Could You Attract Gorgeous African Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

Could You Attract Gorgeous African Women & Girls Without Much Effort?

The Answer is Yes! … This Article Will Teach You Exactly What You Need To Know About African Women

So, you’re planning on a trip down south to Africa? That’s great and it’s also an incredible opportunity for you to meet the gorgeous African women that reside there… I mean:

That’s great and all, but actually attracting and seducing them may prove rather difficult. See, you can’t just go to Africa and expect to do the same things with the girls there that you do back home. It simply won’t work.

It’s a whole different place (obviously) and a very different culture.

That’s why right now we’ll go over the art of attracting and seducing those beautiful and exotic African girls. We’ll start off by listing some things you’ll need to know. And then we’ll go into detail about everything.

In the end, you’ll be a well-developed and attractive machine that can seduce every African lady that you come across. Sounds good? The let’s get right to it, starting with the list:

  • African Women Are Very Hot
  • African Girls Love Foreigners
  • They Are Looking For a Chivalrous Guy
  • They Want To Hear Your Story
  • They Are Incredibly Open To Approaching
  • African Women Love Compliments
  • African Girls Get Attached Too Fast
  • There May Be Certain Problems Along The Way

Right, with that out of the way, we can now begin the part where you’ll actually understand what I mean by those few lines.

How about we just straight to the first one and see how it goes from there:

1. African Women Are Very Hot

The simple truth is that they just are.

Maybe it’s because of a foreigner’s perspective they are just incredibly exotic. But it’s most likely because their bodies are simply, amazing. You’ll find almost perfect shapes in Africa, that’s a fact.

And that’s most likely to the living conditions over there.

We both know that Africa as a whole isn’t a very advanced continent. Life down there is on average much harder than pretty much anywhere else, hence, we have poverty. And poverty makes for a lot of things, but when it comes to physique, the more poverty you face, the more you can’t afford to be lazy, the better your physique gets as a result. And that’s probably one reason for those incredible African bodies you’ll be witnessing on your travels…

Other than that, I don’t think that there’s much more to try and persuade you about… African women are simply gorgeous. That’s it.

To conclude this point, I’d like to mention that we’ll get back to the hard living conditions that most Africans face a few times throughout this article, so I’ll just assume that you’ll know what I’m referring to down the lines.

With that out of the way, let’s jump straight to the next point I’d like to talk about:

2. African Girls Love Foreigners

You’ll have a HUUUGE advantage over the local guys as a foreigner in Africa…

On one hand, it’s because you’ll be a novelty, something that’s out of the ordinary and that’s interesting.

On the other hand, it’s because usually foreigners would be from wealthier countries, therefore they’ll be wealthier themselves. This means that women will be naturally more attracted to you. It will also be the cause for many problems.

Because of the second point I made there, you’ll need some careful thinking in order to get the best out of the situation.

First, you’ll want to actually show that you’re indeed not poor. You don’t have to buy expensive things (and it’s actually better to not do that). Instead, what you want to do is have a guide. Not only will you be entertained while you’re in your travels, you’ll also be showing that you can spend money, and, to top it all off, you won’t seem weird to girls. See, when you’re alone in there, you’ll look very out of place and that’ll most likely creep girls out. It’ll give them the whole “I’m here just for sex” type of guy vibe. And they don’t like that… AT ALL.

You’ll also want to buy gifts for girls if you’re at a deeper stage in the relationship. Make sure it’s nothing incredibly cheap, but don’t go overboard either. I’ll leave this to your judgement.

The thing is that African girls love gifts, so that’ll be a good way to show that you care AND that you’re not poor.

On the other hand, you want to also be careful when waving money around. And we’ll discuss this in the last section, with the problems.

For now, let’s just go further with what you can do to attract African women better. And one thing you should be doing is being chivalrous. That’s because:

3. African Women Love Chivalrous Guys

Chivalry is NOT dead in Africa and you’ll do yourself a solid favor if you teach yourself how to be a gentleman (not because it’ll help you with African girls, because it’s a skill that’ll help you with girls around the world).

Many girls worldwide prefer guys who can actually make them feel special. And that’s more so the case in African countries.

Learn to open doors, give her a hand, and just respect her as a whole. You’ll go a looooong way.

Also, just show genuine interest in her and have something interesting about your life. You want to go to Africa because you’re excited to travel, learn about the culture, and because your life is interesting and adventurous… Not because you want to sleep with some hot African women.

This will do a LOT of things for you…

First, you’ll appear interesting instead of one-dimensional. You’ll be attractive for her and she’ll feel like she’ll be lucky to be with you. That’s a strong thing to have. You may even make her chase you and ask you to go out on a date or something. Amazing, I know.

Second, you’ll have a reasonable agenda. Again, you’re not going to Africa to have sex, you’re going there to have experiences. And she’ll want to also have experiences with an attractive and interesting foreigner. That’s what you want the setting to be. So make everything clear.

Third, and last, by showing interest in her culture, you’ll both make a good impression on her, and have something interesting to talk about. It’ll also be easy to make her qualify herself to you, meaning that she’s trying to impress you with her culture. That’s a great frame to have.

And how do you do all this? Well, it’s quite simple really…

All you need to do is teach yourself how to be a gentleman (that’s pretty easy since it’s in all of us, and also… it’s not rocket science).

After that, you’ll want to find a good and interesting reason for why you’re visiting Africa (and when you’re there you just tell your story to women).

Lastly, you want to show genuine interest for the place… Learn a few phrases of the language of the country you’re visiting (and if the country isn’t very proficient in English as a whole, maybe learn the language at a good level). Learning a bit of the language also helps you because it’ll be funny for her AND also show her that you care more than the average person, so do that (this is actually a great advice in general… I’d suggest you learn a few phrases of the language of the country you’ll be going to whenever you’re travelling).

But learning a few phrases isn’t the only thing you can do (and you should do more). Learn some traditions and ask her to explain, show, teach you about them. Learn popular dance moves, or better yet, ask her to teach you how to dance with a touch of African moves.

There’s TONS of thing you could do…

Just remember to be a gentleman, have an interesting story to tell, and be genuinely interested about the culture and the people. Do that and you’ll be an incredibly attractive foreigner who she’ll love to be with.

And let’s touch a bit upon why you’d want to have a story for yourself. Well, mostly because:

4. African Girls Will Love To Hear Your Story

Because you’ll be a novelty. They’ll naturally be interested in something that they’ve never seen or heard of before. So, use that to your advantage.

Prepare yourself for it and think of ways to make your story about the travel and experiences sound more interesting.

And just tell them a quick version when you approach them.

For example, you’ll want to be able to explain not just the actions you’re taking in order to travel to Africa. You also want to say how that makes you feel, what you found interesting about the journey, whether you’ve changed in some unique way that you didn’t envision.

Things like that and much, much more are what will make your story incredibly interesting.

You also want to work on the delivery too. A good story isn’t just what’s being told, it’s also the way it is delivered. Be passionate about it (it’s your life and experiences, you should obviously be passionate about that regardless). You don’t have to become a perfect storyteller (you don’t need to be a bard), but simple story telling skills will go a looong way. Make pauses when appropriate, build tension, and manipulate your voice at times (these are also key for your normal conversation actually… If you master these you’ll find yourself being very good at creating intense moments with your communication with girls where the situation becomes incredibly intimate fast… That’s great!).

And that’s pretty much why you want to have your story together. I also mentioned that you can approach with it. And it’s great because:

5. African Women Are Very Approachable

It’s very easy to approach African girls. Just go up to them and give them a compliment (more on that later). Then, explain where you’re from (a short version of your story). Lastly, ask her something about her and her culture (being curious about it).

With this formula, you’ll be having incredible success. This is also amplified by the fact that you’re a foreigner, so you’re having an advantage there too.

Basically, a TON of factors are working in your favor, and that’s great news for you.

But where do you actually approach those gorgeous African women? Where do you find them?

Great questions, and there are a bunch of alternatives: Day game, Night game, Online dating.

Now, right off the bat, night game is not the best in Africa. Most of the times you’ll see prostitutes during the night. And there are some very shady things that may happen, so I’ll be conscious about approaching during the night. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t do it (if you enjoy night game then definitely go for it), I’m just saying that you’re probably going to get better results elsewhere.

Speaking of elsewhere, day game is actually the polar opposite. It’s incredible.

And it’s even better when you consider how approachable women are in Africa. You can even approach girls while they’re working (clothes shops, hotels, etc.). Just make sure you’re not creeping them out, or bothering them. Also, make sure you’re not putting them in a position where they have to reject you (If you’re making it hard for them to do their job, or making them risk losing it, they’ll most likely reject you… even if they like you a lot, so be mindful of that).

Best places to approach would be Shops, Malls, Tourist Spots, Hotels, and Restaurants (there are many more, but these are the best off the top of my head).

And lastly, a word on Online dating…

As with every country you’re going to be travelling to, it’s best to sign up for local online dating websites and platforms a week or two beforehand. This way you can actually begin to engage with women and even set up a few dates for when you arrive. This is a great opportunity to have someone as a guide for a while AND also have abundance from the start, instead of building it after you land in Africa.

Just remember what we’ve discussed until now (and the thing we’ll discuss until the end of the article) and you’ll be on your way to success.

I quickly want to touch on the next point, which is:

6. African Girls Love Compliments

Well, which woman doesn’t, am I right? Haha…

Even if they don’t show it and respond incredibly positively, you can bet that they’ll feel great about themselves if they heard a nice, heartfelt compliment from a foreign stranger. So, use compliments often.

Don’t shy away from telling her how much you enjoy her company and how blessed you feel that you’re in such an incredible society with such beautiful women.

The important bit is to be genuine about your compliment (and you should be genuine with every compliment you make, not just those you give out to African girls).

But that’s pretty much it, remember:

  • Approach her
  • Give her a compliment
  • Tell her something about yourself
  • Ask her something about her, or her culture, and traditions

Do these and you’ll be golden.

And that’s pretty much it. Lastly, I’d like to talk a bit about the not-so-great parts of African girls. So, sadly, we’ll now discuss:

7. The Problems You’ll Face With African Women

Well, let’s dive right into it, the first problem would be that:

  • They Get Attached Very Fast – What this means is that basically, you’ll find that they’ll get very obsessive of you fast. They’ll tell you they love you pretty early in the relationship and similar things. They key to avoiding this problem is actually being aware of what YOU want from her.

Do you want a serious relationship? Then there’s nothing wrong about her behavior and you should just make sure you don’t cheat and all those normal things that come with a relationship.

Are you just looking to have fun with many African girls? Then you should make that clear in some way from the beginning. I like to convey it through my casual lifestyle. But you’ll definitely have to do it. You shouldn’t just shatter their hearts after.

  • They May Try To Scam You – See, you’re a rich person in a poor country. It’s obviously going to have an impact on your interactions with the locals. Some girls may try to seduce you and then ask money for the sex (or even rob you). To combat this make sure you’re not making yourself an easy target and also make sure that you get a good feeling of the girl you’re with. Also, consider pulling her either to her place or to another hotel, where she can’t just steal your things.
  • They May Use You As A “Ticket TO A Better Life” – That’s kind of a combination of the two problems above. On one hand, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you may be thinking that this is alright. You’ll be “saving” a girl from her dire situation and giving her a better life. In fact, it’s not. What she’s doing is using you. She doesn’t have strong feelings for you, she has strong feelings for her current situation. And she’s most likely going to leave you once her situation is better (after you’ve helped).

To combat this, you obviously want to look for girls that aren’t looking at you as a way to get out of poverty, but instead as someone they would like to be with (and you would like to be with them too). That’s the girl you should be looking for a serious relationship with.

On the other hand, say you’re looking for only casual hookups. That’s fine too. In that case, again, you should be making your intentions clear. And if you think that a girl is trying to use you, just reject her. With this lifestyle choice you should have multiple girls, so that won’t be a huge loss at all.

And that’s pretty much it… I know it’s not the best, but with the bad things there come a whooole lot of good things (as we discussed earlier in the article).

Aaanyways, that’s the end of the article. Just remember to be a gentleman, have something interesting going on about you, and be genuinely interested in their culture. Do these and you’ll be well on your way to successfully attracting and seducing the African woman of your dreams.

And when you do that, be sure to mention me to her friends, right… Nothing wrong with a little appreciation.

Good luck.

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