence)

Now, the reason why the girls in Asia are different to those in America for example, is because the Asian culture is much more different. In Asia, people are much more reserved and traditions still carry on.

In contrast, Asians brought up in America will be much more like Americans, since they haven’t experienced those traditions and influences.


But we’ll talk more about that in the other section. Let’s get right to the meat of this section:

1. Asian Women are Very Shy and Reserved

That’s a fairly common thing in the East actually. And Asian girls aren’t any different. They aren’t like the Americans, proud and loud-mouthed.

This means that there’s less pressure on the situation. You’ll never get a harsh rejection from an Asian woman. She’ll just politely turn you off.

This also means that there’s more pressure on you to actually keep the interaction going. You’ll have to lead (more on that later).

That’s not a bad thing actually. It’s important to learn how to do this regardless, since all girls will be like that. It’s just that Asian women require even more effort from your side.

This doesn’t mean that she’ll not put effort in the interaction herself:

2. Asian Girls are Interested in Your Culture

They’ll gladly listen to stories from your country and culture. They are fascinated by foreigners (more on that later).

So, just keep up the conversation going and you’ll find that it’s actually pretty easy to talk with Asian girls.

And as easy as that is, there are some things that you should avoid when talking (or approaching) Asian women. For example:

  • Don’t talk about your Asian fetishes. These girls know. It’s obvious that you’re approaching them because you like them. The want to think it’s not because they’re Asian but instead it’s because of them as a person. So just don’t talk about these things.
  • Don’t put her on a pedestal. That’s for all girls in the world really. It’s an incredible turn off when you put a girl on a pedestal, so just don’t do it.
  • Don’t talk about Asian stereotypes. Just avoid racism in general. It’s never a good thing to talk like a racist. And it’s definitely attractive.
  • Don’t ask her about her nationality. It’s not giving you any important information and it may be a touchy subject for her.
  • Don’t impress her with Asian facts. She doesn’t really care about how many bikes are in Korea or what’s the Chinese people’s favorite color.
  • Don’t be too shy. You need to be masculine. To lead. Tobe dominant.

Before we go to the next point, I’d like to also mention that they aren’t just interested in your culture. A great topic would for a conversation to ask her about her own culture and let her teach you. They’ll love that, trust me.

3. Asian Women are Very Nurturing

They want to care for their men. And this also means that they’ll love men who aren’t disasters.

Basically, make sure you take care of yourself. Don’t leave grooming and hygiene out of the window (and that’s not only for Asian girls… You should do this for yourself, everywhere you go).

Another thing is to dress to impress. Asian women will adore you if you’re looking great. Just make sure you look better than anyone in the room (it’s not that hard in Asia, too).

And this will also help you a ton because:

4. Asian Girls May Approach You

And yes, that happens. And it’s more likely to happen if you’re looking good.

For example, a girl may come to you and tell you that she likes you. Or that you’re handsome.

And if she’s too shy to do that, she’ll send her friend over. Just make sure you’re looking your best.

And even if she doesn’t come to approach you… Just approach her yourself. It’s not a complicated thing. She won’t blow you off. If she doesn’t like you she’ll just politely say that she’s not interested or something along those lines. Just make a genuine compliment of go indirect. They won’t find it creepy or suspicious.

One thing you can do in order to be more attractive is the following:

5. Asian Women Love Masculine Men

This means that you should show dominance. Be assertive and take the lead. She’ll absolutely love it.

And that’s because usually Asian men won’t make a move unless drunk. See, most Asian women you see will probably be on their phones. That not because they are addicted to Instagram or Snapchat like in the west. It’s because Asian guys won’t engage with them in any meaningful way. Asian girls are bored and nervous because nothing is happening.

That’s why you can just go to them and approach them. And if you show masculine qualities you’ll definitely get a good response.

Just make sure to be persistent since now you know that Asian girls are very shy. Just keep at it, show masculine qualities, and stick to it. She won’t be able to lead the conversation, that’s up to you.

Another thing you need to do is to push the interaction forward. Always. Basically, you need to escalate sexually and push the limits. Just escalate and when you find resistance just pull back a little and calibrate.

This is because Asian women are incredibly reserved and don’t usually give up sex on the first date (you’ll probably need 2-3 dates). That means that you absolutely must push borders. Because if you don’t and just keep a friendly conversation going, you’ll become that: a friend.

Basically just escalate physically from time to time. And if she shows resistance just take notes of her actions instead of her words. Remember that girls communicate through actions and body language the most. If she’s seemingly rejecting you, but is still staying there with you that obviously means that she likes you. So don’t get discouraged and keep on it.

Another very important thing that ties into this whole point is that Asian girls are usually very submissive. In and out of bed. This means that you’ll have to do most of the work.

You’ll have to lead the conversation. You’ll have to escalate physically. You’ll have to set up logistics. You’ll have to take her to your place. You’ll have to dominate her in bed.

And if you do these things correctly, she’ll absolutely love it.

Now, that’s not fun for some guys. But trust me… It’s definitely worth it. And it isn’t always bad to be the dominant one. It’s actually quite motivating and empowering in a way. You feel incredibly manly and masculine. It’s hard to explain. Trust me, it’s worth the experience.

And you certainly have an advantage in Asia, that’s because:

6. Asian Girls LOVE Foreigners

It’s the case for most eastern countries really, but more so in Asia. It’s very common to see hot Asian guys alone and average looking American guys with model-like women in their hands in Asia.

This is a huge advantage, since that plus your attention to hygiene, dressing properly, and generally taking care of yourself will undoubtedly make you irresistible to most Asian girls.

Although this is the case, I’d urge you to NOT rely on it. This is a tricky downwards spiral that many men fall through. Just because you’re a foreigner doesn’t give you an excuse to forsake basic principles.

Remember those things that I told you to NOT do?

The “Don’t be racist, Don’t put her on a pedestal, Don’t be shy” … Yeah those are still canon.

Basically you want to build an attractive persona regardless of your nationality and background. It’s easy to fall in the paradigm: I’m American, I can do whatever I want and Asian girls will naturally flock to me. That’s not true and you’ll be stupid to think that way.

Yes, it works as your advantage, but every Asian woman will choose an Asian man who knows how to be masculine instead of an American boy who can’t give her positive emotions.

That’s because:

7. Asian Women Are Intelligent

Their whole culture puts a TON of importance on education (hence the Asian stereotypes).

That’s a good thing to be fair. Meaningful conversations are very important for relationships (if you’re looking for one) and Asian girls can surely provide on that front.

This plus the fact that they’re incredibly nurturing and loving makes Asian women for incredible partners. If you’re looking for something more serious they won’t disappoint.

Another thing is that they are very romantic. They’ve grown on romantic drama movies and want to feel like the princess. This links to their love for masculine men again. It also means that they’ll respond very well to romantic interactions. So definitely do that.

They Have Some Downsides Too:

One of the things that most men will not like about Asian girls is that they can tend to act overly cutesy sometimes. Think about all the internet memes about Asians and how weird they are.

Pink, Hello Kitty, things like that. Acting that way can be annoying to some and awesome to others it’s up to you. But I just had to mention it.

Another turn off would be that they are incredibly reserved and don’t like intense physical escalation while in public. Some men may not like that, but the thing is that you’ll need to learn how to be calibrated with all girls in any case. So, it’s not a HUGE deal really.

Asian Girls In The West…

And now, let’s talk a bit about the Asian women you’ll find back home.

Now, there aren’t radically different, but this mostly depends on how they have been brought up.

For example, you’ll have girls that have parents who still value the Asian traditions. You’ll also have ones that won’t be traditional at all.

Your best bet is to just assume that all are fully westernized, but don’t approach like an idiot.

Avoiding racism and racial connotations is what you want to do.


In any case, let’s talk about both types a bit. We’ll start with:

Asian Girls With Tradition Centric Parents

Now, It’s not only their parents… Maybe she’s lived in Asia for a looong time and now she’s moving west in order to study or something. This means that they are basically the same as the girls you’ll find in Asia… With only one exception.

They are looking to assimilate into the western lifestyle. This means that they’ll be even more interested in learning everything about you. That’s a huge deal. It makes it significantly easier and more interesting for you.

Another thing is, that she’ll have great English. That’s awesome because the language barrier may be a problem in Asian countries, but Asian women who come to the west are usually well-versed in English.

Asian Girls Who Are Already Westernized

Basically treat them like the other girls. Obviously, avoid racism.

All in all, just approach like any other girls (both Asian types in the west). A simple compliment or an indirect approach works wonders.

Also, be playful… Asian girls love it when you bring out their playful side. Keep the conversation going, lead, be masculine, and you should be golden. Also, just ask them out. Chances are if she likes you she’ll say yes.

One thing that these girls will have in common with the ones from Asia is that they aren’t very likely to have sex on the first date (unless she’s basically a western girl altogether). This means that you’ll just have to push the interaction and escalate as much as you can. When you find resistance just calibrate and remember to look for her actions instead of her words.

And that’s about it. Thanks for reading through this article and I hope you’ve learned how to attract and seduce Asian women, no matter where you find them.

As parting words: just remember to tell their sexy friends about me… I’d love to have some free gratitude (I’ll be sure to spread the word about you too, haha).

Aaanyways, go out there and get yourself some Asian girls…

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